Saturday, 28 February 2015

February 2015

General Life Stuff

I had a phone interview with the Humane Society but I discovered the position I had applied for was not as I expected. It was advertised as a full time/part time font desk position and I figured it would be during the brunt of the week. It was apparently a part time weekend only position (and maybe a weekday should they ever require help). I found this sort of irksome, not only because it wasn't properly described in the ad but also because it wouldn't be worth the money going all the way across the city for a single shift a week. The woman sounded disappointed when I mentioned my other job, like she didn't expect that I was presently employed, this means she didn't read over my cover letter or my resumé - that's always a good sign... I think I'm okay with the fact that she never called me back.

Valentine's weekend was a drag! I worked Valentine's Day and was far too exhausted to do anything when I got home. My fiancé had been out visiting family and he picked up a nasty virus. We were supposed to celebrate Valentine's on the following Tuesday but he spent the whole day vomiting. It was pretty awful, I was really concerned he might pass out and suffer from dehydration because he couldn't hold down water. All the while I was struggling with aches and pains which have now escalated into a very dry cold. I can't even sleep through the night because my throat is so dry that it stings when I breathe and when I go to clear my throat it triggers my gag reflex. :( Anyways, when we were both feeling well enough we had cupcakes. My fiancé surprised me with an adorable plush penguin that I had been obsessing over for the last month. I named him Paco. We went for a lovely dinner a few nights ago at a new restaurant down the street from us, it has great Vietnamese food, yum!! I also decorated the house with heart shaped doilies and we had a romantic breakfast. This was all spread across the last two weeks of February, so I suppose you can say we had an extra long Valentine's celebration!

Etsy is apparently dealing with the VAT tax issue!!! This is great because I really didn't want to close my shop down, overcharge my customers or isolate my shop from EU countries. When I started my shop I knew I wanted to sell internationally. Coincidentally, my first customer was based in the UK, so it just kind of supports the fact that I don't want to close myself off from those countries. I'm happy things worked out this way and I plan on getting back to work on my crafts next month. :)

Health and Wellness

Last month I complained of having chest pains and went to the emergency clinic to see if it was anything serious. I was then redirected to my family doctor with the recommendation that I get a breast ultrasound and an ECG holter. I had the breast ultrasound done at the end of January, where they discovered an enlarged fat lobule that they felt posed no immediate threat. I'm reschedule to come back in July to have another ultrasound done, just to monitor whether or not it's growing. I'll also see a breast surgeon for a consultation at the very end of March. In the consult, the doctor will decide if he feels the lobule is a problem or feels we require more image scans of my breast. I'm not worried about things like breast cancer because our family has a relatively clean background (only one member of our family has suffered from breast cancer and I feel like it was my mother's great aunt). That being said, my doctor wants to remain open minded about it because there's always that "off-chance" something could be wrong and we don't want to dismiss it too early. This is especially important as apparently the fat lobule goes up inside me and is deep within the breast tissue. Which reminds me...

I have known about this "lump" in my breast for the last couple of years. My previous family doctor did not recommend I get scanned, only because he felt it was likely a cyst. I want my readers to know that when you self examine your breasts you should really do more than just pat around the surface of the breast. The doctor at the ER did a very brief inspection... over my bra, I don't think he realized I was wearing one. My lump is deep within the tissue near the nipple. Had I not found it one day by accident (it was weird, my hand just went to it as if my body knew before I did), I would have never known it was there. So you should really dig deep when doing your breast examinations. You'll know the difference between your breast tissues and a growth or cyst.

As for my hysterectomy, I was told I would receive a new date about a week after the cancellation. It's been roughly three weeks now and I've heard nothing. : ( I called them up and they said they haven't received confirmation yet for any dates, so that means I will not be getting my surgery in March after all. Maybe in April, if I'm lucky, but given how completely ass backwards their scheduling is I won't be surprised if my hysterectomy ends up being rescheduled for June. It makes me angry and frustrated because I still have pains and bleeding, this is prolonging my suffering. I've gotten to the point where I'm completely disillusioned and feel as though the surgery will never take place.

