Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cosplay by McCall's Ribbon Candy & Victor

More Patterns! Ribbon Candy and Victor

Two more cosplay patterns for your spring "to-sew" list! Victor, a men's floor length, lined, period coat, and Ribbon Candy, a ladies' bodice, tutu, detached puff sleeves and sash! Let's take a look at them. :)

Ribbon Candy
Top, Skirt, Sash and Detached Sleeves

This is apparently cosplayer Becka Noel's trademark tutu design, with puff sleeve arm bands and bodice. I've always been curious to see how these tutus are made, they're pretty crazy looking and remind me of Elizabethan collars (and I want to wear a high Elizabethan collar like you wouldn't believe lol). It's cute, not my scene, but followers of hers I'm sure will be excited to give this a try. My only beef is that the waist sash looks busted. It just doesn't sit well with me at all and it's a design flaw for sure. If you look at other dress sashes you'll notice they're typically gathered or pleated, this helps conceal figure flaws and allows it to conform to the body better. A plain sash would work well if it were a smaller width, but at this width it's terribly unflattering. If you're going to do it, slash the piece horizontally, spread it (width x 1.5 or 2) and gather it instead. I noticed that they used shantung, which works well for creating the leafy structure of the cross body sash, but it fails miserably in the waist sash, gathering the material might have softened the look of it.


Now as much as I proclaim to be interested in historical fashion, I draw a blank when it comes to historical men's fashion! I'm assuming this is a medieval coat. It looks well constructed. I like the frog closures down the front and the t-shape across the back is visually pleasing. It has nice construction lines. It's also fully lined and I imagine it's an intense project (rated intermediate) but it'd be a labor of love, I'm sure! 


These are pretty neat looking designs, and it's nice to see a new cosplay designer added to the mix! I would be hard-pressed to name any cosplayers and their work, I don't follow this stuff personally, but it's always cool to see what people are up to. What do you think?


Saturday, 14 January 2017

McCall's Hitched and Prelude

Hitched and Prelude, new for Spring!

Hey, it's 2017 and the new Cosplay by McCall's releases are already here. They're kicking it off with Steampunk!


I think every Goth chick has owned a skirt like this at some point. It's like the "introductory to bondage skirt" and it's become popular amongst many Steampunk fans. What I like about it is that it's very simple in design. You can make it in one tier, two tier or three tier to get that stellar hi-low effect. It's a skirt that I've seen quite a few people trying to knock off, so I'm sure admirers of the look will be happy to add this pattern to their arsenal. If I were to attack it, I'd like to push it further by embellishing the yoke and adding a bow to the back like this skirt from Retroscope Fashions.

Bloomers in Three Lengths

We know how I feel about bloomers. It's no mystery, I just don't get them lol, but this pattern seems to fit the bill as far as bloomers go, offering one historically inspired interpretation and two much more simplistic variations. The one pair of bloomers reminds me of Simplicity 8154. I'm not into Steampunk personally, so perhaps I'm missing something with the bloomers fad (???) but I suppose it makes for a good pirate costume. I don't mind the pair pictured on the right, they're cute, but that pleated monster on the left looks like it clawed it's way up from the depths of HELL. I absolutely loathe knife pleating. Not just because it's a rather dated technique but because it's freaking time consuming. Also, I'm curious about the title of this one. "Prelude" pretty much means it's an introduction to something bigger or better...not sure what they're implying with that lol. Overall it's a decent looking pattern and I have no major issues with it in terms of design.


We're seeing a steady influx of Steampunk designs with both McCall's and Simplicity. I'm a tad jealous, actually. I wish Goths got this much attention lol. I recognize Steampunk's place though, it attracts more than just fashion goers. In fact, many of the Steampunk sewists I've met are women in their middle age who happen to love historical fashion and like that Steampunk combines that passion with a touch of fantasy. At the end of the day it's cosplay! It'll appeal to most anybody.


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