Sunday, 24 April 2016


I'm going to have to keep this brief because the Tylenol 3s I'm on are making me dizzy. So the surgery took place on Friday, I worked all the way up until then. I really wish I had taken the day before the surgery off because I could have used a little more time to prepare for it. They asked me if I had been doing the pre-op exercises and I was like "uhhhh...yeeaah." But not really, I spent the entire day at my work desk like I always do. That's a bad thing because you really ought to do the preventive exercises they recommend. I have been doing them since then, though. I'm trying to walk around as much as possible too.

I'm trying to get back to comments, emails and text messages, and I apologize for my slowness in responding. The painkillers make me queasy. I'm surprisingly not in excruciating pain. I was told this surgery would be awful, perhaps my doctor was trying to psych me up for it??? It hurts as much as cutting your nose open would, like a thousand little paper cuts or piercing your nose repeatedly. Sometimes it feels like someone hung my nose off a coat rack. I didn't end up with black eyes, but when I saw myself in the mirror my lips were so swollen and my face so plastic, I thought I looked like Caitlyn Jenner for a moment. That was kinda scary lol. It's gotten better. My lips went down to an "Angelina" shape, which is kind of awesome but I know it's temporary. They're badly bruised from the breathing apparatus. As expected, it hurts to wear my Invisalign braces.

The first day I had a lot of drainage, the second day not so much. The pain seems more spikey and intense than before which was a general soreness. The blood crusts up on my stitches and pulls on them slightly so I have to clean the dressing frequently. My doctor is awesome. I'm not just saying that because I have a schoolgirl crush on him, he's cute. He played Eels for me when he put me under, and when he came back to tell me that the surgery was a great success he rubbed my arm and inside I squealed a bit lmao. I think he's a really nice guy and I'm proud to have him taking care of this for me. I usually get stuck with idiots for doctors, so this has been a refreshing experience.

I don't know what to think thus far. I have noticed a slight difference in my breathing, but because I have a mustache dressing that blocks my nostrils I can't breathe out of my nose. I also can't see the difference in realigning the septum until the cast is removed. It's a scary thing when you get plastic surgery. Even when you're assured it's going to be subtle you're still terrified that you'll end up with a ski slope or Pinocchio nose!

I'm about to tap out. Love to you all! Thanks for your kind words.


  1. Here's to a speedy recovery and lots of hugs

  2. Replies
    1. I'm trying lol. Things are better now but the first few days I was wondering why I even bothered doing this!


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