Monday, 30 March 2015

March 2015

General Life Stuff

This month started off on a high note, for the first time in what seemed like ages I had a job interview. I was thrilled with the immediacy of it; I had just applied and within the hour received an email requesting me for an interview. Sadly, after the second interview I was notified that I would not be getting the job (but at least she told me). It was for an industrial sewing position and I have zero experience on an industrial sewing machine. I think perhaps in another dimension, if this lady had begun the hiring process earlier, I could have had time to train myself on the machine. She had to fill orders immediately so there would be no reason to hire someone so inexperienced. I guess she was hoping my years of home sewing experience would allow me to pick up the machine quickly (?) but that was not the case.

I would need a weekend to learn how to use an industrial sewing machine but it wouldn't take much for me to master it. The differences between industrial sewing machines and home sewing machines are minimal, basically things are laid out a little differently and the industrial runs faster. That being said though, when I'm accustom to a home sewing machine, throwing me on an industrial and expecting me to succeed is a little silly. I had five minutes to prove myself on a machine I've never touched before. I had to sew two rows of straight stitching and a corner. I didn't bomb it, or at least not in my opinion, it was after all my first time. So really, the whole thing didn't make much sense. I'm not sure what she was expecting from me. I think she was really desperate to find people to fill the position. She probably figured it would be worth giving me a shot on the off chance that I could produce fantastic results, but without proper training I can't give more than mediocre work. It's crucial to produce high quality craftsmanship when it comes to commercial sewing, so again, why even bother with someone so inexperienced?

It was a huge downer for me because the job seemed ideal. I struggle with a social anxiety disorder and dyslexia which makes working in retail environments difficult and annoying. I'm the kind of person who dislikes dealing with customers and adores doing repetitive tasks in a back room somewhere. That's why I enjoy my assistant grooming position so much, I never see a customer, I never make a phone call, instead I'm in the back doing the same tasks over and over and over again. I love that kind of work! Unfortunately it doesn't come up very often. I got my grooming job by luck, every other candidate apparently bailed on them lol. I've been told my hours could pick up for the season, which I'm excited about (but I've been told this before so it could fall through). In any case, I'm still pursuing animal/pet related work because I tend to do best in this industry.

Health and Wellness

I wore a heart monitor holter, which is this weird device that has a bunch of wires and buttons. I only had a 48 hour window to record my irregular heart beat. I felt no symptoms, with the exception of a single dizzy spell. I'm not sure that they'll find anything on the recording. If they find nothing, I'll have to go in for another holter and wear it for two weeks! Yikes. The holter isn't exactly comfortable and the adhesive pads give me little blisters. You can't shower with them on. I had to fill the bath tub with a few inches of water and held the holter's fanny pack above my breasts while I scrubbed myself with a washcloth. I'm sure in some way it would be entertaining to watch because I felt like an idiot!

My breast consultation got moved into April. I might being having my hysterectomy on April 28th, provided they don't cancel on me again. I'd like to talk to my doc about some chronic pain I've been enduring, but other than all of that I'm doing alright.

Hobbies and Leisure

Having been sick for the brunt of February and the beginning of March, I found myself in bed a lot. In order to pass the time I decided to take up reading again. I normally don't have room in my schedule for books, it's usually half job hunting and half sewing and that doesn't leave much time for anything else. That doesn't mean that I don't like to read, I enjoy it, it's just finding the time to do so that's the problem. I've been feeling nostalgic lately so I started rereading the Fear Street novels, a series of teen horror stories by R. L. Stine. It's not like they're any good, in fact they're riddled with plot holes, inconsistencies and poor grammar. Stine's writing style is pretty weak, especially when you consider the books are geared towards young adults, instead they feel more like children's books. He tends to use the same format for every story and in many cases repeats things from other books including the Goosebump books, his horror series for children, which I also read in my youth. If you look past all the flaws, you'll find some great cheesey horror stories. Stine's interpretations of teenagers is really laughable and I still can't get past the word "sexily", lmao.

