Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lockshop Mermaid Wig Review

Reviewing Lockshop's Cornflower Mermaid Wig

Some of you may recall that I've been growing out my natural hair colour for the previous year. Many times I've been tempted to dye my hair again, but the upkeep and damage would bother me. I had fried my hair to a horrid muddy mess last I dyed it, and I have since sworn off doing anything unnatural to my silky (super fine) mane. That being said, I still dream of purple and blue hued hair. I've messed around with temp dyes with little success. Suddenly it dawned on me, why the hell don't I just get a wig? No mess, no fuss, you just wear it and maintain it. Right?

I've never owned a real fashion wig before, just that junky Halloween stuff. I figured in a time of Cosplay and high fashion we'd have tons of wigs to choose from, but I was a little disappointed in colours and styles. At first I was aiming for a more Gothic style wig. I wanted something long and black but couldn't find anything that didn't actually look like a wig. Most of the black wigs are parted in a weird way with awkward bangs, and I just wanted something that looked natural, not like a helmet of long hair. I couldn't find anything in black but when I discovered Lockshop I was presented with an array of beautifully coloured pastel wigs. 

Almost all of the wigs I did like (the premium collection) were completely sold out. There was one wig that stuck with me though, the Mermaid wig in Cornflower. The Mermaid wig collection features a long wig with big curls/waves and medium length bangs. They come in a handful of colours ranging from naturals to pastels. I have a thing for anything periwinkle. Since I had been so disappointed with the fake look of black wigs, I figured why not go all out and get a crazy brightly coloured wig? So I took the plunge bought the wig, and hoorah! It's arrived.

I ended up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 CAD total for the wig and the shipping. The shipping was very reasonable. I wish our dollar matched the EUR but the EUR is more like the USD and that sucks for Canadians right now. Strangely, this wig was still cheaper than to buy a Canadian made wig IN CANADA. No kidding. One Canadian site I looked at, a few hours drive from where I live, would've cost me around $80 CAD, and their wig colours looked dirty and muted. The shipping on this wig took very little time, seriously, ONE WEEK!! But their tracking is horrendous. Even though I've already received my wig it still says it's processing on my order status. If you ever buy from them totally disregard the tracking (and keep in touch if it doesn't show up in the 1-4 week range). 

Now onto the wig. I had read an announcement three days prior to my delivery, that this line of wigs was defective. Great way to start off your first wig purchase, isn't it? Apparently they had been having issues with wigs losing hair, being frizzy and not sitting properly. I'm sorry to say I've experienced all of the above. I definitely have had and still am encountering shedding. I expect a bit but I was pulling out small clumps of hair which is disappointing, I expected better than this. It's definitely frizzy and knotting. What sucks about this is that you have to use a special wig comb or detangler (I have neither) to comb out the wig. Instead I'm forced to finger through the knots and it is taking forever. There's also an odd kink that looks like the wig was sharply folded, even though it was delivered snuggly in a hair net in a bag with cardboard supports. I think that was also a factory defect. The good news is my wig is still completely wearable, it just might not have the lifespan of other wigs. I have contacted the owner and am awaiting assistance on this complaint but I imagine I'll be reimbursed slightly. They've put the Mermaid wigs on for 25% off. 

Overall it fits well, the wig cap that came with it is too tight but that's no problem I can just buy another here in town. The wig itself has small adjustable clips and I'm using them on the first (most loose) set at the moment. Fits alright. Feels like a wig lol. I've seen reviews with girls petting these wigs saying that they're the softest thing ever, but they aren't really. It's certainly softer than a Halloween wig but it does have a starchy scratchiness that synthetic hair has. Colour wise it's spot on. Naming it "Cornflower" was brilliant, because you can go out and find a cornflower and see for yourself that it is the same colour. The wig features blue, purple and pink hairs that create a slight dimension, although I find the wig still looks a little flat. It looks like a wig to me, I'm not sure if this is because the colour is so unnatural or that there's a slight gloss to the hair, but regardless it's a very cute wig. My biggest complaint about it though is that the bangs are way too long, they go below my nose. I'm going to have a professional cut them to above my eyebrows, for now I've pinned them up and under. 

If you're a ginger and you're interested in getting a pastel wig, I have to warn you that blues will make your eyebrows lunge out. This periwinkle colour makes my freckles really apparent under certain lighting. It's also difficult to cooridinate a wardrobe with a pastel colour so I feel that's another important thing to consider before you purchase a wig like this. They aren't great for hot days either, and I don't want to know how rank these things smell after sweating in them lol. 

Wearing a wig isn't the most comfortable experience. I can't see myself doing it for a whole day but perhaps an outing with friends. Maybe I might buy a black wig some day but we'll have to wait and see!
Visit Lockshop if you're interested in getting one for yourself.

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