Hobbies and Leisure

We had made plans to go thrift store shopping on the Tuesday after Valentine's but as I mentioned above my fiancé felt too ill. We have gone to a variety of thrift stores since that time, which has been a lot of fun. Some of them were practically empty or didn't have great deals, but one was really awesome because we went on 50% off day! I immediately began combing over the clothing racks.

There was a lot of just standard granny fashions about the shop but I managed to find two great tops! One is from Le Chateau, I already own a top exactly like this only mine was made with white satin (which yellowed over time), so I was happy to replace it. It features a taupe polka dot top, made of a sort of chiffon like material, and a nice fitted spandex bottom. It's very business like and I need more professional looking clothing. The other top I found is this gorgeous sheer chiffon top, new with tags!! It was originally from Reitman's for $36 but I only paid $3 for it! How awesome is that?? I love getting new clothes for cheap.

In the formal wear section I had found a really awesome 1930's reproduction dress with a bolero. It had a flocked print on the bolero and the bust of the dress. It was very obvious to me that it was 30's inspired but likely came from the 80's. It had no design label but it did have a care label, which I thought was sort of weird. It was definitely not authentic vintage, it had serged seams and "invisible" thread. It was full price and had a few small water stains on the front of the dress. I considered buying it to resell it in my Etsy shop but I figured I'd pass. I don't know what kind of market there is for 30's reproductions. I don't think it's as popular as 40's or 50's fashion.

I also picked up some fabric while I was there. It was super cheap. I got about 2.5 meters of black, crinkled chiffon, which drapes beautifully. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I bought a little over a meter of denim, which I plan on using in a pair of 50's shorts. I got about 2.5 meters of this darling cotton rayon blend that features a simple floral print, I'm going to use it in a 40's style dress. I also bought some remnants of a pretty red floral print but I have no clue as to what kind of fabric it is. It feels synthetic, like lining. I love the look of it but I don't want to use it for clothing because I just don't think there'd be any breathability to it. Perhaps for the lining of a purse? I'm not sure....

I picked up some patterns which were 25 cents a piece. I got two 90's dress patterns, they're really simple and cute. These dresses made me think of Sweet Valley High, so I've been rewatching it recently lol. If you remember this show you probably remember how terrible it was, but it has some cute fashions and it's so bad that it's funny If you're looking for a good laugh I recommend watching it.  McCall's 2189 is really dainty and girly, I think I'd like to make look D and I can picture using look B as a nightgown. Both patterns would be excellent for lightweight summer dresses, which I hope to make a few of this year as ready to wear dresses never seem to cover my ass. I purchased a 60's and 70's pattern which I might keep or might sell off - I'm planning on getting rid of some of my vintage patterns because I know I'll probably never use them. With all my fabric, patterns and clothing, my total purchase came to only $12, talk about great savings!!

Blog Stuff

Thankfully I completed a pattern review early on this month, which was my crushed velvet shorts review. I kept encountering problems with my coat project and felt like it wouldn't be finished within the time-frame (I really wanted it done before March so I could at least wear it). Unfortunately, I have been really freaking sick and I've lacked the motivation to work on my coat. I've spent roughly two weeks in bed. That sucks. I hate being unproductive!! I did manage to sew up a sleepwear jacket, which is nice. February wasn't a complete waste of time but I'm disappointed that my coat is not finished. I just didn't want to rush into my coat without feeling prepared. I had already had an accident with the material earlier and I didn't want to repeat the same mistake twice!

For next month I want to finish my coat. I'd also like to finish the bustier review. I'm not sure what I'll sew after I've cleared off all of my unfinished projects. I think I would like to stick with the small separate garments, like shorts, shirts and skirts. I'll be sewing some vintage stuff soon, so you might not see as much sewing related material on this blog. With that being said, I'd like to do some random fashion articles with mood boards, maybe seeing what's new for the spring. I have another "helpful tips" post sitting in my drafts folder that I might publish soon. Also, I've overhauled the archive page so it looks nicer and is easier to navigate.

