Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Trends that I'm already over.

Have they worn out their welcome?

I try to keep abreast of current and upcoming fashion trends within the alternative scene. In recent years, we've seen an abundance of change within Gothic and alternative styles; there's been a revival of 70's inspired fashion, bold prints, occult symbolism, sheer fabrics, body suits and bondage straps. But have some of these trends already worn out their welcome?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Goths and Dandruff

A Dandruff Treatment Product Review

Nobody likes to have dandruff, but for Goths it can be the bane of their existence. It's hard to disguise this problem in an all black ensemble! I have struggled with dandruff on and off for years. Like many people, I have an especially hard time in the winter months because of the drier conditions. A few months ago, my scalp got so bad that I could no longer pull my hair up in a ponytail. It was absolutely embarrassing. Today I'm going to review a handful of dandruff products and share the results with you! Hopefully I might help you find a solution to those embarrassing flakes.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Drawing Fashion

Just Killing Time

I don't exactly have a reason to be killing time today. I'm sick and I have no real motivation to do any actual work or sewing. I have a full shift tomorrow, for the first time in weeks, and I need to get better for it. I should spend the whole day napping, but on sick days like today I remain wide awake and not willing to stray far from my bed. My options are; watch things on my computer, read, or draw. Today I opted to draw because I haven't done it in a while. 

I like to draw all kinds of different stuff but the one thing I particularly enjoy drawing is fashion. It's just another creative outlet for me. It combines my love of fashion with my passion for creating art. I often draw the things I plan on sewing, or am sewing at that time, to help visualize the final outcome or perhaps how I might wear that particular garment. It's a wonderful pastime and although I've long since abandoned my career as an artist, I find myself coming back to this hobby again and again. Even when I'm watching tv or talking to someone, I'll have my sketchbook at hand because I need to get an idea down on paper. I have books and books full of comic style doodles and fashion drawings, so many of which I had hoped to publish or create some day. I may share some more drawings on this blog in the future.

Do you draw? Fashion or otherwise? Even if you don't think you're a stellar artist, if you sew, I think drawing fashion could be a fun thing for you try out. :)

I'm off to sleep again! Best wishes~

Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Bodyline Review

My Boxing Day Lolita Finds

I'm not much of a Lolita girl and I'm referring to any substyle of Lolita (although I'm taken by Black Forest Mori but I don't connect that to Lolita at all). It's just one of those things that I feel costs too much and takes too much of my time to get into. I also feel I'm a little old for it - I have a particular disliking for sweet Loli and bonnets. I'm the kind of person who just wants to throw on some clothes and get out the door without having to worry about the proper petticoat, or doing my hair and make up so that I look like a living doll. It's just too high maintenance for me. With that being said, you're probably wondering why I like Lolita at all, the truth is is that I like aspects of Lolita. I might like a dress here and there, or a top, but I wouldn't style it like a Lolita girl, instead I'd just wear select pieces matched with other parts of my wardrobe. This is how I ended up with my recent purchase...

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

McCall's 6325 - Space Harrier Bustier

My Space Harrier Inspired Cropped Bustier

I've sewn something! What a great way to kick off the new year. :) As unconventional as this may sound, I'm going to break up this review into two posts. Why? Because I'm actually sewing the same bustier in a different material right now, and since they'll be made of different fabrics I'd like to compare and contrast my results. I'm going to complete this review in my standard format, discussing the pattern, my problems sewing it and the conclusion. In the second installation of this review I'll go over the previous complaints to see if there have been any improvements and if there are any new observations worth noting.
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