Sunday, 2 October 2016

Cosplay by McCall's Bow & Brine and Obi: Gādo

New McCall's Cosplay Patterns for Fall

Just in time for Halloween, if you're looking to go as a pirate this year or maybe you wish to don a beautiful kimono just to look pretty, McCall's has two patterns you might be interested in.

Obi: Gādo
Misses' Kimono, Undershirt and Obi with two sleeve and length variations

So this is a pretty cool kimono. I had sewn something similar when I was a teenager (huge Japanese geek at the time) and the kimono patterns that were available in my youth did not look this good. I'm hesitant to encourage wearing this for Halloween, mind you it's great for anyone in love with kimonos or anyone looking to use it for cosplay (you know, something far less insensitive). I like the cut of the shorter one, it reminds me of Lolita, I'd probably wear it without the sleeves, it just looks so gosh darn cute. It doesn't look like it would be that difficult to sew either. :)

Bow & Brine
Misses' Blouses

This pattern was designed in partnership with Seattle Cosplay. I have to say when I saw this I thought of two years ago when I made my own pirate costume. It's pretty cute but I'm disappointed that the cincher belt isn't included in the pattern, especially since it looks fairly easy to knock out. Instead the pattern features three different blouse variations; the one shown above with the sleeves gathered, another with sleeves ungathered, and lastly one with shorter sleeves. It can be made with a ribbon neck tie or collar but I honestly don't think the blouse needs any of that, it looks good on its own. Overall it's a decent pattern I just wish it had a little more oomph, something to accessorize it, like something else to go with it.


These are some cute patterns for what they are. It's a change from some of the very fantasy based costumes we've been seeing and I think it's good to have some diversity. The blouse pattern is versatile enough that it could be used for almost anything, and although the kimono costume lacks that versatility it's still a very pretty and well designed kimono which I haven't seen from any pattern company before. 

Would you wear these?



  1. I like the blouse with the belt!!

  2. I love these kimono patterns, but I prefer the actual lolita kimonos to this short one.^^

    1. There are some really cute Lolita kimonos out there, I wish I could wear one without looking odd lol.


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