I haven't done much thrift store shopping in recent weeks but apparently my mom has. She contacted me when I was out having ice cream over a week ago about getting a bunch of books. My fiancé and I decided to head over for a visit. It turns out she bought me a ton of sewing books that she had found at a thrift store near my parents' home. I was pretty excited about this because just the other day I had thought about how I wanted better sewing books. These books are certainly more recent than the ones I own (mostly 80's stuff lol). The first two are your standard beginners' sewing books: Sew U Home Stretch is a book about sewing knits, it comes with a few basic patterns; and Sew Everything Workshop which also has a handful of different sewing projects and basic sewing information. These books contain kind of plain clothing designs, like boxer shorts and t-shirts, and basic fabric totes. I wasn't so much interested in their patterns as much as I was interested in the information contained within them. The real gems here are the last three books which include all sorts of neat things!

I'll start with Clotilde's Sew Smart book. It has tips about making garments look more professional - ironic when you consider I wrote a post exactly like that only a few weeks ago lol. It also discusses a variety of techniques for finishing hems, setting collars, working with specialty fabrics, etc. I really like it and I consider it an invaluable resource to have in my collection. I often look up techniques online but there's something about having it in print, in your hand, that makes it so much better. I can just pick it up off my shelf, flip through it and find what I need! I definitely recommend this book.

The second last book is Principles of Flat Pattern Design, it contains info about pattern drafting and alterations. This is super helpful because I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to pattern drafting or alterations. I'm excited to read through this book. The last book my mom gave me is Patternmaking Made Easy the Third Edition. As the title implies, the book is about pattern-making. It discusses drafting, alterations and techniques like draping and flouncing. Although some of these books would command high prices (the textbook often goes for around $70 CAD) my mother paid $10 for ALL OF THEM! I love a great deal.

Other than reading books, I've been trying to grow African Violets. I love this flower, it's so simple and it's fairly easy to take care of. I'm attempting to grow another one from leaf cuttings but so far I haven't seen any real progress. I'm hopeful that it will work because I want to fill my home with these flowers!! What I really like about African violets is that they don't have a scent; my fiancé has difficulty tolerating powerful floral smells and he's allergic to just about everything lol. I have some spring flowers to plant in our garden. I'm going to start my Dahlia tubers soon. Our weather here has been absolute shit, it keeps snowing *grumbles* (see photo below). This makes it incredibly frustrating because I can't plant anything outside until the frost is over. My home is going to look like a greenhouse soon enough!

I've been spending more time with my fiancé. We've gone out on a few "dates" but I'm surprised at how horrible things are becoming. We went to Marble Slab and found the ice cream didn't taste as good as it used to and that they don't even give out decent coupons any more. We then went to East Side Mario's (an "Italian" chain restaurant) and found that they've changed the alfredo sauce to something cheaper and crappy but charge even more for it! And they load it up with pepper - isn't seasoning supposed to be up to the customer?! I know plenty of people who don't like pepper! We were supposed to go to my favorite sushi restaurant for all you can eat but we discovered it's been closed down. Everything is going to shit around us and I hear even more retail stores are being closed down or "restructured" (which usually means closing a large number of shops before making a pathetic attempt to rebrand what's left and then ultimately failing). It's kind of a scary thought. I know that the number of job losses are now in the thousands. It's so sad and it has me concerned about our future. It seems for every new chain that opens up ten other stores close down... : /

Canadian Spring

Blog Stuff

I'm happy to see some of you commenting on my recent posts, it's always good to hear from you! I've been sewing a little this month but it's mostly been my vintage stuff. I'm going to be finishing up on a 50's blouse, moving onto another blouse from the same pattern, and then a few other 50's separates for the spring.

You might be wondering what happened to my coat project. Sadly I had to put it on hiatus again. It became far too stressful for me to deal with. It's nowhere near being finished, it still requires a bottom fur trim, pockets, a fur trim placket, a zipper, and for me to draft a well fitted lining. It doesn't seem like a whole lot in writing but it's the drafting part that will take the most work. I discussed the matter on PR and the members there were very supportive of my decision to leave the project temporarily. I think when a project becomes overwhelming you run the risk of ruining it and it can take longer to finish. Instead, I'd rather invest my time into garments I'll wear now as opposed to a garment that I won't be wearing until next winter!

