Saturday, 25 June 2016

Artist Spotlight

Thomas Kuntz Automata

I'm writing a script...*scoff* aren't we all? But I'm toying with writing a screenplay or children's novella, for that day when I get around to doing something with my life. One of the scenes I'm developing involves a brief interaction between the protagonist and an automaton. You might be wondering, what's an automaton? It's a self-automated mechanical device typically made to look like a person performing an act. At least that's what the majority of them were but automata can come in a variety of designs, some simple, some mind blowingly complex. 

In keeping with the Halloween in June theme, I wanted to spotlight an automata artist whose work literally had me on the edge of my seat in excitement. Thomas Kuntz's portfolio features themes of horror and the macabre. Each piece is skillfully rendered; his sculpting is to die for and I am utterly perplexed by his ability to program these automata. It's like watching a magic show, even though he shows the behind-the-scenes of how his pieces are created, I still don't understand how he does it. 

My favorite pieces are probably his most recent; The Babylon Vampire, The Last Prussian Conjurer, Moonlight Sonata, and Une Saison En Enfer. I also like Fusion, Death and Resurrection, Pulling the Will, and the Tiki Drummer's Bar, however he hasn't any videos to demonstrate the last two (the video for Fusion can be found on his Youtube channel but not on his website). Of course all of his pieces are pretty drool worthy, The Alchemyst's Clocktower isn't my favorite but it's complexity is worth admiring. Kuntz also has a variety of figurines and models, including a Vampira kit that I'm swooning over (god I wish I could paint). 

If you're curious to see his pieces in action, visit his website Artomic and look under "Automata".

Happy Halloween in June!

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