Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New Cosplay by McCall's Patterns May 2018

Costume & Accessories Patterns

We have two new patterns to look at, one costume and one accessories pattern. They're quite different from one another and neither was what I expected to see following the progression of previous releases. Let's take a look!


Bodysuit and Leg holster

I admit, I have no idea what the inspiration for this particular bodysuit is. It reminds me of Portal 2 even though I know that's not it, or maybe a bit like the suit from Neon Genesis Evangelion (?) some anime my brother used to watch it. I'm not super interested in body suits because there are already quite a few of them between McCall's and Simplicity, and it's not something many people can pull off. It looks well constructed and the contrasting band around the sides and shoulder yoke are attractive. I'm just not sure of the costume's application as it looks very distinct but could be fun to play with and adapt for other uses.

Edwardian Chapeau

I'm surprised this didn't end up in the McCall's Vault Collection which features many historical/period costumery patterns. It doesn't feel like it has applications in the world of Cosplay. Renfaire and historical fashion enthusiasts tend to be separated from the Cosplay scene, what distinguishes them from each other is up for debate. While Cosplay is often worn for fun, historical fans might dress up for role-playing purposes or out of the sheer desire to revitalize antiquated fashions. Because this pattern is Edwardian it doesn't quite fit the Steampunk genre, so I'm trying to understand who the target audience for this pattern is. Regardless, these are a fairly accurate representations of the wide brimmed, extravagant hats that women donned during that era, and I'm sure those taken with historical fashions will be interested in experimenting with the pattern's designs.


What are your thoughts? See anything you like? 

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  1. i like both! and i totally thought Portal for the first one too.


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