Thursday, 30 April 2015

April 2015

Life, Health and Wellness

Normally I start these posts with "general life stuff" but considering the brunt of my life stuff has been medical in nature, I figured I'd just jump right into my surgery. I had the hysterectomy on April 28th. It had been cancelled and rescheduled for May 26th but interestingly enough someone else cancelled on the original date and I was able to get into the first surgery slot. I felt like shit because people kept saying "I hope they don't cancel on you again, they better not" but that sort of thing was out of my control. I think I was cancelled a total of four times before, so I knew it was definitely a possibility that my surgery could be cancelled again. I kept holding on to the idea it would happen because my new surgery time was given to me a mere two weeks in advance. Given how difficult it is to see my gyno, I didn't think anybody could show up in two weeks to take my appointment! Still, it wasn't until I was in the operating room that I finally felt a sense of relief and that my surgery was going to happen for real this time.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The hysterectomy is done!!

I intended on writing a full month update but it'll have to wait. I had my surgery today and I'm in excruciating pain.
Ironically it just feels like I'm having my period, which hurts a lot, but it's coupled with gas pain (from the laparoscopy) and nausea from the anesthesia. I've thrown up a few times and have had trouble keeping down food. This surgery is pretty brutal but I'm happy it's finally done. I'll give a longer update in the future but for now this is all I feel up to writing, likewise I'll publish your comments but I likely won't get around to responding to them for a few days.

Thanks for all your support. <3

Friday, 24 April 2015

Getting to Know Me

The "Liebster Award" and a little about me!

I recently discovered that I was nominated for the Liebster Award, this is an award given out by bloggers for other bloggers. I first heard about the award when I started blogging and I was initially put off by the idea, it sounded more like a chain letter and something that individuals could easily misuse to buff up the appearance of their blogs. I realize now, a year later, after having seen it implemented on a handful of blogs, that it does a decent job of bringing blogging communities closer together. Unfortunately as Goth and alt bloggers we have to rely on the community to get the word out about our blogs. It's not like Bloglovin', which only advertises mainstream bloggers who are typically paid to talk about macaroons and yoga. The masses aren't interested in our ideas about home decorating, gardening, culture, politics or hair dye! It's really crucial to have something like the Liebster Award for the alternative blogs out there.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Let's Talk 90's

Happy Birthday! And Discussing Late 90's and 00's Fashions

It's been a full year since I started Bien Aimée! To celebrate I figured I would revisit a popular topic on this blog: 90's fashion.

In my This is NOT the 90's post, I discussed recent trends that have failed to correctly reflect the fashions of the early 1990's. These garments are paraded around and labeled as grunge, however, most of which are actually more reflective of late 90's early 00's fashions.
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