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February 2017

General Life Stuff

It's been a good month as far as weather is concerned. We've been out walking a few times and although the photo below looks cold, it was almost fifteen degrees out! We're slipping back into a cold spell but I'm sure it'll be brief and spring will be at our doorstep in no time. :) In total we've only really had maybe a month and a half of snow. This has been one of the warmest and most awesome winters I've ever experienced. I didn't even struggle too much with my SAD this winter. 

I just celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday, my brother is getting his own place, and I've gotten back into the habit of drawing. I baked a delicious plum pie on Family Day (just a day off for most) and I'm planning on whipping up a batch of pumpkin spice chocolate chip squares. I'm already in the mood for Halloween. I know, it's too early! Perhaps it's a combination of how the fluctuating temperatures feel distinctly like autumn, or maybe it's my favorite pumpkin spice decaf tea, or that I've returned to making my Halloween folk art.

I've cumulatively missed months of work and I need to sell more products to make up for the financial loss. For the month of February my Etsy revenue has almost reached $100. It may not seem like much but for pattern sellers that's a solid number. Surprisingly, the bulk of my sold patterns did not come from my sales event(?). I guess February is just a good month to shop.

And this is why I've returned to my folk art, I need $$$! Of course this means tampering with more prototypes, however, the prototypes are in such good condition that I'm comfortable selling them in the shop. I think now it's come to a point where I'm experimenting with materials to find the right style as opposed to wrestling with techniques that don't work, like rusting wires and varnishes that don't seal or look like they're supposed to. The Halloween inventory needs to be completed by the summertime because that's when I'll transition into Christmas. I'm making a combination of dolls and figurines - especially figurines because there's less work and materials involved in their creation. I've already purchased a new blog template and I'll be buying a domain name and hosting through blogger. My hope is to launch both the site and Etsy shop by April. I'll have to work out marketing and I dread the social media aspect, but I know it's important in some instances. Ultimately this blog may be put on hiatus as I transition into working part time on my art. I'd love to go full time but I know that's not until I cultivate a good following of art collectors. 

On top of that there's still the desire to make a graphic novel. I had written a script for a supernatural thriller involving a young student who becomes like a seer of the paranormal, but I'm not sold on it. It's something I figure I'll return to in the future, it's just not as cool or fun as my other ideas. I've already ditched the adaptation of the short story involving an abused girl because I couldn't translate it into graphic format without somehow cheapening the message. Maybe some day but not now. Instead I have two comics that I'm working on that I really enjoy, but before I can tackle them I have to learn perspective, anatomy and create intriguing character designs. It'll be months before I'm ready to commit.

Health & Wellness 

I can't say much has happened this month. I've been sick for 90% of it. In my last update I discussed some test results and my dietary change. I've been back eating gluten ever since and I hate every minute of it. It's gotten to the point that I'm scarfing down gluten free food like it's drugs. I've had gastric upset all the while, waking up at 2am to puke up bile, roll around on the floor sobbing and damning it all to hell. My physio therapist was floored that we were even doing this, her words: "but you already know you have an intolerance to gluten, what's the point of subjecting you to this testing? You're not going to eat gluten ever again, anyway." Right?! To prove something, I guess. To have an answer that the doctor can actually give so he can pat himself on the back and say he's done his job.

According to one person's account, following their own gluten challenge, determining if you have Celiac or Colitis is important for prevention of other associated cancers and diseases. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but knowing that Crohn's opens up its own bag of worms I can't say I'm too surprised. I keep trying to remind myself that maybe that's why we're putting me through all this shit. I've already gained four or five pounds by going back on bread alone and I swell up like a pregnant lady. It's monstrous stuff that leaves me hungrier than I've ever been before. I'm overeating because of illness and because, well, it's bread! If you've struggled with your weight and you've never removed gluten before, do it. You might be surprised to find a change for the better. And nix dairy while you're at it, that shit's not much better.

