Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cosplay by McCall's SENTINEL and RENEGADE

New Fantasy Costume Patterns

I have to say that I'm pumped to see some more girly costume patterns from McCall's. Don't get me wrong, I like that they cater to both sexes. We should have more men's costumes because they've been overlooked in the past, it's just that as a woman I like women's costumes and these are awesome.

Tunic, vest, hood and bracers

I am very interested in Fae fashion. I haven't had much time to look into its current trends or to find new artists and I'm really bummed about that, but it's made the release of this pattern just that much better. I recall Simplicity releasing at least two Fae patterns in the past (1293 and 1251) and I wasn't overly enthusiastic about them (with the exception of the one hoodie). There was something juvenile about their construction, they looked childish but I think they were supposed to appeal to preteens. As far as I can tell those costumes are now out of print and I think they were only available for a few months. Maybe it was the below average designs, or perhaps the needle felting appliqués put people off (why not just couch?), but they were over and done with fairly quickly. I haven't seen a real attempt at Fae since then and I think that Sentinel comes close enough to the ready-to-wear clothing that Fae enthusiasts crave. I love the vest on this with the oversized hood. It's fantastic and the highlight of this costume. I like the idea of having a contrasting band in the front with a decorative trim. It feels very whimsical and the construction looks good. I'm not crazy about the tunic, something about the sleeves looks off but I think it's great when paired with the vest. I'm definitely not into the bracers. This isn't the first time we've seen them in the Cosplay by McCall's collection and they never look right to me. Something about their shape is odd...I can't place it. Are they too long? Maybe you guys know what I mean? The McCall's company already has a much better bracer design in one of their other patterns, Butterick 5371, which I think would've look better with this.

Halter top, underbust corset and belt

This is another pattern designed in part by Anachronism in Action. It's similar to the earlier corset patterns I have featured on the blog, only this one is way more complex, hence it's advanced skill rating. I'm too afraid to tackle this myself. Perhaps the underbust, it doesn't bother me, but the halter harness thing is overwhelming. It looks awesome and I'm jealous of anyone who can pull it off. You're definitely paying for the quality and skill in this pattern, that's a good thing, it's worth the investment because it's not just some skimpy shitty basic corset pattern. My only complaint is that the front of the halter is not as nice as the back, it's boxy looking and it's missing something, it's also so long that it's suffocating the models chest. It looks as though it should rise up another two inches. You can see in the side view it's compressing her bust in an unflattering way, which would need to be worked around. It might just be because that model has a fuller bust, who knows! It's worth picking up this pattern but remember to muslin the shit out of this because fit issues are bound to happen.


I'm happy with these releases, I'm sure some of you are drooling over the back of that halter. I'd like to see more like this from McCall's. It's very encouraging. I should note there's also been a bunch of new Yaya Han designs but I'm really not a fan of her stuff and everything that comes out any more appear to be derivative of her previous patterns.

What do you guys think of these?


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