Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July 2015

General Life Stuff

So I thought this month was ending on a high note, now I realize how wrong I was. I got a job, yes, finally a job. It's contract and probably only going until November. Aside from the horrors of working full time six days a week, and needing to take an hour to an hour and half commute to the shittiest area in our city, I'm really bad at this job. The position is a cookie decorator in a factory setting. I have no baking or decorating experience; either they felt I had potential or no one else showed up for the job. Regardless, I've had my first days and I've done terribly. My hands are crippled and twisted in pain from having to put pressure on the icing bags for eight hours. I can't seem to control where the icing goes. They have a very high production standard where "ok" isn't good enough, but I'm not able to even produce okay looking stuff. I feel embarrassed by my poor work and I'm depressed. I hate it there. I only took the job so we could have an extra income but I feel like a complete failure and that's not a feeling I'm comfortable with.

I'm the kind of person who likes to master her work, remember where everything is and how everything is done, but this is beyond my control. Even when I try my damnedest to do things right I get it wrong. The faces on the cookies don't all look alike, I can't draw a perfect circle in icing that likes to melt (on cookies that aren't perfect circles by the way)! I'm haunted by the impending firing that will be take place in what I assume is a week. If I can't pick up the pace or learn the techniques I'm a goner and that's an awful feeling. I'll have made an additional month's worth of what would have been my usual wages, but letting down my fiance and not keeping the job will be a hard hit for our relationship. I felt like I was taking the burden off of his shoulders and things seemed really good for a moment, but now it's sort of sad. I get home and I can barely keep awake for two of the four personal hours I have after work. In fact, most of my personal time now is sleeping. :/ I guess I'm not cut out for factory work, it's terribly difficult. I've never been fired before and the thought terrifies me. :(

Health and Wellness

As mentioned in the last section, I'm exhausted and depressed. I don't sleep as well and don't feel rested. I'm seeing my gyno this weekend to discuss pain in my abdomen. I'm afraid it might be adhesion (scar tissue) and she might have to scrape some of that stuff out of me. >.< My mom had it done after her hysterectomy and said it hurt like a bitch. Some women have to undergo surgery a second time. It hurts when I go pee, like my whole body is being sucked into the toilet or something.

Hobbies and Leisure 

Although I had a month of not being employed I'm not sure what the hell I had been doing all the while. I ordered up some craft supplies and finally got a crackle medium which is damn near impossible to find. I once found it on Etsy but the supplier stopped messaging me halfway through and I never heard back from her. I'm happy to finally have it, I can start painting my art doll's faces. I also got the fabric that I needed to make their clothing and bodies. I was really excited to get them finished and then I got hired. The positive side of possibly getting fired is that I'll have time to finish my art, but it also puts me off schedule. The Halloween dolls were supposed to be finished this week, so much for that I guess. I have a new Halloween felt craft that will be available soon too. I'm halfway through drawing up the tutorial, I'm excited to get it into my shop which still only has one pattern, blah! I also bought a bunch of envelopes so I can start selling off my vintage patterns. 

Blog Stuff

No sewing so far, making money prioritized my time. I had made some short shorts in the earlier part of the month, and I did a lot of reading while on my second vacation, but no real sewing has taken place. I was going to compete in the Inspired by Books contest on Pattern Review but depending on the job situation I may or may not have time (even if I do get let go and have more time again I'll probably be working on my art). I'd like to sew a dress and some skirts, finish that bustier thingy and get started on my Autumn dress, but time will only tell. If somehow I manage to do better at work I won't have any personal time for sewing. So I'll have to write fashion related posts on here and that will be it for awhile. :/

How are things with all of you?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Cookies and Cream

A sprinkle of colour in the Gothic wardrobe

I've talked about adding colour to the Goth wardrobe a few times on this blog and it's been met with mixed reviews. Some of you prefer to keep your closets blacker than night, whereas others are curious about colour but aren't sure how to style it. I think the key to adding colour to the Gothic wardrobe is to do it gradually and to complement it with the right accessories. 

