Friday, 23 February 2018

New Patterns from McCall's FEB 2018


Two new patterns from the Cosplay by McCall's brand, another armor/accessories pattern and a rather fancy looking historically inspired Elizabethan dress.

CALISTA KNIGHT II, Headpiece and Pauldron

Calista Knight 2
Headpiece and Pauldron

I'm not going to go over the thermoplastic again. It's pretty straightforward, this is a continuation of the last pattern, M2114. You can read about it here in the last post I made. I really don't like the design any better, I'd say this is probably worse than the last, although when I googled the word Pauldron I saw some really cool examples of that kind of armor that you might like better than this! I don't see why these two patterns were made separately, it could've gone in with M2114, unless it was an issue of printing costs, it just seems unlikely that someone would purchase this pattern over the first one which has the breast plate. I don't know, maybe that's just me. If I said the first one was too niche than this one is practically unsaleable, I feel like very few people would actually buy it. 

STIRLING REGENT, Top, Detachable Collar, and Skirt

Stirling Regent
Detachable collar, top and skirt

Now this is pretty cool. Not as luxe as some of the historical patterns you'll find in the McCall's vault but good none the less. What I appreciate about it is that it's a complete look. You would have to purchase a petticoat and hoop skirt to get the right shape, but that's the case with all of these types of costume. I feel like the contrasting panel across the bust could be more shapely and perhaps narrower but that could be a fit issue. The level of embellishment is well balanced and aesthetically pleasing. This could be adapted to multiple different styles of costume. It looks like an intense sew but could be a lot of fun to wear!


If they're going to continue with the thermoplastic thing I really hope they get a better cosplay designer on board. Becka Noel looks like she's completely out of her element with this stuff, which is odd because some of her cosplay armor looks good, some of it looks like shit too, it's just plain confusing. How the hell did she go from this to what you see above? Weird.

Anyways, I hope all has been well with you dear readers. I've been sluggish in the blogging world because I've been hard at work with other things and I'm looking to move out of the city, so it's a very busy year for me. Most of you know me through other social media platforms, which I spend more time on anyways. I'll still pop in around here on occassion. 


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