Monday, 29 February 2016

February 2016

Love, dieting and gardening

February was a decent month. I had a lovely Valentine's Day with my fiancé, well, while he was around for it. He had to leave for family stuff midday, but we had breakfast together. He made heart shaped pancakes and bought us cupcakes from a new fancy place. The next week we finished our Valentine's celebration off with the most stellar burger I've ever eaten. We also went on a day trip up to a few of our favorite towns recently. I scored some cool vintage mags from an antiques shop including a collection of love stories from the 1940's. It's so cheesy and cool!

I've been back at work on and off over the month. I did a stand in this last Friday and I was told I could have more shifts in the coming weeks. This is good because I need the money. I'll be undergoing an expensive surgery in two months and the payment is due in early April. It's going to leave me strapped for cash, so I still want to sell off some of my things to save for wedding expenses.

We haven't secured a venue. We don't want an actual wedding venue, we just want to rent out a small garden space where we can say our vows and eat cupcakes. I tried looking for shoes to go with my wedding dress a few weeks ago. Every time I look I feel completely burned out. I found a pair of shoes I really like but they definitely don't go with my dress. I don't want white bridal shoes because I'll never wear them again. The only bridal shoes available are high heel peep toe pumps, something that I don't want. I want a modest, chunky heel with closed toe, like a mary jane. I've literally scoured the internet for possible shoe sites, including the crappy Chinese ones, and not found a single pair that fits the bill. My only hope now is that some brand releases a spring or summer collection that I might fancy. The wedding is six months away. Some days I feel like I have all the time in the world and other days I'm feeling the pressure. I have to lose weight by the end of May, otherwise I'll have to start working on the back up wedding dress and customize it to my size. Again, if you're planning on ordering a wedding dress any time soon, consider the possibility of weight gain and don't order too small a size, especially if it's beaded. >.<

Speaking of losing weight, I have to start a new diet. It's possible all the weight gain, fatigue, fevers and illness I've struggled with could be a stomach problem. I'm being sent to an internist for a scope and other tests. I really hope they'll be able to help me. I have to start a dairy free diet, which I'll try for a time, but I'm not allowed to go gluten free right away. I wanted to do both but my doctor said we'd never be able to tell which I have an intolerance to. I'm going off of dairy first but I want to reduce my gluten intake significantly. There's gluten in my favorite trail mix bars but I don't want much else in the house. Maybe the occasional crumpet. It's difficult adjusting to a dairy free diet because cheese was a pretty big deal for me. I don't like to think of burgers or pasta without cheese! I suppose it's best to eliminate those two things from my diet completely, otherwise I might be tempted to indulge. In more than one way, this diet is a great improvement for me because many of the horrible things I've been eating contain dairy. That includes all the cookies, croissants, pizza and ice cream I've eaten. Fingers crossed in a few months time we'll be looking at a great new me!

I've been doing a lot of indoor gardening recently. I've germinated a bunch of seeds in the basement. Already I've seen my oxalis sprouting up and unfurling its leaves! I bought two more potted plants, a primrose and a pot of daffodils. The primrose shriveled up and died in a matter of days. What a horrid plant! I don't know what went wrong. When I attempted to research about the best primrose care it seemed gardeners were divided. I knew I was in over my head when I found a gardening forum with one long thread of people badmouthing these flowers! Thankfully I only paid $3 for it, so it's not like I lost out terribly on the investment. I replanted it in dry soil, it might recover but otherwise, meh. I won't be buying primrose again. My daffodils look gorgeous right now and they're really brightening up my sewing room. 

