Thursday, 5 May 2016

McCall's Belle Noir & Belle Rogue

Gothic Lolita / Steampunk Dresses

It's a new month, spring is finally making its presence known and new patterns are on the agenda! McCall's has recently revealed their take on Gothic Lolita fashion in two new cosplay patterns, BELLE NOIR and BELLE ROGUE. I was really excited to see these. They were designed by Ichigo Black, a Lolita designer who sells mostly on Etsy. These dresses are best described as a fusion between Gothic Lolita and Steampunk. Especially Steampunk, what with the use of bustles and the overbust corset! I can see a stronger Japanese influence in Noir, which makes me think of Punk Rave's designs and might even be inspired by the over-the-top kimonos of Visual Kei. 

I think as far as garment construction is concerned, there is the need for refinement. The overbust and top of each dress seems boxy and a little ill fitting. I also would've liked to see the layering handled in a different manner, as most Gothic Lolita dresses feature heavily layerd skirts. The handkerchief overlay on Noir is a little underwhelming and looks incomplete, and in Rogue the transition between the tulle petticoat and the bustle are rather abrupt. There's just something about them that looks unfinished. Yet, I see some good foundations in these patterns that could be embellished and tweaked for those of you looking for a more refined special occasion dress, or even simplified for casual wear. I for one plan on using the skirt portion of Rogue, minus the bustle, for an upcoming project. :)

What do you guys think? I'm excited to see more Lolita inspired patterns emerging, especially something with a gothic edge to it. Anything other than another Arkivestry piece, I want fresh blood!



  1. OK now that's how it's done! These look fantastic. Don't know what was going on at simplicity...

    1. lol Maybe this will give Simplicity a wake-up call!


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