Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November 2016

A Month of Reflection

Yeesh, are we already that close to Christmas? Well, you would think so given that every room in the house (minus the office, that's the dark side) has a Christmas tree in it. The sewing room has two! But it doesn't feel like it yet. We only had a sprinkling of snow - which is awesome. I hate that fluff. But perhaps it really would feel more like Christmas with it around. My birthday is in a handful of weeks, I hate that day, but I'm putting a positive spin on it, I'm going to donate to my favorite animal shelter. :)


I've missed work in excess to the point that I'm working as much as I did when I was a teenager, which is next to nothing. I can't stand it but I'm trying to be more forgiving toward myself. If you're hurting like you're dying inside, you have to take time to address that and unfortunately you lose pay as a result. I started physio therapy in early November and my physio therapist believes the majority of my pain is related to damage to my pelvic floor. She doesn't like me working at the factory because it's not exactly ergonomic. In the long run it would be better to find something else, and I've known that, but it's the most accommodating job I have had. I don't think multiple absences would go over very well with a new employer. I recently met with a gastroenterologist, he has some concerns about my family history and my year long bout of fevers and pain. I've given samples and I'm due for a scope in January. And I finally have a new family doctor who I get to see on Friday.
I hope to feel like a normal human being come spring time!


Something I shouldn't do but have done is shop. Lord, why?! I gotta put a cap on it, no more shopping!! Black Friday sales sucked me into purchasing a new pair of shoes from YRU for $111 CAD - yikes! I'm not allowed to wear high heels for awhile so I need more flat shoes, and the Tune sneakers in tie-dye were like my 90's dream shoes. I'm stoked to receive them and wear them with my raver pants, but the buying experience with YRU hasn't been great so get to read about that later. I also bought this dress from Urban Outfitters. I don't shop there regularly. It's not my scene but I desperately wanted a red velvet dress for Christmas. I've wanted one for years. I bought it with some of my wedding money. Last week I got a new pair of pjs from Ardene's with flaming marshmallows on them. I also bought some stretch velvet from Fabricland plus sewing notions and at something like $300 total I'm done buying shit. I've resorted to selling off my old shoes and clothes to pay for these things. It's not a bad thing, I needed to get rid of it all, I guess I just needed that extra push from being poor again lol. I'm really glad I'm not doing gift giving this year. >.<


I've sewn a few things on and off over the months. I tapped out on my Halloween costume, all that hand sewn tulle was destroying my sewing spirit so it's on hiatus. Instead I decided I needed a hoodie (image here), but like an idiot I forgot to make sure it was the right material. I used a medium weight stable knit, which would be good for a summer hoodie but it's not thick enough to survive the Canadian winter. It was made from a pattern my friend let me borrow when we were sixteen. I didn't know she would die. I would have honestly made the attempt to return it to her if I could've seen that coming, now I sort of feel like a dickhead lol. But, it's made for a very sentimental pattern. I can make a hoodie from it knowing that she made a hoodie from it, and it feels like, on some spiritual level, that we're connected. It's quite sweet. I'm making a real winter hoodie out of it next and this time I'll make fewer mistakes! I'm also working on knocking off a skirt from Urban Outfitters. I really like the skirt from Silence & Noise but at $72 CAD (plus something like $12 shipping) I could not justify purchasing it. For a fucking skirt?! Ridiculous! Instead I'm knocking it off. I've already drafted the pattern and I'm ready to get started. When finished it should only have cost me something like $20. Huge difference and here is when you truly see the benefit of sewing. Not like pajamas... I was tempted to make a pair when I realized it'd cost more than buying them ready made! Yarrgh!

There is no shortage of velvet in the sewing room right now. I have a dark blue velvet that I call "nightshade", I'm planning on making a top out of it. I have a dark green velvet for the skirt, a blood red velvet for whatever my heart desires, a black velvet for god knows what, a stable burgundy velvet that I might use in corsetry some day and a bright red velvet that I would like to see made into a jacket. Velvet. Get some!

