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November 2015

General Life Stuff

This month has been rather uneventful, other than of course spending the whole thing working or packing. And sometimes packing at work...I hate being in the packaging department. I didn't slave myself to death trying to perfect cookie decorating, only to be cast into the annoyingly demanding and boring realm of box making and cookie packaging. I've only worked a few shifts in this department, mostly due to being backed up. The way the factory works is that the bakery needs to make cookies to be decorated and the packagers need the cookies to be decorated within a certain time frame. If this process is thrown off in the slightest, utter chaos ensues and decorators are plucked from their department and shoved wherever they're needed. This could be the bakery or the packaging department. I'm not surprised by this, as I know the graphic designer does more icing mixing and packaging preparation than graphic design. It seems our job description is: "whatever the hell we need right now."

Personally, I would never accept Christmas orders at a factory beyond the first week of November. It takes time for the cookies to harden up, the icing to set, and to package and ship all that shit. But apparently my boss was totally okay with it, and some 10,000 cookies were baked, frosted and put into packaging within a week. This was much too early as the cookies were breaking because they didn't have time to set. Imagine my frustration trying to learn a bunch of new packing techniques with cookies that weren't even ready for packaging! It was awful. My fingers were sore and blistered within the first half of a shift. All I could think during this time was, "what kind of lazy asshole puts in an order for Christmas cookies in the middle of November?" The answer? Local assholes. Which I suppose is why these cookies were given priority, but considering it threw off the timeline of our other orders I didn't think it was the greatest decision to accept the order. Plus I think the local grocery chain that ordered them is grotesquely overrated. But hey, it's not up to me.

From a more positive perspective, all of this Christmas cookie madness has lead to having an extension on my work contract. At first I was told it would be the first week of November. Then the second. Then mid December, and finally I was told that they just didn't know when we'd be finished. We have been working on Valentine's Day and Easter cookies. I imagine it won't be long before we're finished, though. I'm happy my job is a contract. Although the money has been a tremendous help this job has been nothing but a physical and emotional drain on me. Things have been so bad that I no longer have time to do dishes or laundry. I literally get home, eat and pass out (and that's after the one hour to one and a half hour commute). My body is in a weakened state as I can't eat lunch at work because of my braces. So I push through an eight and a half hour shift going off of nothing but breakfast. I told my fiance that this isn't how I envision my future. I don't want a job that drains me physically to the point I have no energy to partake in life's pleasures. I still want to make art, I want to sew and draw, and spend time with my fiance. I don't want to sleep the weekend away because I'm too weak to get out of bed.

Health & Wellness

I have been sick far too often. I've taken a number of sick days from work, which I find embarrassing. I appear to be battling the flu, on top of that I had an allergic reaction to NyQuil (I guess I have an allergy to cough suppressants). I need to figure out why my immune system is so bad. We didn't get anywhere in regards to my body aches and hair falling out. My doc said he'd recommend me to a specialist but I have never heard anything about it. There have been no dates booked at all. I'm going to be contacting them today to see why I haven't been booked with a dermatologist yet. My ENT, a very attractive fellow who seems to know what he's talking about, said that my hair falling out was likely a result of my surgery. I have lost almost 60% of my hair. It falls limply and you can see about 2" into it my hairline when there's light directly above me. I'm thinking of getting it cut short in layers and dyed blonde, in an attempt to try and conceal the hair loss. It's devastating. I'm getting married next year and I'm afraid I'm going to have to wear a wig, and all the wigs I've seen look really ass-y and cost an arm and a leg.

Hobbies & Leisure 

Packing shit has afforded me a lot of time to watch movies and stuff. I've been watching Ash VS Evil Dead. I wasn't sure what to expect with this series. I've been very critical of most television shows because I find the writing to be in poor taste, or just poorly done overall. I need good, fresh, engaging dialogue. My favorite show of all time was the X-Files and I think it was because it was witty and intelligent. Even if the science and mythology in that show had it's fair share of plotholes and inconsistencies, it still managed to suspend my disbelief. Very few shows manage to do that for me, and it is a combination of bad script writing and piss poor acting (can anybody act anymore?). So Ash VS Evil Dead is only okay. : / The CGI is pretty awful. They do alright with the deadites, but a lot of the effects are overdone and not seamlessly integrated. Like the person doing the animations doesn't have a good understanding of lighting or texture, and how a superimposed object fits into a scene. They did really well on this one demon, but it felt more like they were trying to copy Silent Hill, it didn't fit with the Evil Dead aesthetic and looked really out of place in comparison to the other creatures and effects.

