Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New Cat ♥

Our boy, Nori

I forgot to include this in the October update, but I felt it was getting to be a long post anyways. At the very end of September we applied to adopt a cat from our local humane society. Our LHS doesn't exactly have a great reputation, I prefer to get my cats from rescue organizations, but you can't help with whom you fall in love.

It was when we stopped into a Petsmart for some cat food that we met him. I joked that I'd look at the cats, I didn't realize it was one of their adoption weeks. There were cats everywhere, and they were all beautiful, but this one seemed sad and lonely. He wasn't as sociable as the others, and had a distant sort of sorrowful look in his eyes. Where other cats made me giggle, this one made me want to cry. It was a truly visceral reaction and I could not shake it for days. I would often relate to my fiancé of how concerned I was for him, and how I wondered at the state of him. It turns out my fiancé had visited him during the work week (I seldom get out with my full time work) and he said the cat looked fine. It bothered me that I didn't get to go because I had been busy, so we made plans to return.

There was a small argument that took place between me and my man, this doesn't happen often, we typically get along, but he had been stressed from his new job. He felt I was forcing him into adopting another cat and I said it wasn't true. We have a choice, if he isn't on board that's fine, but if that is the case, certainly don't drag me out to the store and show me him again, because it isn't fair to me or the cat.

My fiancé gave in, and within a night we had welcomed the little guy into our home. He's only a year old, of good outward health, and a wonderful disposition. He's much more outgoing and vocal when not kept in a cage. Go figure, huh? The good news is that he gets on well with our cat Doodles, but Gimli isn't sure of him. It took a long while for Gimli to adjust to the new cat's presence and even today he still grumbles and has a few spats with him, now and again.

We named this cat Nori. It was the subject of debate for quite some time. He went through five names and I was getting sick of relating to him as "new cat". I chose Nori because my fiancé and I had been eating sushi a lot lately (something he used to not care for, but now adores it?!); nori is the toasted seaweed wrap used to encase sushi. I think it suits him. He looks like a big inverted sushi roll, and it's a whole lot better than the name he came with (Zeus). 

I'm happy he and Doodles get on so well. They play so much that we've taken to calling them brothers. I was concerned this cat would become an outcast in our house but he was welcomed with loving arms by our little Dood and they've never been apart since. :)

Overall, I'm ecstatic to have helped another homeless cat. I only wish there were better controls in place to reduce the numbers of these homeless creatures. :( I encourage you to donate or volunteer your time to shelters whenever possible. I often ask people to donate to our local rescues whenever my birthday or Christmas comes around, maybe you might try the same?
Best wishes from Nori and me. ♥
P.S. It will take longer for me to get to comments, work has been more hectic and my sleep thrown off by daylight savings.


  1. Oh, isn't he handsome? ^^ I like Nori, it's a cool name.
    I prefer to adopt from pet shelters or rescues too, moreover, me and my family used to take in runaway pets and abandoned pets too.

    1. Almost all of my cats in my life have been rescued off the side of the road somewhere or found wandering around our home. They've all been wonderful, I'm blessed with a great family of cats lol.

  2. Nori is such a doll. He looks happy in his new home.

    1. He's very happy, the moment he came into our home he was a little timid, but within a night he was lounging on my sewing chair and looked like he owned the place. I love to see the transition from cats in shelters, in their cages, to having a home of their very own. :)

  3. Such lovely and warm post! For your reader it seems like you are having better times lately, I hope it is true in real life too. ^_^

    1. Thank you, life is a bit better. I realize for my EU counterparts it's been a tough go and I'm more concerned about them and their well being than my own, lately.

  4. Oh, I have missed out on several of your blog posts lately, I'm sorry!

    I love that you got a new cat, and I love the background story of how he was the sad one. ANd now he's cuddling with your Doodles, it's like a really great movie :) I'm sure your other cat will come around too.

    The rockabilly dress in the other post is also fabulous. You are so talented!

    Now I will have to read up on the other posts I have missed out on...

    1. Thank you! :) You should see him and Doodles snuggling on the couch. We've been documenting it on occasion. They sometimes sleep on top of each other lol.
      I hope all is well with you. Hopefully soon I will be back in the blogging realm and consistently reading and posting.


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