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January 2015

Monthly Update: Fighting the Winter Blues

I plan on including a monthly update to keep my readers informed about what's going on in my life and what I've been working on for the blog. These posts will not be labeled/tagged so you will only be able to find them through the archive portion of the site, which is how I'd like to keep it. Basically, any irrelevant or personal blog posts will go unlabeled.

General Life Stuff

Life is ordinary at best. I've been looking hard for part time employment because I don't want to have to give up my weekend job (which is an assistant dog groomer). I feel I'm gaining more experience at that position than I would in any retail position, but I'm willing to work retail provided the hours are flexible - which they never seem to be. It annoys me that jobs are advertised as part time but employers expect your availability to be all the time, and then you get hired by them and get maybe a whopping two shifts a month. It's a load of crap. I continue to push onward but all the while I'm trying to come up with possible ideas to make extra cash. I've even considered doing those horrid online surveys but have found them to be so sketchy and suspicious that it wouldn't be worth my time. 

My Etsy projects have been put on hiatus thanks to difficulties surrounding the new VAT tax laws for digital products. It disappoints me to have to say this, but VAT taxes could take such a portion of my profits that it would be pretty much pointless for me to sell to EU countries. Etsy has been slow as hell working this problem out. They sent me a message the day before the laws went into effect, like wtf? They say they're working on it but from what I hear they're just trying to find a way to make it easier for sellers to pay VAT tax. I want them to put up a filter that makes it so I only sell to certain countries, I know I've seen it done on other sites for physical products. Speaking of physical products, they too will have applicable VAT taxes soon. This is just plain awful and horrible timing considering I just launched my digital goods shop.

Health and Wellness

My hysterectomy has been cancelled AGAIN. I just got off the phone with the receptionist who told me they had an abundance of cancer patients requiring immediate surgery and my appointment had to be cancelled. I'm understanding but pissed none the less. It really sounds like disorganization on their part. She explained she'd be calling me next week with my new appointment which will be in MARCH. A whole month away and even at that there's a risk I might not even get it. She told me there's been problems with overbooking and changes being made to the clinic in March. So great, I'll potentially have to suffer through yet another cancellation or an even longer wait because of MORE disorganization. Peachy. The above photo is the notepad I was writing on when I thought she'd move my appointment by a week or so. I was so enraged I just didn't know what else to do but stab the page repeatedly and doodle angry faces.

Hobbies and Leisure 

Although I promised I wouldn't shop, I have been out to a few thrift stores recently. I got a beautiful burgundy velvet jacket at a boxing day sale for a whopping $5 (photographed above on the left). I've worn it a few times, despite the fact that it's clearly a spring/fall jacket. Everybody loves it. The fit is a bit off, so I'll be taking in some material at the back and sides, but the colour looks great. It inspired me to pick up Rimmel London's Bordeaux lipstick, which is a gorgeous burgundy with a violet base. It's not the first thing I'd pick considering I have thin lips but I just love the colour and it has decent coverage. Maybe I'll post a review of lipsticks when I own more of them lol.

I also went thrift store shopping with my parents, yesterday. I picked up a few items that I'll be sharing on my other blog, Feeling Sew Good. I didn't find much in clothing. I was really keeping my eyes open for sheer stuff and found a chiffon skirt but it wasn't the kind of chiffon that I liked. My mother found this stunning black dress coat which she urged me to try on. It's made of a nice wool and has big sparkly black buttons. I really liked it but having purchased my burgundy coat only recently, I couldn't justify buying it. Especially at $20, I'd feel guilty. Well, my mom couldn't resist buying it for me. I think sometimes she lives vicariously through my personal fashion because she wouldn't take no for an answer and kept telling me that I'd look like a model in it. I relented and I'm happy I did because it's beautiful. It fits like a glove and looks great paired with my poofy Gothic Lolita clothing. 

The other day I also got this adorable chiffon dress with a peter pan collar. I'm going to wear it with a pair of brown flats and stockings, and a stellar set of coffee coloured faux pearls that I got from Fabricland for a $1. I can't wait for warmer weather!!

Blog Stuff

I'm not neglecting my projects! But unfortunately you can't visibly see that. My last sewing post was the silver bustier I had made and I promised to do a follow up review This is frustrating because the second bustier is sitting at 99% complete. I'm not even kidding, it's been almost finished for weeks. The reason it isn't done is because I require a custom length zipper for the closure. The pattern calls for buttons but after my alterations the fit ended up being too tight (go figure), it would only pull the buttons open so a zipper would be much more secure. Sadly, nobody sells 6"-7" separating zippers because there's no real need for them (unless maybe you're making a baby sized coat). I now have to go out and buy the materials to cut and create my own zipper. Blah. 

I've also already completed a shorts review which will be posted soon. As I had mentioned before in my New Year's goals, I wanted to sew more separate pieces because dresses were becoming too time consuming for me. I've been able to successfully sew three items in a single month, that is an enormous improvement. I will continue to do this. My problem now is that I'm stocking up on home made summer garments when it's still winter outside. I have a winter coat project that's been left unfinished for over two years and if I don't get back to it soon it'll only be put on hiatus again! For that reason, I might get back to working on it today.

I hope everything is going well in your lives! I always appreciate hearing from you. :)


  1. I am sorry to hear that your surgery has been cancelled yet again. If you want to work retail, message me (use the contact form on my blog) because I can *maybe* hook you up with something in your area. I can't promise

    1. Thank you! I'm going to hit up a few more retail shops on Monday in a mall not far from here. I'm going to see where that gets me, but if nothing comes of it I'll write you. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy what you read here. ^-^

  3. Hmm - your lips don't look to thin to me. I bet they look amazing in that lipstick. Love your new coats - those are great finds.

    1. Thanks :) I guess I'm just envious of the girls with the huge pouty lips that make them look like living dolls lol.

  4. seriously, look into freelance illustration. There are books, textbooks, catalogs, magazines, etc that need traditional artists. Sorry to hear about your surgery.

    1. I'm working on a few images to put up as a portfolio, hopefully I might attract the right people! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  5. I am sorry about your surgery being cancelled! Wishing you all the best! Glad you had fun shopping ;o) Sorry about Etsy. Lots of things going on! Keep on smiling ;o)

  6. I am sorry to hear about your surgery.. I do love these kinds of posts! Those coats are great finds! <3

  7. I have tried to comment on this post a couple of times, I hope this works...
    First of all, so sorry to hear about your surgery again.
    Second, those are some beautiful coats!
    Third, Is that you? You're pretty :)

    1. Sorry you're having difficulties, I think Blogger is messing up, I just received a bunch of spam in feed from a blog I'm not even following. : /

      And thank you! That is me. :) I'm bummed about the surgery and have yet to hear the new date, but finding great coats and sewing stuff has helped brighten my days.

  8. So sorry to hear about your surgery - can't imagine how stressful the delay must be.
    Amazing finds (one can never have enough overcoats).

    1. Thank you :)
      I've become a coat addict now lol. I just adore them!


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