Sunday, 18 September 2016

Where did all the fashion go?

Revisiting the Fashion World

I've been out of the fashion loop for a few months, as you know I've been busy. I decided to take this morning to revisit my staple fashion sites to have a gander at their new stock. I'm surprised to see that we're now moving further and further away from 90's fashion in the alternative scene. In fact, Dollskill, which has been pushing that Electric Daisy shit for nearly two years, seems to have gone full blown Burning Man offering little in the way of Punk, Rave or Goth and almost entirely features garments that are boho-chic or 70's inspired. I've been aware of the 70's revival thing for some time now but I never expected it to go this far. The catalogs from standard fashion retailers, like H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever21, are swamped with these designs. The good news: bell sleeves. The bad news: ugly pants and sweaters. There's fringe...everywhere...

I think perhaps in a previous life I might have died in the 70's and that my soul resents the shit out of that decade. Or it could be that the 70's were my mother's teen years and I've had to listen to enough Creedence Clearwater Revival to make my head explode (yes, my mum is the sort to play the same song over and over and over again for hours). I don't know why but I damn near hate almost everything about that decade. When old 70's shows would air on television I would have a visceral reaction to them, one of absolute detestation. The film quality was so dark, there's something off putting about it, especially when it's contrasted by the technicolor films of the 50's that somehow managed to make all films thereafter look like total shit. I abhorred the hair, the high collars that I for some reason will forever associate with churchgoers, the pleated pants...just, uhhhhh.

Dollskill goes...70's...

Take note that I'm not disappointed to see the 90's go. I'm a huge fan of authentic 90's fashion and to see watered down versions of classic designs that I've come to depend upon was an uncomfortable time for me. To lighten my mood I hit up Killstar, House of Widow, Sourpuss... but I'm not seeing much of anything new (Lip Service appears to be in the process of re-opening). It seems that printed shit is still going strong with Killstar. I'm sure they're going to ride that out for as long as they can but damn. I've even seen new brands crop up that are offering essentially the same product; printed leggings, tees and dresses. You would think they'd look at a brand like Kreepsville 666 and realize it can't go on forever...although that brand appears to think so as they're still offering the same fucking skeleton dress that I bought seven years ago just in three different new colours. Woot. I don't even bother checking their site anymore because it's always the same!! It's not just the redundancy that bothers me it's the fact that printed items tend to not last very long. They crack, peel and fade, and like wallpaper they can get boring, fast.

So what's a girl to do? We're past the flannel prints of the 90's "grunge" movement, you can only style a slogan t-shirt so many ways; what now?

I'm trying to go back through old catalogs to see how fashion has progressed. I've looked at Lip Service magazine clippings and I can see the progression through the decades but I feel as though we've already revisited all the older designs. Cyber punk arm and leg warmers, bondage, PVC, fishnet, tartan, skinny jeans, medieval dresses, punk jackets, faux fur coats, rockabilly, psychobilly, Dieselpunk, Steampunk; what more is there? Have we exhausted the entire span of Goth and Alternative fashion?

What's to come?

I'm not sure how we'll continue. I'm not even sure what I'd like to see. Since we can no longer really look into the past to determine the future of Goth and Alt fashion, I feel there needs to be more experimentation with designs and textiles. Perhaps a new innovative textile could bring about a new Gothic substyle. What are your thoughts? Do you think we're doomed to repeat the same styles over and over again? What have you never seen in Goth fashion before?



  1. I completely agree with you with you wholeheartedly on this issue. It's becoming increasingly difficult find things. When I first starting to getting proper wages. I used to purchase as much Sinister clothing and other alt brands. A good example was when I went to Whitby in one of the Goth shops, I was shocked at limited choice, the quality of the items and price perplexed me. I think this represents what happening with the alt and gothic fashion as a whole. There is no longer any original design the quality of items is getting ever more inferior.

    I personally swear by eBay, Primark, thrift shops and sewing seems to the best option. As well, I've amassed a reasonable gothic wardrobe over 15 years. I rarely change my tastes.

    1. I'm the same! Ebay is amazing for finding good quality vintage Goth items (I use the term vintage lightly since most items are only ten years old). In Canada we get limited access to any Goth/Alt clothing in the smaller cities, unless you're near Toronto. What we do get is largely Sourpuss or no-name stuff and it's made rather shoddily. There is an abundance of printed jersey and poly cotton floating about and these materials simply do not hold up over time (I believe major brands are using these fabrics to keep costs down and to allow for sizing accommodation). I recently bought a new pair of Iron Fist pants on super sale and I'm lucky I got them for $35. I won't buy anything unless it's on sale. I've pretty much sworn off t-shirts because I can't justify spending $35-$40 CAD on them. My sewing machine has become my best friend and unless prices and quality change in the Goth scene it looks as though I'll be making the majority of my own clothing from here on in! :)

  2. 00s is coming back... Baggy jeans and rave stuff, based on the runway stuff. I'm liking medieval stuff (lol as you saw on my last post) crossed with tribal... Really the only thing that excites me after scrolling past 1000s of big hats, round sunglasses and leggings

    1. I like medieval stuff, it seems so foreign and new considering what's hot in fashion these days. I have seen some 00's fashion creeping up but I recall that was also a time for a lot of shitty jogging pants lol. I've been having fun sewing knits recently and I'm starting to develop my own style. I guess we'll see what I come up with. :)


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