Monday, 20 July 2015

Cookies and Cream

A sprinkle of colour in the Gothic wardrobe

I've talked about adding colour to the Goth wardrobe a few times on this blog and it's been met with mixed reviews. Some of you prefer to keep your closets blacker than night, whereas others are curious about colour but aren't sure how to style it. I think the key to adding colour to the Gothic wardrobe is to do it gradually and to complement it with the right accessories. 

Antiquary Mary

(Photo above) Although I believe most any colour could be incorporated into the Gothic wardrobe, I suggest using more neutral shades as a start. Subtle shades of brown, blue gray or linen are good choices for the colour virgin. Not only can these colours brighten your complexion but they are easily accented with black accessories. In this outfit, I selected a sweet linen coloured dress as my main inspiration. It has some edgy accents, like the buckles on the straps and the faux corseting. On its own, the dress might seem a little underwhelming, but when paired with this black moth cameo purse and these adorable cat shoes it takes on a new life. I chose these items because they too feature neutral tones, like the brown in the moth, the brass in the buckles on the purse, or the gold embroidery on the shoes. These little hints of colour tie the outfit together. For accessories I chose a gold skull and pink rose bracelet, and a Ouija planchette necklace and earring set. Similar to the shoes and purse, these accessories are subtle and complement the dress. 

I love anything that uses the combination of black and cream. I find it very pleasing to the eye and it makes me think of Goth with a vintage touch, like something that perhaps Theda Bara once wore. 

Dress - "Victoriana" lace dress by Jawbreaker
Purse - Black Moth Satchel by Restyle
Shoes - Sophisticated Kitty Heels by T.U.K.
Bracelet - Skull and Pink Mother of Pearl Bracelet by Charles Albert
Necklace - Ouija Hands Necklace by Punky Pins
Earrings - Ouija Planchette Studs by Punk Pins

Beauty in Bone White

For this mood board I chose a beautiful cream coloured lace dress. I have a thing for burlesque style stuff and thanks to Steampunk we have a plethora of these items surfacing in the alt shops. I know that lace is a big wardrobe staple for many Goths. If you haven't before, you should give cream coloured lace a try. There's something really beautiful and vintage about it. Paired with a dark purple lipstick and black glittery eye shadow, this look can easily be adapted to suit the Gothic style. To avoid looking too Steampunk I recommend using traditional Goth motifs, like bats, spiders, roses and skeletons. For example, in this ensemble I chose a black cross necklace from Restyle, these cute little bat stud earrings, a skeleton cameo purse and lace style pumps. If I had used anything with a lot of rivets, cogs, buckles and brass it would have strayed too far into the Steampunk style, which might be acceptable for some of you but I prefer the Gothic look.

Dress - "Ophelie" Dress by Burleska
Purse - Flocked Skeleton Cameo Handbag by Banned Apparel
Shoes - "Bella" Heel by Pin Up Couture
Necklace - Gothic Black Crosses Necklace by Restyle
Earrings - Bat Stud Earrings from Attitude Extreme
Lipstick - Lethal Lipstick by Manic Panic
Eye shadow - Black Metal Eye Shadow by Concrete Minerals

Floral Fancy

Lip Service has come out with some surprisingly cute pieces in recent seasons. If you're looking for something with a grunge or vintage influence, head over and check out their new collection. It's very reminiscent of The Craft. It features some dreamy lace floral garments, each is subdued enough to incorporate into the Gothic wardrobe. I really love this long skirt on the left, it reminds me of late August when the trees and plants begin to darken. On the right is a cute baby doll dress that I could certainly see a grown up Wednesday Addams wearing. In the middle is a stunning sheer maxi dress from Widow (by Lip Service) which could really pop with a plum or burgundy coloured body suit beneath it - I'm not really feeling their use of this caged bikini with this dress, it looks kind of whorish to me. >.<

Left - "Peter, Paul and Bloody Mary's" Long Black Skirt by Lip Service
Center - "Dear Departed" Lace Maxi Dress by Widow
Right - "Peter, Paul and Bloody Mary's" Ivory Baby Doll Dress by Lip Service


As you can see, with a bit of styling and accessorizing you can pump any ordinary garment and imbue it with dark energy. Remember to start off simple and try to keep colours subdued by using darker or more neutral shades. Try to accessorize with black pieces or items that feature prominent Gothic motifs. 

Best of luck to you in your adventures with colour!


  1. i also do have a few items of color that i mix in sometimes, usually brown/greenish, but also a few things that pop. btw you for sure did show some nice combinations here! and gosh that lace dress in the middle is amazing O_O

    1. In my Goth stuff I have a few colours, mostly purple, red or pink. I'd love to get more browns and shades of grey into it, just for variety. It's nice to shake things up once in awhile. And thank you! I love the lace dress, I think it's something I might have to save up for. :)

  2. I actually adore black florals and I envy this white dress on the top of the post! I want it!

    1. I like the little white dress too, it's simple and sweet! When I was younger I stayed away from florals because I was more of a tomboy, now I have bundles of floral fabrics in my sewing room lol.

    2. he! I know the feeling! I hated skirts and dresses as a teen

  3. Gorgeous post..I am in love with the black moth purse! The white dress is stunning too. This whole post is super beautiful..thanks for all the inspiration.

    1. I'm glad you liked this post! :) It was a lot of fun to put these mood boards together, everything was so cute.

  4. Marvelous choices! I have a massive inner goth girl (albeit, a perky goth girl :)) and though she may not come out all that often on my blog, she's always there and believe me when I say, she swooned to the point of needing a Victorian fainting couch over this lovely post.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. lol Thank you! I'm glad you liked these mood boards. :)

  5. Goths who pull off white look amazing. I especially like the white hair-white outfit look. I liked LS's florals enough, but omg the LS Facebook fans HATED it. Did not understand the hate

    1. I've seen white utilized in the past by a lot of Goths and alternative fans, I have to say I'm impressed with it. Even Kerli's Bubble Goth makes white kind of fun (although her music is a little too pop for me). I didn't know there was such a resistance to the Lip Service florals, but I'm not on Facebook much (it seems people just go there to complain these days lol). I could see why the LS fanbase might react that way though, think about what their collection looked like ten years ago and it was a whole different aesthetic. They've taken on more contemporary designs, which I appreciate, but they do need to be careful with how they style it. I've seen a few photos from their collections where the models don't look the least bit Goth, it begins to slip into the Forever21/American Apparel style stuff and that's a hard sale to most Goths. Perhaps that's why they created Widow?

  6. Loved this post! It is good to remind that no color by it self is "goth" or "not goth". Your collages are very chic, I would wear them in a heartbeat! ^_^

    1. It's true, any colour can be utilized if done in the right way. :) I hope to see more colours and patterns emerging in future clothing collections. And thank you, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed these mood boards!

  7. I love all your outfits, especially the lace dresses, black crosses, ouija boards and cat shoes! I also love incorporating colours, I think it shows a real sense of style, black is too safe for me. Nothing wrong with the steampunk look as well, but I don't really love the whole grungy trend, I prefer something more glamorous, but this is just my opinion :)

    1. Your style is definitely glam/alt. I like that you incorporate lots of pops of colour in your wardrobe. I tend to lean to the more elegant glamorous side of Goth. I'm not down with a lot of the new grunge looks, but florals are my exception. I definitely like ornate black and white prints. :) I'm glad you liked my mood boards.


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