Monday, 3 July 2017

Simplicity Does Lolita *AGAIN!*

Simplicity 8444 and 8443

It's true, you're not seeing things, Simplicity has yet again released two Lolita patterns. They get better every time they try Lolita, which I find very encouraging. These two patterns are adorable and well made. The fit, the finesse, when did they get so damn good? I mean, look at the preceding patterns, they've come a long way:


The model looks like a Lolita girl. Her makeup is right, her hair isn't a glaringly obvious wig, she's young and doll like. But can we get a hell yes to them using the right kind of printed fabric?! She looks like she stepped out of a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright catalog. My head is spinning!

Simplicity 8444

Let's get one thing out of the way, they made a boo boo, they refer to this as a Cosplay costume and yes, despite having placed the rather ugly Simplicity 8233 in their apparel category, they are yet again selling Lolita clothing as "costumery". That's a damn shame. This pattern features a number of items: a blouse with mandarin collar with corset fastening in back, in long sleeve or short; a ruffled underskirt; a jumper with over-skirt or a jumper with a full skirt, both with elastic shirring in the back, can be made with bows or lace and corset detailing. You get a healthy amount of quality designed pieces in this pattern, it is well worth the money. In fact, despite not being into Lolita, I'm probably going to buy this pattern at some point.

Simplicity 8443

Like the previous pattern, this Lolita pattern also provides you with a variety of designs. Two bonnets, three head-dresses (hair bands), two purses and three medallions. They look cute, well constructed and are in keeping with the Sweet Lolita aesthetic. 


Please gods, let this mean they're willing to try more alt fashion designs in the future, and to push themselves to the point of getting it right

What are your thoughts?



  1. Yeah this looks perfect! Maybe this will get lolitas to diy again

    1. I sure hope so. I plan on getting it to do a Gothic Victorian look for myself.

  2. That Simplicity 2522 pattern looks suspiciously like the Japanese ‘Decora’ style. You’ll know what I mean if you type decora into Google. It’s another Harajuku original style.

    1. Decora is more about ornamentation and embellishment with bracelets, necklaces, hair barrettes. It's a sub style that can apply to either Lolita or Harajuku street fashion, basically it could be any fashion marked by an intense amount of accessorization, it's all about excess. I think this designer is trying mostly to emulate sweet lolita due to the use of pastel colours, child like accessories (like the bonnets, which I'd never wear personally) and literally sweet motifs like lollipops or cakes, or in this case macarons. It could be a good foundation if you're into the decora sweet loli thing. The designer, Andrea Schewe, has her own blog where she details the process of making the dresses if you google it.


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