That being said, in regards to sewing my alternative fashions, I would like to work on this Fae inspired Lolita dress I've had planned for a long time. Although it's definitely autumn inspired, I don't mind the idea of wearing it in the spring lol. Just as I love Halloween all year-round, I still love autumn even in the springtime! I'm not sure when I'll begin working on this dress because I have to prep the fabric. I might be hand dyeing the material with tea - weird, I know. 

For blog posts I have another mood board coming up, I'm thinking about doing a product review, and I'd like to do another article related to subculture/substyles.

I hope all is well with you! :)


  1. Aren't we having such a lovely spring here in Canada ;) though I'm pretty sure it's like this throughout the North East of the states, and the maritimes are getting it much worse than we are in Ontario! I am in the job market too, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get that job. I've applied for about 20 positions so far but apparently having just graduated from uni people aren't too interested in hiring you. I haven't received a single call! I hope you will have some good luck as the spring weather finally arrives, and me too!

    1. I guess I'm glad to hear it's not just Canada lol. Apparently Thursday is supposed to be wonderful weather before going back to feeling cold again. I can't wait for real spring temperatures. Sorry to hear your job search hasn't picked up. I have another interview coming up so I'm excited and hopeful to get this job, even if it is part time. It took me a year before I found anything after uni, I wish you better luck than I had. It sounds odd but my friend said she left her uni degree off of her resumé and got more responses (when applying to retail). I might try this in the future.

  2. I hear you on our lovely Canadian spring. Booo! I am sorry to hear you didn't get the job, it sounded like a great opportunity.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I was really looking forward to sewing as a job. Garment work isn't exactly popular in my city, I haven't seen many industrial sewing positions other than furniture and outdoor materials. I once found an old textile catalog from the 1940's which advertised hundreds of textile mills in southern Ontario, it's too bad that's no longer the case. I wonder how our economy would be if we still made fabric/clothing in Canada.

  3. maybe the perfect job is just waiting for you - best of luck on that! and good luck on better weather and health too - damn, we luckily 'only' have stormy rainy, cold weather but at least no more snow...

    1. Thank you! :) And I'm so envious of your rainy stormy weather lol. I love thunderstorms, which is typically what my region experiences around this time. I hear there might be one next week!! Fingers crossed. X)

  4. Ok, first of all I'm sorry you've been sick for so long this winter. ANd that you didn't get that sewing job. Bummer.

    ABout your irregular heart beat. I don't know if I told you before, but my father, my grandmother and now sometimes myself, also have arythmia - and it's usually completely harmless. My grandmother took meds for it, but still lived until 97. My father had an ablation, a minor corrective heart surgery, and has been fine since. It can be very annoying, stressful and sometimes nauseating, but I hope you'll turn out to be fine too!

    Most of all though, I really really hope April 28th is the date, finally!

    1. Its good to hear from you! :)

      Thank you for your encouraging words! I feel less intimidated by the idea of having arrythmia now. This heart issue I have is annoying, I definitely get nauseous and feel like puking after it happens. It sort of feels like my heart is hammering its way out of my chest. What I'm most interested in is seeing if there's a connection between my irregular heartbeat and these dizzy spells I've been having since I was a child (they resemble seizures and are so frequent it makes it so I can't operate a vehicle). I've had neurology exams to see if it's brain related but they turned up nothing, so I'm hopeful that the holter results will help reveal more about my symptoms (and possible treatment would be even better!!).

      I'm happy to say that thus far my operation date remains! :) There was a brief moment where it was cancelled again - apparently more cancer patients - so they had to take my appointment and give it to someone else, but it seems that person declined for the date so I got to keep my surgery time slot!! Three more weeks and I might finally have my hysterectomy. :D


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