Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2016 in review

I wish I had some awesome stories to share, I've seen some cool stuff popping up in my blog feed recently. Sadly, my city isn't known for throwing wicked Halloween parades or parties. The museum's Fright Night is still going strong but it seems to get less and less interesting with each passing year (I don't know if the original organizer of the event ditched it or what, but fortune tellers and a DJ aren't much to hold my interest and you may recall I once explained it originally had a poetry slam, film with live band, live music all night, and a few other cool things that they for some reason retired). No, instead I stayed home and handed out candy, did nothing all weekend long except for sick up, draw and sleep. 

At my old house we had something like 100 kids each Halloween. The new house is located off to the side in a small city block that's nestled on the cusp of the city limits. It's not easy to find where I live. In fact, if it weren't for the condo sign most people wouldn't know it exists, and even at that you have to get right up on the driveway otherwise you'd assume it's a dead end. This, I'm sure, is what most parents thought as well. Because we back onto a big spooky torn up field and we're closed in with only one entry point, I feel that most parents would consider our condo community too creepy to allow their kids into. I had only 25 trick or treaters last night. I'm happy I chose to hand out two bags each immediately after I had only one trick or treater (and he showed up at around 6:30, most kids tap out around 8). Every kid had a Halloween costume on - stoked! But I guess when you have 100 kids to go through you're likely to see more kids without costumes, we also used to live in a very poor area, this new neighborhood is more affluent. The majority of my trick or treaters were girls, a lot of them were witches, one even used her hat to trick or treat with lol. I had a very adorable little girl, like little little, maybe six or seven, and she was a bloody bride. Lots of kids forgot to thank me afterwards but if their parents were around they made them remember, which was nice to see. 

We were both home sick this year, so I got to put up the decorations during the day. I never finished the wreath I planned on making, I had to hang a spiderweb on the door instead. I didn't even complete my terrarium I posted about earlier this month either. And I didn't finish my costume. The fairy costume made it to about 50% completion. I tried to do the wings myself and the stockings weren't big enough to fit over the wire. I was sewing a tutu by hand but it's so damn tedious I got fed up with it. I'll finish it this month just to put it away for next year but I'm over it. I spent nearly $70 on this costume, maybe more than that, and unless I'm going to wear it to a party I don't see the point in rushing it. Instead I wore my Bo Peep costume from a few years ago, it's super cute and looked great, fit me better than the first time too. I didn't get any pictures of it, but that's because my guy was too sick to sit upright lol. 

It was cold outside, I had planned on going for a walk but decided against it. Today will be much warmer, go figure. At least it didn't rain or wasn't super windy. I'm glad it's over, that's an awful thing to say, but this year I wasn't feeling it. Too sick to manage, maybe? I don't know. Even after I brought out all the decorations, watched all the Halloween shit I could cram into a month, it still didn't feel like Halloween. Don't get me wrong, we had fun. Me and my man watched Frankenhooker, she's totally rad and I love her goth platform mary janes. I invited the spirit of my friend into the home, hope she stopped by but didn't sense her, and if she was there I talked her ear off lol. It was nice to reminisce about her, this was always our holiday. I also ate pumpkin pie (we were huge fans of pie). All in all it was a decent Halloween, just not as outstanding as previous ones.

So, onto Christmas I guess. I'm going to take down the decor this weekend, haul up the x-mas boxes and leave them for another two weeks. I bought some new pink Christmas LED lights for outside to go with my Hello Kitty. I also got a new tree skirt of the tree which we'll do in gold and natural tones this year. And, I bought a classic white vintage porcelain Christmas tree in the summer, I hope to replace the bulbs with mostly pink ones. I would've done our Christmas tree in pink and silver - can you believe he'd allow it?! But after purchasing the tree skirt I really want to use it, so it's going to be a weird mashup of decor again this year lol.

How did Halloween go for you?



  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. It's hard to get enthusiastic about much when you don't feel well.

  2. Sorry to hear about you being sick! Your house looked amazing! We had hardly no trick or treaters. Glad you had some!

    1. Thank you! I loved how the decorations looked this year. I finally used my blown glass ghost lights, I was always too afraid to hang them up but I've got a nice stairwell to hang them in now.


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