Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, and Merry whatever else you may have been celebrating! I meant to post this sooner but as you can imagine my Christmas was hectic. I hosted my first ever Christmas dinner for my family and it was bat shit crazy. I nearly burned the wire from my egg beaters, almost didn't cook my seafood properly, and got mashed potatoes all over my fridge, floor and kitchen walls! I ended up serving a good old fashion turkey dinner (my parents brought the bird, props to them as I don't have the confidence to cook that stuff), and I made mussels mariniere as an hors d'ouevre! We all ate until we felt too full and then tried some pie that failed miserably. I can't say I've ever experienced buying a store bought pie that wasn't cooked properly, but boy am I pissed. I'm contacting the company to complain! Thankfully my family got to eat much better pie the next day.

It's not to say that I didn't eat my fair share of junk food, too. I've had nanaimo bars, mince tarts, all sorts of Christmas cookies, chocolates and carrot cake. Oh, and because it's a new tradition for us, we baked fresh cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I've eaten a tremendous amount of junk food and I'm more than ready to return to healthy eating. : )

Here are the photos from my Christmas. I hope you've had a happy holiday!

This is a photo of my sewing room all decked out for Christmas in super cute fashion. My fiancé likely wouldn't agree to a Hello Kitty themed Christmas, so this is where all of that decor goes. I love my little tree, I dress it up each year, it's a holographic silver tinsel tree that shines rainbow! 

This year I made my own gingerbread house from scratch. I've never really done that before. I had planned on making Chococat cookies but my icing turned rancid! Instead of throwing it out I used it on this lovely gingerbread house. : ) I figured it would make a nice addition to my Hello Kitty decor. Here are pictures of the back and side (with a little LED candle inside).

I'm not very skilled with icing things, so I'm amazed I pulled that off.  I still have some icing left over for next year's gingerbread house! It's a great way to recycle things like old stale candy. 

For my living room decor, I just went with general Christmas items. I don't have a lot of Christmas decor, so I only really use what's been given to me lol. 

The owl was given to me by my mom and brother last year. I love it! It's so gorgeous and organic looking (it uses birch bark, twigs and some kind of paper). My aunt gave me the snowman on the left and my Nana gave me the snowman and dog on the right. My fiancé gifted me with an excessive amount of Hello Kitty plushies, the newest is the one in the middle, the other two I have duplicates of upstairs that I received last year. You can see the Yoshi stocking I made for him last year at the bottom corner. 

My mom gave me this angel for Christmas a couple of years ago. I think she looks really pretty. I also got this Santa from my mom this year, because she was getting rid of a few things.

I even decked out a few of my Chococats for the holiday! I knitted my Argyle Choco a sweater, scarf and hat. And for my nerdy Choco, I knitted a Christmas scarf. Don't they look cute?!

My first Christmas with my fiancé was really sweet. We ate good treats, cuddled, watched Die Hard and played Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels. We finished it off with a walk in the evening, enjoying warm weather and looking at Christmas lights. It was lovely, I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!

I wish you all the best this holiday season!
Kind regards,


  1. Everything looks adorable and lovely job on the gingerbread house! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I hope you've had a very merry Christmas!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm a Hello Kitty addict lol. My fiance gave me the new Hello Kitty calendar and I'm so excited for January to start!!

  3. Adore the girly decor! I too have a man who's not always thrilled with my love of pink and glitter ;) Happy Christmas!

    1. I'm really lucky that my fiance lets me have my own sewing room full of girly stuff, he even let's a little of my cute decor into other rooms too lol. I'm thankful, I know other guys would tell me to give it up and get over it!

  4. Omg... Gingerbread houses are the greatest and yours is awesome. I've always wanted to make one. And your sewing station is adorbs

    1. You should make a gingerbread house!! It's rad and not as difficult as I thought it would be! Thank you for the lovely comment. :)

  5. Love all the pictures! Really enjoyed them! You made me smile ;o) Sorry about the pie! Merry Christmas and here's to a great 2015 ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)


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