I also have this awesome holographic print fabric I've had stashed for nearly ten years. I'm planning on making a circle skirt out of it. I have a cheetah print knit that I'm going to make into a sexy wiggle dress and a metallic woven fabric for a top. The sewing projects are literally piling up in the corner of my room. I have to get on top of them and punch them out over the holiday so I can have a new wardrobe come springtime! Of course I'll keep track of it here.


Obviously sewing is a big part of Bien Aimée. I'd like to get back to doing mood boards now and again. I was pleased with the response to my social anxiety post and I have plans to further develop it into another two additional parts. I've done a lot of self exploration and I'm learning quite a bit, a helluva lot more than I did when I had a psychologist lol. So I'd like to share those experiences and insights with my readers because I want people to know they're definitely not alone, I share your struggles. I have a product review coming up. I think I might have a few of those next year. I'll talk more about this in the New Year's post. 

What have you been up to, lovelies?



  1. Hope you feel better soon! Yeah 70 bucks for a drawstring skirt is insane. I think the pattern is just a rectangle! Your posts always make me want to sew again.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it literally is just a rectangle gathered into a waistband. One of the 90's patterns I purchased earlier this year has a very similar style skirt, I've been drafting off of it. The only difference is mine won't have that "dolfin" curve in the side slit because it's just too finicky. I like it but I don't want the project to exceed a weekend in length lol, then I just get pissy with it and wish I bought the damn thing instead. If you ever pick up sewing again I'd love to see your stuff. :)

  2. I really hope that new family doctor will help and you'll get better soon! I think it is smart, economical and in the end environmentally friendly to sell one's old clothes. I too try to get rid of the clothes I no longer wear. I've been ill a lot of the time this Autumn and Winter and I haven't really had any energy to do that. >_>

    The story of the hoodie pattern was so heartwarming and beautiful! ^_^

    1. Thank you! I like to donate clothes and sell the ones I know I could make a little cash off of (to put forward to new ones). In some instances I'll even up-cycle what I have, which is challenging but fun. I don't like to be wasteful, even when it comes to fabric, I tend to hoard up my scraps and donate them to crafters after I'm done large projects. I understand what it's like not having energy, hopefully you can escape winter without any more illness! :)

  3. Hoping you will feel better again soon! As for christmas I don't know the last time I 'felt' like it and luckily most of my family / friends aren't too much of xmas ppl either ^^
    Guilty of black friday shopping as well though... I should not have done that (but then again didn't buy anything but flat related for months now and it was only a shawl thingie!)

    1. I come from a holiday oriented family, everything is to the nines. I used to stay out of it but once I got my own place I felt compelled to put up decorations. I have a Hello Kitty theme outside the house lol. I think it's like a crutch to get me through the winter because I hate how blah it gets here in Ontario. Too much snow.

      It's nice to treat yourself once in awhile! I should've stopped at the dress though. I need to learn not to go overboard lol.

  4. LOVE trees!
    So, how was the first meeting with the new doctor"? I too hope you'll feel better next year!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment to my ED post, and I support you whole-heartedly in a continuation of more personal "anxiety" posts :)

    1. It's good to see you online! :) I hope things are going well for you. The visit with the doc was brief, I had to sign release papers, this way he can view my history before making decisions for treatment. It's a waiting game now. The gastroenterologist has me set for a scope in Jan. the samples must've turned out fine because I didn't hear anything back from them. It's just the scope and then if that yields nothing I have no idea what to think. I'm still losing weight but my diet has been limited since eating makes me feel sick anymore. :/ The best news is that it seems my year long bout of fevers might actually be over! I haven't caught one in almost a week - crazy. :)

      I definitely want to do more mental health posts. I've been reading self help material avidly and become more aware of problems in my life and with my own behaviors. I'm hoping this could help other bloggers, we regularly post about our struggles but not everyone chronicles their attempts to overcome mental health issues.


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