The dialogue is nothing special either. The characters feel one-note and the jokes barely make me laugh. I think they poured all their heart and soul into making Ash funny and as a result every other character becomes underwhelming and predictable. I also think that it was a poor choice to make the series a half hour long. It almost feels like each episode blips by and that hardly anything takes place. It should be an hour long to fully explore the characters and their conflicts, or better yet, it should have been refined down into a two hour long film and left at that. It's worth a watch when you're eating or folding laundry, but if I miss an episode I'm not exactly phased by it. Which is a rather disappointing thing to say considering I'm a pretty big fan of the Evil Dead trilogy. : /

I've done no sewing, as expected. This whole month has been nothing but being sick, working and packing. I did order up another wig from Lockshop. Shame on me, I said I wasn't sure if I would. Considering my last Mermaid wig was better than my Sylph wig, I thought it would be decent, especially since she finally marked them down to a better price! Originally these wigs were roughly €35, she then reduced them to €32, which I felt was ridiculous and not a huge difference, certainly not enough to accommodate for the defects in the wigs. And, if you know Lockshop, €32 is closer to what the majority of the wigs cost normally. I recently found out that these wigs have been reduced to €26, which I think is a much more reasonable price for a defective wig. I liked the Wisteria Mermaid wig, it's a soft subtle looking purple. I was torn between buying the Wisteria and Cornflower when I bought my first wig, now I can have both! : ) And who knows, maybe I'll end up wearing it for my wedding next year.

I hope to sew more once I've settled into my new house, but honestly, it might not be until late December when I get my two week holiday. I may post a few more mood boards and such on the weekends in December, but that's probably the best I can do. My contract will end at some point, probably in January. I'm very eager to start sewing up some new Goth clothing for the new year. I hoarded up a bunch of lace, damask prints, and knitwear, so I certainly have enough to build a new wardrobe! Also, I've got some new decor items for Christmas that I'd like to share with you. And my birthday is approaching, I hope to do something cool for it as well.

I hope you had a happy November!


  1. I totally understand the job draining you. I dont have the commute you have but I have a kid. I crash sometimes at 9pm. It sucks. The job I have too has ruined Christmas for me, so busy!

    1. I heard Europe is trying the six hour work day, we really ought to do the same. Pnly raise the pay to compensate for the scheduling difference, and I'm sure all employers would flip over it! I constantly find myself saying, why can't the weekend be three days instead of two? I never have enough time to catch upon everything. If I got paid more and had more free time, I'd buy more shit and boost the economy.

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well and your job sucks. Hang in there

    1. Thanks! :) I think the stress of moving is impacting my health. It's only a few more weeks before my contract ends. I'm looking forward to some down time!

  3. sorry about the job problems, dont they usually say work so you can life instead of living to work? :-(

    1. Thanks! They certainly do say that, although it seldom works out that way lol. The contract has ended and I'm recuperating. I think it took a heavy hit on my health but I'm looking forward to new beginnings now.:)

  4. So bad to hear you are having such a hard time. I really hope things go better and you are able to find a job that feels right for you. Professional market is kind of madness everywhere right now, specially in the European countries which were more aggressively affected by the economical crisis. I think it just takes some more time to find a good position than before, but it all gets fixed at the end if you are patient enough. So as previous fellow said, hang on, girl. I am sure you will be fine at the end :)

    All my love and support, Ladyfair.

    1. Thank you, darling! Having my contract end has given me hope for the future. My last day I was nervous and worried my boss might keep me on longer or offer me full time work - which would be hard to turn down. I'm fortunate that I have my fiance, but my heart truly goes out to anybody stuck working a job they hate just to survive. I hope things will work out for me and I'll get that lucky break someday. :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your health and your hair. Maybe you can wear a cap at work, if it really is the lighting? It's possible it is "just" stress and will grow back once you get your life back on track..?

    We weren't impressed by Ash vs Evil either. The first episode was a fun throw back but after that we grew tired quickly.

    Happy birthday (what date?) and Merry Yule!

    1. Hey :) it's good to hear from you.

      My birthday was on the 13th. I've been meaning to write about it but I haven't even set up my desktop computer (we've been having problems in the new house and I don't want to unpack too much if I have to move again, soon). I don't know if my hair has improved or maybe I'm not noticing it as much. There's still lots missing from the top, but it feels a little fuller on the sides.

      We're still watching Ash vs Evil Dead although I'm not sure why lol. My fiancé seems to like it, but he has low standards. I watch it now and again, mostly I just play on my phone while it's on lol.

      And Merry Yule to you too my dear! I hope to be baking and posting pics of my holidays soon. <3


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