Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New Blog, New Shop

Hey there!

In case anyone has missed the links, here's the new blog and shop:

The shop is newly opened and accepting orders. This is only a part of my fall/Halloween decor line, there will be more to come should anyone be interested. I am now on Instagram, with new Pinterest and Bloglovin' accounts, these will replace the old ones. You can follow the blog with Google +, the blogger followers gadget, by email or through Bloglovin'

I'll be posting some pattern reviews, craft projects and a diy project. Also, my wedding photos will be posted on there soon too. The blog will be very similar to this one, but with more of a focus in its content.

I'm happy to have the shop up and running. I'm not expecting it to be wildly successful, to even sell one or two pieces would be nice, mind you this is a slow season, even for pattern selling in my other shop. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it's been a very depressing experience as we haven't developed much of treatment plan for my pain or illness. It looks as though my art shop and my vintage etsy shop may become my primary source of income. I haven't returned to the factory because I've been so unwell. It's rare for a fibro sufferer to qualify for assistance, if ever, so I'm not banking on that to be successful but we'll wait and see! 



  1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. But congratulations, on your new shop I shall check out and follow your social media accounts. Wish you all the best luck for it.

    1. Thank you! :) Opening up shop and working on my art helps to take my mind off of fibro, which I'm grateful for.

  2. very cute pieces in the shop!

    1. Thanks! I love cute kitschy things. :D

  3. I'm sorry about the diagnosis!!! Love the pieces in your shop! I favoured and pinned some!


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