Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Santa baby, give me everything!

Let's pretend there's a magical world where Santa really exists, or maybe a magical gift giving robot... I'd prefer the robot. What would I wish for? Beyond the obvious things, like financial security, good health and a nicer home. I mean frivolous materialistic things! For no other reason then because it's nice to fantasize lol. Christmas is nearing and my birthday is this Saturday. I'm not expecting gifts, I explicitly requested no gift giving. However, like most people, I still think about shopping at this time of year. I use to get great deals at boxing day sales and would usually buy something special to treat myself after the holidays were over. I guess I miss shopping, because the other day I dreamt that I was in a thrift store and bought some awesome goth clothing, including these adorable Gothic Lolita boots that sadly don't actually exist lol. It was probably one of the coolest dreams ever.

So, if a Christmas robot were to roll up to my door and request a copy of my gift wishlist, what would I ask him for? All of this:


Purple is such a feminine colour and it compliments my complexion really well. It's also bold enough to offset the all black wardrobe. I prefer to break up my silhouette and I feel that pairing this stunning skirt with this adorable purple jacket creates good visual interest. It also helps if your bottom heavy and want to show off the top. 

I have always wanted a Victorian inspired mermaid style skirt. Unlike the bustle skirts, which I believe would probably just make my legs look like toothpicks, this kind of skirt would create a nice visual balance on me. I've also always wanted to have a nice dress jacket. I only own one dress jacket and it's from the 80's!

Of course I'd be happy to get a new purse. I usually buy a new replacement purse each spring because most of my bags will go to shit after a year. Due to finances, I've been alternating between four different purses, two of which are just barely hanging on. I should break out my coffin bag and use it again, but I find it a bit cumbersome. This handbag from Restyle is gorgeous with it's lace cameo. I would love to add it to my wardrobe. I also haven't bought a new pair of shoes in a while. I would be very happy to see these quilted spike boots under my tree on Christmas, lol!

It wouldn't be right to wear Victorian inspired clothing without wearing some very ornate jewelry. This matching vintage inspired necklace and hairclip set from Restyle is to die for, and the bracelet compliments the other pieces quite nicely. Overall, this is a stellar outfit to put on my fantasy wishlist!

Jacket - Restyle Ladies Military Jacket in Purple
Bottom - Restyle "Morticia" Black Mermaid Skirt
Boots: "Laura" Ankle Boot from Attitude Clothing
Purse - Restyle Lace Frame "Vamp Bats" Handbag
Bracelet - Restyle "Vivien" Black Gothic Bracelet
Necklace - Restyle "Deadly Rose" Locket Necklace (Brooch)
Hair Clip - Restyle "Deadly Rose" Hologram Hair Clip 

Purple Dahlias

To continue with my purple, silver and black obsession, this outfit features a stunning black velvet jacket and flocked print purple dress. I chose these two pieces and paired them with T.U.K.'s purple velvet combat boots. Although they all have similar textures, I feel that the distribution and consistency of the patterns in the dress and jacket help to break things up. I would love to own this very simple black bow purse. It's adorable and I think it could go with most any style.

For accessories, I started with this unusual piece from Restyle, it's a locket in the shape of a book with "dark poetry" on the cover. It instantly invoked memories of Edgar Allan Poe. I then found these cool tombstone hair clips. I finished it off with this adorable little plastic rose bracelet from Sourpuss.

This whole outfit makes me want to go to the cemetery and read. It's awesome and I really wish I could win the lottery so I could go out and buy every piece. A perfect addition to the fantasy wishlist.

Coat - Black Velvet Victorian Frock Coat by Spin Doctor
Dress - Jawbreaker "Purple Rain" Dress
Boots - T.U.K. Crushed Velvet Combat Boots
Purse - Black Bow Purse from Attitude Clothing
Bracelet -  Purple Resin Rose Beaded Bracelet from Sourpuss
Necklace - Restyle "Dark Poetry" Locket Necklace
Hairclip - Restyle Tombstone Hair Clips

An Intergalactic Gem

When I was in high school I wore a lot of weird and quirky stuff. In fact I'd probably be popular right now if I was wearing it, because so much of these new trends are exactly what I was wearing. Aliens, holographic and metallic things. I still own most of it, I suppose I should break it back out. 

Some things that I didn't own but wish I did are in this outfit. I've seen these Gamma Ray boots floating around blogs for at least the last year. I've been dying to have them. My sixteen year old self would be foaming at the mouth if she was presented with these. I've always wanted holographic shoes and to see them back again and readily available, but being poor and not being able to afford them... it's absolute torture!!! Robot Santa!! BRING THEM TO ME!!

This sparkly purple moto jacket is amazing and I'd be happy to have it. It works well for both alternative and goth styles. I'd definitely pair it with these hilarious printed cat leggings from Killstar. I'd accessorize it with a lot of funky plastic jewelry. It's a fun outfit and really takes me back to my younger years. : )

Jacket - Lovesick  Sparkle Magic Moto Jacket
Bottoms - Killstar Black Cat Leggings
Boots - Unif  "Gammaray" Boot
Bracelet - Giza Triple Pyramid Rubber Bracelet
Bracelet - "Queen of Pink" Cameo Cuff Bracelet by Tarina Tarantino
Earrings - "Cross my Eyez" Skull Earrings by Tarina Tarantino 


My fantasy self is a greedy, greedy fashion whore. I just love fashion so much and I've been really impressed by the selection and emerging trends. I hope in the new year I might be able to acquire a few of these items for my rather anemic wardrobe! What's on your wishlist?

Kind regards,


  1. Oh wow, those purple velvet boots! I had a pair of Dr Marten's almost 20 years ago exactly like them. Nostalgia!

    1. I'm so jealous! I only ever had really ugly Dr Marten knock offs. I had a severe hatred for them as a child lol. The purple and the black combats from T.U.K. have changed my mind about them.

  2. I love everything, but those cat pants rock!!!

    1. I know!! My fiance thinks they're ugly but I adore the cat pants!!! :D I'd wear them with pride.

  3. Yep everything is DIVINE! I'll take one of each too please! I love those boots that Ms Misantropia loves as well. They're so perfect <3

    1. I'm happy you like these outfits! :) I'd love to own those boots and the purple dress, I get excited every time I see them, definitely worth saving my pennies for!

  4. Omg those gamma ray boots have been on my wish list for a year too. High school me would have killed for those


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