Thursday, 14 July 2016

Summer Fashions 2016

Slick Summer Picks

It's been awhile since I've sat down and devoted some of my time to fantasy shopping. There have been a few items that I adore, and I've seen them appearing on various social media store accounts. I enter contests whenever I can, hoping and praying I might be a lucky recipient of a new frock or pair of pants. Sadly nothing yet! Boo hoo. I guess I'll settle for mood boards. Here are my faves for the summer of 2016!

Pretty in Prints

I love garments with fun prints. I was drawn to the Wishbone Tank Dress because of its unusual asymmetrical design. At first I thought it looked unfinished but after seeing it a few hundred times I'm enjoying it more and more. It's quirky. People will stop and look at it. Likewise, this button up chiffon blouse features mirrored images of skeletons and is sure to draw stares. I love how they look conjoined! Lastly, the Holly Heartbreaker dress is sweet and simple, it features a keyhole back that's sexy and feminine.

Left: Wishbone Tank Dress by Iron Fist
Center: Stellar Skulls Chiffon Shirt by Fearless Illustration
Right: Holly Heartbreaker Dress by Killstar

Plaid to Meet You

It's no surprise that plaids have made their way back into my mood boards again. I have an affinity for them. I have always desired a plaid moto jacket and I just might have to splurge some day and buy this Jawbreaker jacket, aptly titled "Plaid to the Bone". I would also really like to add another plaid skirt to my wardrobe. I drafted one earlier this year, sadly it's much too warm for the summer months so perhaps this micro mini tartan bondage skirt will fit the bill. The only beef I have with the mini is that it's a little too short...I might have to size up just to cover my ass! Perhaps I should try this delightful high waist circle skirt with suspenders instead. I hope to create a knock off of it someday.

Left: Plaid to the Bone Jacket by Jawbreaker
Center: Skull Tartan Mini Skirt by Jawbreaker
Right: Tartan Highlife Pinafore by Banned Apparel

Fierce Footwear

And naturally we need a footwear mood board. At first when I saw the Bat Wing Boot from Iron Fist I was a little weary about it. It made me think of those hoodies with bat wings jetting out of the armpits, but I've grown to like them. Now they make me think of Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I like these platform mary janes because they look a little like creepers only more feminine. The bat detailing on the front is quite cute and I'd like to see this in a Pastel Goth outfit. The anklets on the end are sexy, I love how embellished they are but I'm hestitant to buy Demonia shoes ever again. I'll have to keep an eye on the reviews for these!

Left: Bat Wing Platform Boot by Iron Fist
Center: Demonia Bat Platform Shoes
Right: Demonia Poison Ankle Boot


I hope you're keeping cool in the summer heat! What do you think of these fashion finds?



  1. yeah why do those pentagram booties have to be Demonia. I was almost going to get them even though they were, but thankfully I didn't. never ever again. that is the worst shoe brand ever.

    1. I know!! It was nice to see Demonia break away from those clunky unisex platform boots but I highly doubt they've invested in better quality materials.

  2. I like bat wings on boots, even made some for a swap with some scrap leather, but they are not worth that price tag even with the boots included lol.

    I am also pretty keen on plaids, and have also really wanted a plaid moto jacket too!! Probably not as long as you, heh. I have some left over purple plaid material that I was going to use to accent some nice pleather for Burda 6800. It's a great looking pattern, and I'm super excited to get that going once I've finished moving.

    1. That's awesome, I have a burda pattern very similar to that, I plan on using it for a faux fur leopard print jacket (with spikes). I'm excited to see what you make. :) I thought about making some bat wings for my Jeffrey Campbell boots, now you've got me thinking about it again. I don't think I've bought shoes in ages, other than my wedding shoes, everything is so cheaply made any more I just can't justify the price tag.

  3. I used to be very much into this skeletal print trend and I even have an Iron Fist hoodie which I never even wear anymore...but plaid is classic and I love the batwing booties too.

    1. I don't think plaid ever goes out of style. I'm a little over the skull print fad, I still see it everywhere. As long as a garment is doing something unique with the print I don't mind it. That's why I was attracted to the dress and blouse. While skeletons are inherently a gothic motif I think we all get a little bit bored with them lol.

  4. Humm... Still wonder why everyone hates on Demonia - maybe I was lucky so far? I love seeing a lot of plaid these days though!


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