Monday, 12 June 2017

Cosplay By McCall's Hand-Eye Coordination, Foot Fetish: Gilded, Becoming Émelie

New Summer Releases 

I've been following the Cosplay by McCall's social media accounts intermittently. One of the trends that I've noticed in their followers' comments is the demand for accessories. This is something that rarely comes up in costume pattern collections, but handcrafting accessories is quite popular within the Cosplay scene itself. Accessories can be anything from handbags, gauntlets, wings, armor and weaponry. I'm pleased to announce that the brand has released three new accessory patterns. These will likely only appeal to those with feminine aesthetics but it's still worth mentioning. I'm going to do a reading on all three patterns together as there's not much to comment on individually, they're pretty straight forward.

Hand Eye Coordination - Eye Patches, Bracers, Gloves and Claws - M2095
Foot Fetish: Gilded - Boot Covers - M2097
Becoming Émelie - Hat, Flowers, Bag, and Capelet M2098

The first pattern is Hand Eye Coordination ...I don't know who names these things but what a mouthful. The pattern contains three different eye patch designs, gloves in two lengths, two bracers and claws. The claw bracer things are freaking cool. It was a solid choice to advertise them on the cover of the envelope. Immediately I was like, "Yeah, I wanna be a lady dragon!" Rad. The other stuff? Ennnh. I like the Steampunk eye patch with the buckle ...minus the weird jewel bit. But the other ones confuse the crap out of me. They're so over-embellished and over thought, it's difficult to tell what's going on to the point that you're questioning whether or not it really is an eye patch! The one with the ruffling and the dangly bits and the embroidered eyebrow (that's what I'm assuming it is) with the blanket stitch... it critiques itself. There are no words.

The second pattern is Foot Fetish: Gilded. Spats, who doesn't love 'em? But I have to admit the cover photo leaves a little to be desired. They look like Gladiator boots? Or at least someone's attempt at Gladiator boots without a reference photo. The other two designs are far more successful, the first looks like cardboard and doesn't sit flush with the boot. I personally like look A, the dainty gold covers, they're simplistic but impactful. I think they'd look really cute with a Marie Antoinette costume. Look B features ruched material and beaded trim with a corseted back. It's not a bad pattern, it's kind of cute.

Becoming Émelie, I'm sure Loilta fans would be quick to point out any flaws with this pattern, but as usual I'm appreciative of the attempt. It's good to see this sub-style getting attention. This pattern features the classic bonnet, a capelet and handbag with instructions for fabric flower embellishments. The flower embellishments look a tad gaudy and not well made, you can find better diy tutorials online. The capelet is quite adorable and the bonnet is well made. It's a shame the lace gloves in the promo photo aren't included. I'm excited to use the purse pattern because I want to make a knock off of this Banned Apparel bag. I feel like this is a fairly successful accessories pattern


It'd be interesting to see them tackle some more unisex, masculine designs, especially weaponry. A basic gun or sword pattern that could be adapted for various characters might be a neat idea, and I hope that they consider it for the future. These patterns did not disappoint, it's nice to have more accessory options when creating any kind of costume, especially things like boot covers because I can never justify purchasing costume boots.

What are your thoughts?


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