Monday, 28 November 2016

Cosplay by McCall's Papillon & Manikin

Steampunk and Lolita Cosplay Patterns

Meant to post about this sooner, especially as I'm very excited to see yet another Lolita pattern emerge from McCall's. Just two patterns this time around. The first Papillon (I know them as dogs lol) is a Victorian inspired tailcoat and women's lined short coat. Manikin is a JSK with blouse and overskirt.

Lined Swallowtail Coat and Lined Short Coat

Those interested in the Neo-Victorian fashion movement might be tempted to pick this pattern up. The pattern features a swallowtail coat, which I find very Jack Skellington-esque. It's a bit boyish for my liking but I figure that's the point. The short version comes in two different styles, with pleated ruffle and without, with side fastener or buttons. I quite like this short coat, I plan on making it for myself, hopefully out of a blood red velvet I've had stashed away for such a piece.

Dress, Overskirt, Blouse and Bow

This pattern features a JSK with shirred elastic back, lace up over-skirt and blouse with bow. I really like the blouse on this, it's very feminine and delicate and has a Victorian feel to it, I can see more than just Loli girls buying the pattern for the blouse alone. The tiered dress is cute but I think the straps could be a bit wider as they seem awfully skimpy. While the over skirt is a good idea I'm not a fan of the execution, I think the back is what bothers me about it. I'm used to seeing them positioned with the lace up in the front of the dress, but more importantly it doesn't look like it fits on the model. It seems underdeveloped and tight, probably the most costumey aspect of the entire outfit. That being said I'm sure with some drafting it could be brought up to snuff. It's a cute pattern. Probably too sweet for my wardrobe but I want that blouse in black.


These are certainly more wearable than most of the cosplay costumes that have come out and I really appreciate that. I like this trend of feminine, Victorian pieces, but I'm going back to my fashion roots and where all my interests began so I have a soft spot for this sort of thing.

What do you think, my lovelies?



  1. these are fantastic. The boyish one is very j-rock and the lolita dress is one of the better patterns i've seen. I'm most happy that it's the right many patterns make the shirt too short.

    1. I'm glad you like them! It is J-Rock, I couldn't remember what movement it was channeling but I knew I had seen it somewhere before lol. I recall reading many a forum thread over the debate of how long and how revealing Lolita dresses should be, and you're right this is definitely a proper length. I prefer full skirts to be a bit longer anyway, as they look too poofy if you cut them short.

  2. I'm very interested in both these patterns! I love that (even if being branded as costumes) there are more and more alternative fashion pattern options out there these days.

    1. It's been wonderful to see new patterns inspired by fashion subcultures. I know Simplicity has opened up to using Arkivestry (albeit a more dated Goth brand), and both McCall's and Simplicity have been designing Steampunk garments for years now. To see Lolita is very refreshing. I hope the trend continues. :)

  3. I like these designs - especially that boyish Jack Skellington coat.

    1. I would love to see it used in a Jack Skellington costume. It's a shame it isn't unisex, it looks like the fit would be too tight for a guy.


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