Antiquary Mary

(Photo above) Although I believe most any colour could be incorporated into the Gothic wardrobe, I suggest using more neutral shades as a start. Subtle shades of brown, blue gray or linen are good choices for the colour virgin. Not only can these colours brighten your complexion but they are easily accented with black accessories. In this outfit, I selected a sweet linen coloured dress as my main inspiration. It has some edgy accents, like the buckles on the straps and the faux corseting. On its own, the dress might seem a little underwhelming, but when paired with this black moth cameo purse and these adorable cat shoes it takes on a new life. I chose these items because they too feature neutral tones, like the brown in the moth, the brass in the buckles on the purse, or the gold embroidery on the shoes. These little hints of colour tie the outfit together. For accessories I chose a gold skull and pink rose bracelet, and a Ouija planchette necklace and earring set. Similar to the shoes and purse, these accessories are subtle and complement the dress. 

I love anything that uses the combination of black and cream. I find it very pleasing to the eye and it makes me think of Goth with a vintage touch, like something that perhaps Theda Bara once wore. 

Dress - "Victoriana" lace dress by Jawbreaker
Purse - Black Moth Satchel by Restyle
Shoes - Sophisticated Kitty Heels by T.U.K.
Bracelet - Skull and Pink Mother of Pearl Bracelet by Charles Albert
Necklace - Ouija Hands Necklace by Punky Pins
Earrings - Ouija Planchette Studs by Punk Pins

Beauty in Bone White

For this mood board I chose a beautiful cream coloured lace dress. I have a thing for burlesque style stuff and thanks to Steampunk we have a plethora of these items surfacing in the alt shops. I know that lace is a big wardrobe staple for many Goths. If you haven't before, you should give cream coloured lace a try. There's something really beautiful and vintage about it. Paired with a dark purple lipstick and black glittery eye shadow, this look can easily be adapted to suit the Gothic style. To avoid looking too Steampunk I recommend using traditional Goth motifs, like bats, spiders, roses and skeletons. For example, in this ensemble I chose a black cross necklace from Restyle, these cute little bat stud earrings, a skeleton cameo purse and lace style pumps. If I had used anything with a lot of rivets, cogs, buckles and brass it would have strayed too far into the Steampunk style, which might be acceptable for some of you but I prefer the Gothic look.

Dress - "Ophelie" Dress by Burleska
Purse - Flocked Skeleton Cameo Handbag by Banned Apparel
Shoes - "Bella" Heel by Pin Up Couture
Necklace - Gothic Black Crosses Necklace by Restyle
Earrings - Bat Stud Earrings from Attitude Extreme
Lipstick - Lethal Lipstick by Manic Panic
Eye shadow - Black Metal Eye Shadow by Concrete Minerals

Floral Fancy

Lip Service has come out with some surprisingly cute pieces in recent seasons. If you're looking for something with a grunge or vintage influence, head over and check out their new collection. It's very reminiscent of The Craft. It features some dreamy lace floral garments, each is subdued enough to incorporate into the Gothic wardrobe. I really love this long skirt on the left, it reminds me of late August when the trees and plants begin to darken. On the right is a cute baby doll dress that I could certainly see a grown up Wednesday Addams wearing. In the middle is a stunning sheer maxi dress from Widow (by Lip Service) which could really pop with a plum or burgundy coloured body suit beneath it - I'm not really feeling their use of this caged bikini with this dress, it looks kind of whorish to me. >.<

Left - "Peter, Paul and Bloody Mary's" Long Black Skirt by Lip Service
Center - "Dear Departed" Lace Maxi Dress by Widow
Right - "Peter, Paul and Bloody Mary's" Ivory Baby Doll Dress by Lip Service


As you can see, with a bit of styling and accessorizing you can pump any ordinary garment and imbue it with dark energy. Remember to start off simple and try to keep colours subdued by using darker or more neutral shades. Try to accessorize with black pieces or items that feature prominent Gothic motifs. 

Best of luck to you in your adventures with colour!

Monday, 13 July 2015

McCall's Online Purchase Review

Buying online from the McCall company

Recently I purchased a few Kwik Sew patterns from the Kwik Sew Out-of-Print sale. I received my package today and I'd like to write a review of my experience buying from the Kwik Sew website. Now in case you're confused, Kwik Sew is from the McCall Pattern company, so I'll be reviewing McCall's as a whole because it's all the same company.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

What's in a name?

Seamstress, sewist, sewer?

If you frequent online sewing and craft communities or you're an avid sewing blogger, you might encounter a variety of terms used to describe the hobby. I have been visiting sewing forums for years and I've come across some interesting opinions on what one should call themselves. There are sometimes huge drawn out debates on this subject, which I feel is kind of silly, but it's clear that terminology means something to people. How you identify yourself can reveal a lot about your skill set and tastes in sewing.
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