Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Belated World Goth Day!

World Goth Day and the Long Weekend

I traditionally celebrate World Goth Day on May 22nd (but I suppose the date is flexible). I would've written and published this yesterday but it's the long weekend here in Canadaland and I've been very busy. Sorry for the delay, here's my WGD post, complete with obligatory cliche goth illustration! What was I doing instead of blogging? My best mate came in from Toronto for a visit. We always hit up a sushi place and then amble about for a portion of the day until she's due to meet another friend or family member. We ate some sushi, I gossiped about my awesome doctor, discussed her students and talked about my upcoming wedding. We also went shoe shopping where I picked up a nice pair of cheap geometric laser cut sandals. I almost never wore sandals before but I find I need them now just to survive our hot summers! After my friend left, I decided to hang out in the park downtown. I've really missed being out and about. I'm not the type to remain cooped up, but with the surgery I didn't get to go out much at all. In fact during my entire month long hiatus from work I maybe went outside four or five times.

I decided to celebrate WGD by dressing the part. I normally dress up for my friend, it's become a weird tradition between us where she anticipates me in some kind over the top or classy ensemble. I did get a chance to sew during my break. Recently I made a stretch lace top from scratch (photo, sorry it's not stellar quality). I tried to sew a chiffon skirt to go with it but my machine chewed it up. Instead I wore a black high waist taffeta maxi skirt, with my favorite wide brim black hat and a black rhinestone cross pendant necklace. I felt fabulous and no one mistreated me once! Sure I got stares but this time customer service representatives were friendly and most people commented on my dress or hat. I even had one brave young man ask me for information about the city, commenting on how he felt I was the most approachable in the entire park! :) I had a great time. Even the day before, I got dolled up in my skelly dress and accompanied my fiance and his friend to various pawn shops in search of retro games - no we didn't find much of anything, a few vintage patterns for me. 

After finally getting up the strength and courage to go out and play, it's all over again. I'm sad that I'll be returning to work tomorrow. :( I wish I could extend my time off. Health wise I haven't been doing well at all. I've visited with my family doctor who said I really ought to quit my job for a better suited one. He told me I might have fibromyalgia, which could explain the chronic pain and fevers I've been experiencing, but sadly it doesn't account for the vertigo, double vision or stomach aches. My major goal now is to find work elsewhere that pays equal or better, and one that won't put any more physical strain on my already irritated joints and muscles. That being said, I don't know how much physical energy I'll have for sewing. Maybe I'll try one garment a month again.

What have you been up to?


  1. You look great in the picture! Happy you had a great long weekend! I'm glad you've been doing well with your health! I hope things keep going well! You are going through a lot!!! I'm doing tones of gardening!

    1. Thanks! I love gardening, I've been doing a lot of it, I'm nicely sunburned lol. I'll be posting about it soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's the Anatomical Skeleton Bat Purse by Sourpuss. Sadly it's falling apart. All Sourpuss purses do that. >.<

  3. I never celebrated WGD since I never considered myself goth - but seeing your lovely bohemian goth outfit I might have to rethink it :)

    I'm sorry to hear you still have several physical issues, but I'm glad you like your doctor.

    I've probably asked before, but when are you guys getting married?

    1. I love celebrating WGD, I treat it sort of like a second Halloween. It's a good day to bake bat shaped cookies lol. We're getting married at the end of August. We're finally moving forward with it. I still need the rings and the photographer. He got his suit from the tailor and it looks awesome, but he needs a new pair of shoes to go with it because black with a gray suit looks cartoonish. I also have to fix the wedding dress, it still needs minor repairs. I'm excited that it's actually happening this time. The last two years we said we wanted to get married in August but could never afford it or had something else preventing us from doing it. I know I bitch about my factory job but if it wasn't for it we wouldn't even be able to afford to do it this year. It's not our dream wedding, we can't afford the Bahamas or even PEI, but I hope it turns out just as nice. :) I'll post pics when I get them.

  4. So another chronic pain person trying to enjoy their lives... Best of luck finding what is the cause for your pain!


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