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Plus Size Holiday Finds

Holiday Finds from Torrid

It's almost that time of year again, cold winter nights, warm cups of cocoa, and adorable sweaters. I have to admit, I'm disappointed with most of my go-to sites this year. I haven't seen much in the way of new stuff for Christmas. A lot of what's out is regurgitated from last year's collections. Torrid is about the only e-store where I've seen something not available in all the other shops. This is good news for my plus sized friends!

Now, if you're hoping for hoards of amazing finds, I'm sorry to say that there's not a whole lot going down this year. What I could find was largely skull themed, which is getting a little dated, but considering the alternative is sweaters with "Santa's Little Bitch" or "Fuck Christmas" on them, I figure it's best to keep it tasteful and PG. Most of us come from families, and lots of those families have kids. Sweaters with swears are fine for wearing to tattoo parlors or concerts, but maybe not for family gatherings...

Torrid Holiday Collection 2015

Skull Knit Sweater - Available in sizes L-6X
Plaid Full Length Leggings - Available in sizes 12-28
Rubber Faux Fur Cold Weather Boots (Wide Width) - Available in sizes 7-13

Sweater Weather ♥

I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore throwing on a warm sweater and lounging around the house. There's just something about the sweater that's comforting and dependable, like a much loved childhood blanket. I've seen a lot of sweaters this year, and I'm pleased that Torrid has kept their collection very tasteful. While you may be sick of skulls, at least these sweaters are bit toned down and more subtle. I adore the sweater on the left, mostly because this year I'm going gold and gray in a lot of my decor. It's a very feminine colour combination, and I think it's neutral enough to suit many skin tones. The skullflake sweater in the middle is really cute. I like that it takes a moment for it to register that there are skulls there. This would be an excellent piece for the Corp Goth who wants to keep things toned down. Finally, the always admired fair isle print, featuring skulls and hearts. This is a classic wardrobe staple. I remember wearing fair isle sweaters all through my childhood, I'm definitely planning on getting another one some day.

Left - "Skull Lurex Raglan" Sweater by Torrid - Available in sizes L-6X
Center - Snowflake Skull Knit Sweater by Torrid - Available in sizes L-6X
Right - Fair Isle Skull Sweater by Torrid - Available in sizes L-6X

Gothic Glam for the Holidaze

For those of you who enjoy getting dolled up for the annual Christmas party, there are plenty of glitzy and fun garments to choose from. For this mood board I selected three of my Torrid favorites, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. First and foremost is this insanely cool Alice and Wonderland dress from Disney. It's not very Disney in appearance, which I think is why I find it so appealing. It reminds me of the printed Restyle skirts. I especially love that the printed skirt is soft and flowy, and the bodice is in satin with a keyhole, corseted back. Second is this lovely red and black lace dress. I like the cut of this dress, it looks very flattering. I normally say no to short sleeves, but these are just long enough and dark enough that they could help diminish the appearance of fullness, if that's something you struggle with. Finally, the last gown on the right is both fun and sophisticated. It looks very well constructed and tasteful. The way the skirt drapes is very flattering, especially if you carry weight in your hip and thigh area.

Left - Alice in Wonderland Collection Corset Swing Dress from Torrid - Available in sizes L-6X
Center - Lace Contrast Skater Dress by Torrid  - Available in sizes L-6X
Right - Sequin Ponte Party Dress by Torrid - Available in sizes L-6X ***Selling fast!***

All I want for Christmas

...and for the other 364 days of the year, are accessories! Lord, I can't have too many. I felt these accessories would be well paired with any of the dresses from the previous mood board. Isn't blood red such a holly jolly fucking colour?! I'm dying for this vintage inspired bracelet and earring set. You rarely get to wear such bold statement pieces unless it's for a special occasion, and these look perfect for the holiday season. I love this little red wine pump with slate gray studs. I think it goes well paired with this fabulous patent leather skull wallet (yes, it's long enough to be a clutch, and I might need to buy it). 

Shoes - Stud Toe Platform Pumps (Wide Width) by Torrid - Available in sizes 7-13
Bracelets - Bangle and Stretch Bracelet Set by Torrid
Earrings - Statement Chandelier Earrings by Torrid
Wallet - Embossed Skull Wallet by Torrid


I'm satisfied that Torrid has yet again delivered on some cute plus sized finds. I've looked at Forever21, H&M and Urban Outfitters and I'm completely disappointed at the selection this year. I think it's safe to say Torrid is a much more reliable source for good looking plus size threads. What are you wearing this winter?



  1. These clothes look absolutely beautiful!

    1. Aren't they adorable? I'm jealous that none of it is in my size, but then again that's the point. I'm glad plus size ladies can have a sense of individuality with the pieces offered from Torrid. :)

  2. Love your selection, perfect for the holidays!

  3. I'm absolutely with you on cozy sweaters and thse three are adorable! ;)

    1. I love my sweaters. I get cold very easily so I try to keep my sweaters available at all times. If these sweaters were available in my size I'd totally buy them. :)

  4. I love that Alice dress for some reason, even though I'm so over the Alice thing. And yes, red is awesome for the holidays...I love your accessory selection.

    1. I'm a little meh about the whole Alice thing too, but this dress is subtle enough that it's not easy to tell straight away whether it is Alice in Wonderland or if it's just a forest print. It seems more adult to me, if that makes any sense lol.

  5. Fantastic finds and a great post, I really like the way you write. :) I really like the idea of the combination of the skulls and a snowflake but the heart in the middle ruins it for me. I do not like the iconic heart shape and I can't shake the thought that a snowflake with a heart in the center would be really unlikely, since they usually start to form as six-fold radial symmetry. :D :D

    1. lol I can see what you mean, it's impossible for a heart to exist in a snowflake! It's sort of like how I feel when people don't put a rainbow in the right order of colour (it drives me bat shit). And thank you, I had fun writing this post. :)

  6. Totally love the skull trend for christmas & winter sweaters ^_^ i think i might have to use one of my days off to head to the city and see what i can find! If only something like that snowflake one would come with black background!


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