I'm awaiting the results of the CT scan which left me puking and crapping my guts out for a whole day. I literally was sitting in a puddle of my own vomit, soaked and freezing, while hospital staff scrambled to clean me up. I guess my stomach couldn't take the abuse from the 250ml laxative they administered me. :( I still have one more test after the CT scan, an endoscopy of the stomach. Then we've exhausted what the gastroenterologist can do. I'm planning on following up with my family doctor asap as I've been having debilitating body pains again, fevers have been consistent, I have maybe 40% left of my hair and it's dwindling daily, and my immune system is so shot I can't escape the flu bugs going around!

Sewing & Blog Stuff

^ This is a sneak peek of what I've been working on. I was hammering away at this project when my diet switched and now it, like my incomplete dress, is sitting in hiatus mode. The problem is that I'm bloated and have gained some weight, so any alterations I make as this point might affect the fit a month from now. There's no point tailoring it to fit my bloated body if I'm not going to be bloated come summertime. I might finish the dress because it does have stretch to it, so maybe in the coming weeks that will be done, but my summer wardrobe will have to wait. :( I bought some great fabrics, a beautiful tropical crepe for a 40's dress, a sunny yellow cotton sateen for a groovy pair of high waisted 50's pants, a beautiful coral cotton for a sexy 60's wiggle dress, and I have all my floral prints, denims, and chiffons for my alternative wardrobe. This year is becoming largely alt fashion. My summer wardrobe always leans away from goth, mostly because black and sun don't marry well, but I'm looking extra corpse like thanks to being sick. X(

The future of my wardrobe will be all over the fucking place. It should be fun! :)

What have you been up to, lovelies?



  1. I have been having problems commenting on your site for some reason...

    What a scrumptious looking pie! I haven't made a fruit pie in ages, you have inspired me.
    I have also been thinking about Halloween lately :) I just think it's a boring time of year and one's mind drifts to new exciting projects.

    I'm sorry about your health issues, I can't believe the doctor forces you through that either..? I hope you get it sorted soonest!

    1. Thank you!

      I wonder if the comment form is bugging because of blogger? I've seen it disappear when trying to post in mobile. >.< I'll have to try it on different computers and devices.

      I love a good fruit pie! And plum pie is ridiculously easy, just plums, flour and sugar with a dash of salt. I use store bought crusts as I have yet to master that technique lol.

      Ever since I was little I started my Halloween preparations in spring, it's ingrained within me. I think it is because it's such a terribly boring time! Things don't pick up until around May when the weather is more tolerable, that's when I go fishing and hiking. I look forward to my warm weather day trips and lounging in the sun, but until then it's pumpkin spiced bake goods and Halloween art!

  2. That pie looks so good! Happy 80th to your Grandma :) $100.00 for a month at Etsy? That is excellent! Good for you! I can't wait to see your folk art! Talking about pumpkin spice baked good and Halloween, make me smile!
    I am so sorry about your health! I really pray that things start to turn for you, for the better!
    I'm still researching about putting my art on things! It's not fun!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) I'm happy to see my Etsy sales increase, it tends to happen in waves. Sometimes I'll sell four or five patterns a month and then there are months where I don't make a single sale. I'm hoping the new Etsy Studio might boost my listing views. I guess it's a new platform for craft suppliers and because I sell vintage patterns I'm accepted as a part of the market.

      I completely agree that it's no fun doing the "dirty" work when selling art. I hope you find the right partnership eventually, one that respects your needs as an artist and delivers quality representations of your work with decent profits. I can really identify with your struggle. I have to look into consignment once I finish my inventory. I'll be making smaller price point items to appeal to first time art buyers. The problem is that every store has different terms/agreements for consignment, some take higher percentages, some only allow "x" amount of time on a shelf, and some stores are super particular about what they will sell. I'll have to visit a lot of different shops in person, with portfolio, and hope that eventually I find my perfect fit.

      There is so much to consider still, like a tax number and registering my business... all the things I've avoided before because I didn't want the hassle, but if I plan on selling in stores I think I kind of have to. Yuck!

  3. As for gluten I recently read an article about what long term things might get caused by it for people with celiac. Ever since I am more afraid but also happy my doctors did find what was causing the obvious health issues...

    and now, hoping times get better for you.


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