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Demonia Shoe Review

Are they worth it?

Whether you're goth, punk or alternative you've likely heard of the Demonia brand shoes. They boast a wide collection of footwear, ranging from boots to creepers to Mary-Jane pumps. There literally is something for everybody, but are any of them actually worth it? Demonia shoes often command a high price tag, especially their boots. What are we looking at in terms of longevity and quality? Are they worth spending the extra bit of money on? Here's my experience...

I bought my first pair of Demonia shoes years ago. I was really excited about it. I had mostly been buying chucks and stripper shoes second hand, but when I walked into a shop and saw a beautiful big pair of platform stompers, I was smitten. I originally purchased the Transformer 800 boots in patent leather. They're sort of like the Trashville design only with interchangeable face plates. It comes with plates that feature cheesey ass flames, black spikes or just the original plate. You can also purchase additional plates in leopard print, silver and glitter. That's the biggest benefit to buying the Transformers, you an change them into an entirely new shoe just by switching out the plates!

I paid over a hundred dollars for these boots, which seemed a bit steep at the time but I realize now that it wasn't a bad price. I took them home and began trying them on. I went to switch the face plates to see how I liked the spikes and ran into an issue; they weren't manufactured properly. The plates are attached to the boots using screws - scary idea huh? How easy is it to put a screw in improperly? It was kind of nerve wracking trying to put the plates on. The plate holes didn't match the screw holes in the shoe, it made it nearly impossible to put on correctly. I don't know if the plates were warped or just the wrong size but I was pissed. I paid good money to have shoes that I could change the look of when I wanted to. So I contacted the company and the shop where I bought it and we worked out an exchange. Unfortunately they didn't have more patent leather so I had to settle for matte pvc (faux leather). I liked the patent pvc but I have to say it is the worst material for scuffing and everyone else told me they thought the patent pvc looked cheesey. I tried the face plates again and this time had success.

Demonia Trashville, Transfomer, Outlaw and Stack

I still have these boots and wear them occasionally. It's because I only wear them once in awhile that they have survived this long. My friend wore her Demonia Trashville boots every day and they wore out in a matter of months. Her boots began to crack at the back of the heels and the soles started to fall off. This is apparently very common with Demonia boots. I had one girl buying a pair off of me complain about the same thing. She always made sure to check the sole and the back of the heel. So if you're buying these boots, do as she does and look for these damages. I have worried often about the same damages to my Transformers, it's especially disconcerting because the zipper goes up the back, so any amount of wear that occurs there could be problematic. Cracking and flaking faux leather is one thing, but if your zipper goes to shit what can you do?

I have owned three other pairs of Demonia boots; the Stack 301, Outlaw 331, and Trashville 518. These are very similar boots. They were all fairly comfortable but didn't wear well over time. The Stack was a patchwork faux leather boot that looked like it was fraying all over. I had to trim the loose threads but it still looked old and cheap. It also began cracking at the heel. The Trashville boots were going through the same problem at the sole and the Outlaws cracked and flaked wherever there was flocking. All of these boots are long gone now, the Transformers are the only ones I kept. So how do I feel about Demonia boots? They're comfy and look cool and as long as you only wear them once in a while you will get more years out of them. However, they will eventually crack and fall apart. I wouldn't pay over $150 for Demonia boots and I know there are some cyber designs that command a few hundred dollars, so it's best to avoid those.
Demonia Charade

That's enough for boots, but what about Demonia shoes? What about the creepers and the heels? Well I've tried them on and I've bought one pair of Mary-Jane pumps. I have to say the creepers were the most freakishly uncomfortable things I have ever worn. I was walking around in them in the store and instantly felt the stiff material cutting into my skin. I knew it would only lead to blisters so I passed on them. I'm sure they stay nice and shapely, they might scuff a bit, but why are they so damn uncomfortable? They look like they should be made of foam but they aren't!!! I guess creepers just aren't for me. If you're thinking about getting a pair, try them on and walk around in them first, you might find the same thing. Unfortunately discomfort isn't uncommon in Demonia shoes... I've tried on heels and they aren't fantastic, well most heels aren't anyways, but the biggest let down is my Mary-Jane platforms. They're also made of a stiff upper material that cuts the shit out of my feet. Unlike the creepers, I actually didn't notice it in the store, in fact I didn't notice it until I decided to wear them out one day with a friend. What a nightmare... By the end of the day we had bandaids all over me and I was limping in pain. So what can I recommend in regards to their shoes? Other than trying them on? If you give the outer material a push and there's little to no give, like if you give it a flick with your fingers and it feels like you're knocking on wood, it is fair to say it won't be a very comfortable shoe. I have plenty of shoes from other brands that are made of synthetic/faux leather and they're soft to the touch, they rarely cut my feet to hell; that's the kind of material you want to look for. It's possible some Demonia shoes may be made of a different material but all of the ones I've encountered in person are made of this horrible stiff material that eats feet.

So those are my feelings on Demonia brand shoes. It's 50/50. I suppose it's all about what you prioritize in your footwear. If you're down with having to replace your boots every couple of months at a hundred bucks or more a pop, then buy a pair and wear the shit out of them! Or be like me and save them for fancy days. If you prefer to be fashionable rather than comfortable, then buy a pair of creepers! As for me, I'll stick to my more comfortable shoes. : )

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Images are product photographs from DEMONIA.


  1. I've always thought that Demonia shoes looked frumpy, but I do own a pair of combat boots; they look awesome and badass, but they're so low quality that I almost regret buying them...they're uncomfortable, the sole is stiff as a board and the front is so badly constructed, that the leather started breaking immediately...It's my size, but it doesn't actually fit my feet...I hope it makes sense. ^^

  2. I know exactly what you mean in regards to quality, strangely it fluctuates dramatically depending on which shoe or boot you buy from Demonia. Having owned a few of them, I can say the Transformers are the most comfortable, the rest of my boots were super stiff. I wasn't terribly comfortable in the unisex boots but that's because I have narrow feet and unisex shoes usually are oversized to accommodate wider feet. The older Demonia designs tend to be made of this stiff synthetic material whereas the newer ones are more soft and flexible, but neither holds up well over time lol. If they improved their products I would consider buying another pair, but as it stands now I won't be buying Demonia anything (unless it's super cheap)!

  3. I have had two pairs of Transformer 800's from Demonia, NEVER AGAIN! Both pairs fell apart after 4 and 3 nights out respectively, with the sole completely de-bonding from the rest of the boot. Interesting on the second pair that the upper was also screwed on to the platform; seems like Demonia know they have issues and are trying to make a quick fix. Sadly I won't be getting another pair.

    1. This doesn't surprise me, I've heard very similar stories. You have to figure, we all walk differently. For example, I tend to wear out my right shoe more than my left; my friend had a crude, clunky way of walking and wore out her Demonia's because she stamped around a lot (especially when she was impatient). It seems Demonia doesn't account for this, I've noticed their shoes are sort of flat, and not accommodating to the curve of sole. It's like they weren't made for walking but just for show. As much as I like their designs, I still don't feel they're a great shoe company, and it's been a long time since I've so much as considered buying from them. Lately I've just been waiting for a new Goth shoe company to hit the scene.

  4. yeah seriously the only goth shoe brand worth anything is New Rock

    1. I haven't tried them! I want to but not many site's ship to Canada. :/

  5. UTTER CRAP!! My creepers from Alternative Footwear fell to bits after fourth wear.

    Refund / exchange refused.


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