Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June 2016

Wishing I was there...

Happy end of June and soon to be Canada Day! Yeppers, July 1st marks Canada's 149th birthday. That means next year's 150th celebration should be really important somehow, right?? I don't know. We honestly just get the day off to sit around and drink while someone lights up some fireworks. The good news is that I'm going on vacation starting this weekend. Initially the factory was supposed to be shut down until the eleventh but now some big asshole company ordered up 100,000 Christmas cookies so everybody is shitting themselves trying to get the order finished. I know, that seems early for Christmas but I guess the cookies will be placed inside a giant freezer. I appreciate that this company is ahead of the game, unlike Farmboy who was ordering shit right up to two weeks before Christmas, but I don't understand why there's such a rush to do this. I mean it's going into a freezer, whether that's this month or next month doesn't really make a difference, does it? I don't know. Just another reason why I never want to run a food factory.

If you haven't noticed I'm home and blogging. I took a sick day. I feel like the biggest douchebag for taking a sick day. I have two days before vacation! But I'm home combating a fever and cold sores. I am in excruciating pain and I have no medicine to take for it. And no, we still have no clue as to what's wrong with me. My doctor is still useless, proving again that it's apparently very difficult to remember a conversation he had five minutes ago. As soon as he left the office he forgot all about me and some three weeks later I had to phone in and inquire about my rheumatologist referral, only to have the receptionist nervously tell me that there wasn't one, then she backtracked and lied to me pretending like they misplaced it and they'll have someone "look into it". 

Let's pretend: I'm an old woman dying of something. This "misplaced" referral could have gotten me in sooner to be treated for my life threatening disease, but my neglectful doctor has ultimately cut my life short because he's an idiot.

Sooner or later my doctor is going to land himself in a malpractice lawsuit and it better not be with me.

Wedding shit!

I am working away at completing wedding shit and we are no where near finished. The good news is we're about half way there. The ceremony will be a courthouse wedding, quick and easy, finishing with photos in the backyard of a B&B that we're hopefully dressing up to look like an Alice in Wonderland tea party. There's a pergola which will be dressed up in drapery, flower bouquets in vases and a chandelier (similar to this). I might have a fashion photographer on board and I hope that's true because I love her work, everybody else either sucks or is way too expensive. 

Above are my wedding shoes and some of my inspiration photos. Because my fiancé wasn't on board with the Goth wedding I decided to go balls to the wall with using colour. :) It's only two months away! 

Stuff to do...

I would like to take more photos while I'm out on vacation. I have to sew the crystals onto my wedding dress and I'm half way done a cat quilt for my big baby, Gimli. I'm also making a vintage inspired red polka dot halter top for my mom, her birthday is approaching. I don't know if I'll get any sewing done for my wardrobe but I'd like to. I also have to work on my folk art and possibly prep for teaching sewing. I have to seriously consider a new job because the current one is taking it's toll on me physically. Ideally I would like to work from home so I can take rests when I need to.

What's going on with you, my darlings?



  1. Sounds like an awesome wedding idea. I love that you have a cat called Gimli! I wish they could meet my two hobbits: Merry and Pippin! Good luck with the wedding prep and hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you! The LOTR has provided many a good cat name! XD We named him Gimli because I wanted to win my dad over (he's a big fan), I was living at home with my parents when I took him in as a kitten. It worked really well, and by coincidence he grew into a huge bulky cat, it's too bad he isn't ginger lol.

  2. I love those hanging jars on the tree <3 So pretty. We have so much stuff already hanging on the ceiling that my husband says that there is no way of walking here without bumping head into something. Branches, candleholders, spoons, teacups... No flower´s, yet ;D

    1. lol I love hanging decorations! My fiancé says no more, only because he's the one that has to install the hardware to hang everything up lol. I just bought a beautiful hanging chandelier, I can't wait to put it up. :)

  3. Have a great vacation! Happy Belated Canada Day! I am so sorry about your health and your doctor!! I hope things start to turn around! I'm so excited for your wedding! Love the shoes! Give kitty hugs from me!

    1. Happy belated Canada day to you too! I'm very excited about my wedding, still lots to do. And my kitties have certainly helped me get through my worst sick days, they aren't terribly cuddly but I like having them around.


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