Saturday, 10 December 2016

La Virgen de Guadalupe

I ♥ Jesus!

I wasn't exactly brought up in a religious household. Sure I went to church a handful of times in my childhood, made some palm crosses, sang songs, but I hardly remember any of it! Can I quote the bible? Hell no. Yet a part of me has always retained a fascination with religious iconography. Especially that of Christian iconography. Spanish Catholicism (in particular of Mexico) has yielded some of the prettiest depictions of La Virgen de Guadalupe. In high school I hoarded up altar candles with stickers of Jesus on them. What can I say? They look cool. My best friend shared in this fascination and at times we would teasingly tell people that we thought Jesus was sexy because he had a beard. She bought me a lanyard that says "I ♥ Jesus" on it, which I still own. Given this brief history of my adoration, you can imagine how blown away I was when Dolce & Gabbana released a sacred heart inspired spring collection last year. It was so religious. It was so fucking hot!

I gushed over the shoes with the secret cabinets hidden in the heel, the beautifully ornate clutches, the crowns and rose covered gowns. I have never seen anything so awesome in all my life, and I could hardly give a shit about D&G. The collection wasn't as well received as I had hoped, and only a few alternative shops began carrying designs that mimicked the style. I haven't seen any amazing knock offs of the shoes or clutches featured in the collection, and in my heart I'm hoping someone will someday endeavor to make a more affordable copy of them. At a few thousand dollars US a piece, it's just too far out of my budget. That being said, I did find a few items that could make an adequate knock off. What do you guys think?

Rock n Rose 
- Jesus Vintage Cameo Ring
- Beatrice Rose Crown Headband
- Eve Vintage Cross Ring
- Cara Metal Crown
- Valentina Oversized Mosaic Cross Necklace.

Gasoline Glamor 
-Baroque Cross Earrings (right)

I Still Love You NYC
-Luxe Cross Earrings (left)

Nasty Gal
-Sworn to Secrecy Embroidered Skirt & Top (right)

Dolls Kill
-Sacred Heart Top

For Love & Lemons
-Desert Rose Maxi Skirt (left)

Current Moo
-Muerte Rose Platforms (left)

Iron Fist
-Like a Virgin Boots (right)
-Like a Virgin Sweater.

- Luxury Rose Evening Clutch



  1. I agree it's vibrant and often pretty but I just can't get past the religious aspects myself.

    1. It is difficult to separate the religious aspects. I think this style is especially weird for those fashionistas who were formerly Catholic. It's subversive and makes a powerful statement for some.

  2. I do like floral stuff and the fine art print fabric, but I'm too hardcore of an athiest, and the looks are too beautiful for me to wear ironically.

    1. I'm planning on making a knock off of the floral dress, or something like it. You should check out the D&G Sacred Heart collection, aside from the religious iconography they have some brocade stuff that is super hot.

  3. I do think it's all very beautiful, but as everyone has stated, it's hard to separate religion from it. But, then, if you like it and feel good in it, why not?

    1. Seeing as how there are Metallica shirts in Forever21, I feel like a lot of people would wear it with no real regard to the religious significance of the iconography lol. I wonder if we'll get to a point where fashion subverts all political meaning and that style comes first and foremost. Then again, there was quite the uproar about five years ago when an Australian designer included a depiction of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi on her bikini bottoms... As long as there's someone around to complain we won't see an end to it.


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