Monday, 12 March 2018

Cosplay by McCall's March 2018

March 2018 Patterns

I wasn't expecting this wave of patterns to come so soon but I was giddy as fuck to see McCall's partner up with Joshua Hart again. He has such a solid design aesthetic and I'm happy to see that he's modeling his own dress in this one (I'm a bit jealous that he makes a hotter chick than I do).

Nightfell Herbalist
Jacket with mock corset and skirt with attached petticoat

I'm curious if this can be made minus the mock corset? The trick here is that the belt is not included and I'm under the impression that it's what's cinching the waist inward (complimented by the voluminous full skirt). I can't imagine it would be difficult to adapt this as an overcoat to be worn with an actual corset. There is a tulle and net petticoat built into the skirt however it's probably easier and more effective to purchase a ready made petticoat instead. My only critique for this costume is the button, I hate it, I'd rather a bow there or a gorgeous brooch, and seeing how it's not an actual closure but only a mock one it gives you ample room to play. I'd probably ditch the overlap and cut it as a singular piece. There are princess seams shaping the back of the bodice but the front is shaped using darts which can sometimes result in a looser fitting garment so fitting adjustment is probably necessary. I like this pattern a lot, it has a Lolita vibe without going too far into the genre, I'm looking forward to playing with it someday.

Calista Knight III
Bracer, Hand Armor, Wrist Armor and Shin Guards.

I'm assuming this is the last installation of the thermoplastic series. Again, it's nothing special and probably could have been worked into either Calista Knight I or II.


Honestly? I just want more J. Hart.
Tell me what you think? Have you sewn up any Cosplay by McCall's patterns?


  1. I like the herbalist one, though I agree with all your comments about the corset (and the button).

    1. I'm determined to sew it sometime but with a bustier beneath, I'm getting away from the cinching and pinching of corsets and absurdly high heels lol.

  2. I love the Nightfell Herbalist it's outfit it does have a beautiful outfit but I would make it as a single outfit. I'm not keen on the hood. The armour one feel like a reject from Xena costume design I don't like the amount costumes.

    1. Actually The Nightfell Herbalist doesn't come with a hood, I guess it's a veil and it's not apart of the pattern? I think it makes a nice outfit for everyday where, I have a vintage dress pattern that's a little similar to it. :) The second pattern is kitschy for sure lol.


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