I hope you're all feeling well and enjoying warmer weather than I am! >.<


  1. sorry you haven't been feeling well. i'm over this winter. I just got over one cold just to get sick with another. I hate it when places don't look over your resume and don't describe the job properly. Wastes everyones time. Especially the interviewee, since they're spending money they don't have for dry cleaning/transportation, etc. hang in there

    1. Thanks, that's exactly what it's been like for me, from stomach bug to flu, to common cold; tis the season of being sick. >.< I'm eagerly awaiting warmer temperatures. Even if I'm sick, seeing the sunshine and the fresh green grass just has such a positive effect on me.

      I'm really fortunate that I haven't had one of those interviews that requires travelling. I had a friend who took a three hour drive to Toronto and bought a suit for a job he didn't get, he was really disappointed. I've encountered a lot of misleading job ads, once I went in for what I thought was a job and it was actually just a survey, another time it was a voluntary unpaid internship, and I've had it more times than I can count that the employer doesn't even read my resume (despite printing it off and holding it in front of them). That last one just pisses me off. When I wrote my cover letter for the humane society, I included my current position in the first sentence, it was impossible to miss. I guess the HR lady just looked at phone numbers and names and that was the extent of it! How do they expect to hire anyone qualified? It's silly. XP

    2. If they're that incompetent during the interview process, they're going to be that incompetent if you're an employee. You probably avoided a terrible situation.

  2. Lovely post, as always <3!!!

  3. I hate it when places dont look over your resume and dont properly place ads. I hope the job search gets better

    1. I've often wondered why employers don't bother, I guess because they just figure the resume will be discussed in the interview? It seems like a waste of time and money not to check a person's qualifications beforehand. And thank you, there are a lot of new job opportunities right now so I'm hopeful!

  4. Dearest,

    I am so miffed to hear that your surgery is still getting pushed! What the f*** are they doing at the hospital over there?

    I received your wonderful gift, thank you so much! I love it,and right now it's on my bed lamp, looking down on what I'm reading at night :)


    1. I'm so happy you got my gift!! :) I'm glad you like it! And yeah, I'm totally pissed at our health care system. It's a problem with the hospital being overbooked, but I also feel it has a lot to do with my gyno and the receptionist. I always get the feeling that they're not very good at communicating. After all, the receptionist promised to call me in a week and then I never heard from her; the least she could have done was apologize and explain there'd be a delay instead of leaving me hanging! It's very unprofessional. Every time I talk to her she gets frustrated and short with me, I get the feeling they screw up a lot. All I can do now is wait it out and hope for the best.

      *Hugs* I hope you feel better and life improves for you soon, the blogging world has missed you! :)

  5. I am finished uni in a month, so I am starting to look for my first real life big time grown up job. It is sooo hard. Everything is part time hours. Everyone expects that you can work pretty well on call for those hours and be able to support yourself without having another job. It's just ridiculous. It's an employers market though and they can afford to be unfairly picky.

    I am so sorry to hear about the health issues. That is some really good advice about self breast exams. I am very lucky to have a female doctor who is especially conscientious about women's health. I hope you get in soon for your surgery!

    1. That's exactly what I've experienced for the last year :( with no real improvement. I'm beginning to think it will be a long time before I get a real "grown up job" myself. We go to school because we hope to find a career that we love but it seems we're coming out to find a job that might help us get by for awhile. My fear is that I'll get stuck in a rut where I'm working minimum wage to pay the bills, but can never afford to transition to something better OR nothing better ever comes. It's depressing to think about.

      Thank you for your kind words! I received a call from my gyno's office this morning, the new appt. is in April, like I thought it might be. I was rather indifferent to the news, given the cancellations in the past, it didn't help that the receptionist followed up my new appointment time with "hopefully it won't get cancelled but it could." So yeah, I'm not holding on to much hope. : /

  6. I love the crow ;o) I am sorry about the job. Wishing you all the best ;o) I'm glad you and your man are feeling better ;o) Great post ;o)

    1. Lol I'm glad you like the crow! And thank you, I wish you all the best too. :)


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