Saturday, 11 June 2016

Cosplay by McCall's Notched & Intrepid

New Steampunk and Viking Costumes

Much apologies for being late with this post. I have rarely been online because work has been very busy and I've had to do a lot of wedding stuff. I only have a few months left to the date and I still have a bajillion things to do! There will be more on that later. I'm still trying to keep up to date with McCall's new cosplay releases, we now have a men's Victorian style topcoat and a women's viking costume (likely inspired by the television series, although I don't watch TV so I couldn't say for sure).


I like this design and I know my brother would love it. I can't wait to show it to him. Is it Steampunk? That's debatable. We could technically say anything is Steampunk, from pants to a pair of shoes, because when it boils down to it all Steampunk is is Victorian garments with a cog thrown in here and there. Honestly, I just like this coat as it is. Forget costumes and cosplay, how many Goth boys would love a coat like this? I can see it made in black wool, piped in cherry red, drafted with epaulets and more unique detailing along the sleeves. Overall it has a nice simplistic construction to it and I'm eager to own it. Do you have a man in your life who'd like this pattern? What do you think of it?


I'm in the habit of being honest about everything I put on here. I'm not paid to kiss McCall's ass. I do like them but I don't consider myself biased. I appreciate their efforts to create a higher caliber of costume pattern. This pattern was described to me as the most "costumey" to date and I feel that's a very accurate description. I'm not a fan of the Vikings show. I don't watch TV. The last thing I did watch was Karl Pilkington's The Moaning of Life! If I do watch anything else it's either Ink Master or a cooking show. I can't speak to the accuracy of this interpretation but I imagine fans will be quick to point out its flaws. I've perused a couple screenshots of the one woman in the show and I can see where they pulled inspiration from. The problem is that they're trying to recreate something that is so immensely detailed. We don't all have access to chain mail or can sit around weaving bits of leather into ornately woven garments. It's hard, right? So where are they going wrong?

Well, first off, in terms of construction things are far too simplistic to the point that they look unfinished and ill fitting. The cincher sits too high on the body causing it to bunch downward underneath the bustline. While yes it does sit that high on the character, there's obviously a difference in the construction of it. And while the shapes are similar in the tunic, there's something lacking in the design of the pants. I also don't think the fabric selections for the prototype were the best choices as I think they make it look worse. Faux suede and leather are super cheap looking and I think a different kind of fabric would've photographed better. Looking at the costume designs for the show as a whole you can see that there's an emphasis on a variety of texture. There's chain mail, lace like fabrics, mesh, wool, I think I even saw denim in there at one point. Maybe if someone tries this costume using a variety of materials it could look more convincing, but I certainly wouldn't recommend the use of synthetic leather.

If you're a fan of the Vikings TV show and you want to see some really awesome Viking and fantasy inspired period costumery, I encourage you to check out this blog. I've been a follower of hers for quite a while and I love her style. Have a look through her archives and marvel at her creations.


I always appreciate seeing what new treasures McCall's will bring us with their cosplay brand, I'm a little underwhelmed this time around. I like the topcoat but there isn't anything particularly outstanding that makes it a "cosplay" pattern. And in regards to Intrepid, it's not up to snuff with the patterns that have come before it. I just don't think it's worth the $21.95 USD price tag, especially since you could piece together elements from their Vault Collection for less money than that. This hasn't thrown me off the brand though, I figure it's simply a little hiccup and that there will be better patterns to come.

What are your thoughts?

Cheers, loves!


  1. I love vikings but I hugely dislike the costumes. It looks rubbish.I know people who do both reanactments and larp there costumrs are much supier. I remember attending thr Viking festival in york costumes were historically accurate. Everybody looked amazing but I doubt these costumes would be used

    1. I think McCall's is well aware that this Vikings pattern has missed the mark. If they had released it in alongside their general costumes I probably wouldn't have noticed or cared. The Cosplay by McCall's brand is supposed to be about quality cosplay patterns and I don't feel that this pattern fits the collection. The festival you described sounds lovely, I'll have to try to find photos of it. :)

  2. I could think of a million men who would love a coat like that! The Viking costume might work if someone talented sewed and tooled leather... Though the pants look weird... I'm not familiar with the show, but this looks like daerneys at the office or something

    1. The viking pants look like 80's mens trousers or something my first grade teacher would've worn lol. I adore the topcoat, it looks well tailored. I'd wear it if I were a man!


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