I also added some new decor to the sewing room. One of our fabric shops was closing so I popped in and picked up a few items. The sales weren't great, only for things that they never discounted in the past. I can't believe cotton sateen is so damn expensive, originally $22/m! I got it at 60% off but even then it still seems like too much. I purchased these sheers that are made of a hot pink net material. They have little rosettes along the top. I also bought a new curtain rod which barely fits over my window, but that's okay, I liked its turquoise acrylic knobs too much to pass it by. I think it looks nice in my sewing room, it adds a splash of colour. I also purchased this fabulous mirror with a rococo style frame. It's as tall as I am, probably almost as heavy as I am, and I only paid $35 for it! I knew it was a good deal so I scooped it up as soon as I laid eyes on it. We're not sure how to hang it just yet, but I hope we get it up on the wall because I'm worried the cats will start chewing at the frame.

Sewing has been slow but I'm pumped to be sewing knits soon. What have you been up to lately?



  1. Sounds like a fun and eventful February! Good luck on your surgery and I hope things get better! For shoes, what about a comfy pair, almost like a running shoe? Like Converse or Vans? You could get something with a cool motif or a bright red to make your dress pop? I have several pairs of canvas shoes at home. If I need to run to the store and I am in a hurry, it sure beats lacing up my boots! I cant wait to see wedding photos too, hint hint!

    1. Thanks! This surgery is supposed to be really painful, so I hope it goes much more smoothly than the last one lol. As for shoes, my mom suggested chucks, too, because she knew I'd be walking on grass. I might have to go that route if I don't find anything. My dress makes me think of medieval filigree, it has gold and silver accents, so I figure something in those colours. And yes, I hope to post pictures of the wedding. :)

  2. Fluevog shoes sound like what you're after, if budget is not much of an issue for shoes. If all else fails DIY them! Find flower and ribbon in your accent colors and clip them onto shoes you may already have, heh.

    Those sneak peeks of your sewing room make me want to take a little tour of it! ;)
    I was adding more decorations to my own sewing room too, but it's not as classy as yours hehe. It's like the kitsch part of Halloween threw up in my room and I love it! LOL.

    1. Fluevog is a very similar maker to the Aussie brand I was falling for. I like the vintage repros with the thicker heel. Maybe I'll have to buy those shoes after all, they're vintage inspired t-strap Mary Janes in blue floral with gold accents. I figured I'd pull the blue into my bouquet to create a kind of balance.

      And thank you! I wish I were in my own house though, I'm not allowed to paint the room but I've had hot pink paint stashed for ages. I think that's why I've bought reupholstery fabric and chalk paint, so I can at least add a splash of colour to an otherwise very beige room. I'd love some faux brick, or some kind of accent wall, too. I love your sewing room, it's like a Halloween wonderland! Every time I see it I feel like frolicking there.

  3. You had a very nice Valentine's Day! Heart shaped pancakes! Cute!
    I wish you all the best on your surgery! I hope your diet goes well!
    6 months till your wedding! So exciting! I hope you find your shoes!
    The decor you have added is very pretty!

    1. Thank you! I'm very nervous about the surgery, but thoughts of my wedding are helping me to overcome that anxiety. And thanks, I can't wait to get painting and finishing my sewing room off. :D

  4. What kind of surgery are you having this time? I'm so sorry you are still having so many body issues :(

    1. I come from a family with a long line of health issues lol. I laugh about it but it's really unfortunate. I think it seems worse now only because as an adult I'm taking my health into my own hands, so every symptom that my parents brushed off as being unimportant or exaggerated in my childhood is being investigated. Aside from my issues with my uterus and endometriosis, I'm now trying to figure out if I've genetically inherited my dad's crohn's disease as I've had horrible stomach pains all my life. I'm always sicking up food and the doctor and I just don't know what triggers it. Which is why right now I'm on a lactose free diet and I'll be seeing a GI for scope in a few months time. At the end of April I'll be undergoing septoplasty (a painful surgery where they break and realign the nose) for a deviated septum, which has caused breathing problems since birth. If it works I'll have a better sense of smell and I might not wake up throughout the night any more. All I want is to feel 100% better, which I know might not actually happen, but it sure would be nice. :(


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