Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Shopping 2016

Cool Halloween Finds!

If you're like me Halloween is every day. Many of the items being advertised as "Halloween" in the alt and Goth shop sites aren't exactly new or specific to Halloween, at least in my eyes. Much of which I would wear on any given day! Hell, I still have my Halloween panties collection and I wear my Hello Kitty Halloween jammies every month of the year. That being said, I thought it might be fun to do up two mood boards featuring pieces that I think reflect Halloween fairly well. 


I am a huge Universal Monster movie addict. I have the blu-ray box set and I adore breaking it out on a stormy night. In my catalog search I came across a number of items that screamed Universal Monsters to me. These boots are to die for!! I love them! Sadly they are a Demonia product but if I ever came across a pair on super sale I'd be tempted to scoop them, with those adorable little bats and that clunky Franken-heel, what's not to love? Pair it with these hot spiderweb stockings from Sourpuss and matching purse from Rock Rebel (I have lightning bolt earrings which would look stellar with this bag). I love the colour green, electric chartreuse makes my heart sing! I carried it into these cute bone hair clips from Kreepsville, with a skelly cat pin and Halloween necklace. The Vampyra mask is unfortunately only for decoration, although Sourpuss offers up plenty of vintage Halloween repro items, including a remake of a classic fortune telling game, this mask is intended to hang on your wall... I think it would be better if it were a real mask, don't you?

Shoes: Demonia Camel 201 
Brooch: Creep Heart Jellybean Cat Mini Pin
Bag: Rock Rebel Frankenstein Lace Handbag
Hair clips: Kreepsville 666 Gem Bone Hair Clips
Socks: Sourpuss 17" Knee-high Web Stockings
Necklace: Dolly Cool Halloween Cat and Bat Necklace
MISC: Vampyra Girl Vac-Tastic Plastic Mask

This is Halloween!

Here are some items deserving of Halloween! They're selling out fast, too, not surprisingly as I'm sure many ordinary shoppers see these as an adorable alternative to a Halloween costume. I have been swooning over this cream coloured Halloween themed frock for almost a year now. It's on my to-buy list. I just love classic vintage themed Halloween cats. I'm a cat person, mind you, so maybe it's just another aspect of my cat lady craziness. I think it's very flattering and not too in your face, there's something very reserved and feminine about it. This Lucy Fur sweater also features my favorite Halloween black cat design. I think it really pops and would look sharp paired with a tight colourful trouser. I'm also a fan of Sourpuss sweaters as so far all of mine have stood the test of time. The last dress features fun and girly Kewpie style costumed babies. I like it but not as much as other Halloween dresses. It's growing on me a little, the colour palette is fun and I think it would largely appeal to vintage enthusiasts or cutesy Goths. 

Left: Sourpuss Black Cats Gauzy Dress Cream
Center: Sourpuss Lucy Fur Sweater
Right: Sourpuss Halloween is Everyday Skater Dress


I've seen a few other prints from Sourpuss that are "Halloween" themed but I find them rather drab (black and white cemetery prints). What I enjoy about some of Sourpuss' new releases is that there's colour, something almost unheard of in Goth fashion. Halloween has an abundance of colour and I think it would be nice to see more experimentation in the future, for instance, the Lucy Fur sweater in orange would've been cool to see. Some more electric green or purple! Candy corn too!!! 

What are your thoughts? Find anything cool this year?


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Cosplay by McCall's Bow & Brine and Obi: Gādo

New McCall's Cosplay Patterns for Fall

Just in time for Halloween, if you're looking to go as a pirate this year or maybe you wish to don a beautiful kimono just to look pretty, McCall's has two patterns you might be interested in.

Obi: Gādo
Misses' Kimono, Undershirt and Obi with two sleeve and length variations

So this is a pretty cool kimono. I had sewn something similar when I was a teenager (huge Japanese geek at the time) and the kimono patterns that were available in my youth did not look this good. I'm hesitant to encourage wearing this for Halloween, mind you it's great for anyone in love with kimonos or anyone looking to use it for cosplay (you know, something far less insensitive). I like the cut of the shorter one, it reminds me of Lolita, I'd probably wear it without the sleeves, it just looks so gosh darn cute. It doesn't look like it would be that difficult to sew either. :)

Bow & Brine
Misses' Blouses

This pattern was designed in partnership with Seattle Cosplay. I have to say when I saw this I thought of two years ago when I made my own pirate costume. It's pretty cute but I'm disappointed that the cincher belt isn't included in the pattern, especially since it looks fairly easy to knock out. Instead the pattern features three different blouse variations; the one shown above with the sleeves gathered, another with sleeves ungathered, and lastly one with shorter sleeves. It can be made with a ribbon neck tie or collar but I honestly don't think the blouse needs any of that, it looks good on its own. Overall it's a decent pattern I just wish it had a little more oomph, something to accessorize it, like something else to go with it.


These are some cute patterns for what they are. It's a change from some of the very fantasy based costumes we've been seeing and I think it's good to have some diversity. The blouse pattern is versatile enough that it could be used for almost anything, and although the kimono costume lacks that versatility it's still a very pretty and well designed kimono which I haven't seen from any pattern company before. 

Would you wear these?


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