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2014: A Year in Review

Looking back at blogging in 2014

Every morning I wake up and I scroll through the various new blog posts in my feeds. Today it seems everyone is talking about 2014... mostly in a negative way lol. I can understand why, 2014 was a really bad year for a lot of people and largely due to financial troubles. I still haven't found a real job, my man hasn't found a better job, and I often wonder (in fear) what the future holds. But bitching about it doesn't bring me any closer to a solution and it actually doesn't leave me feeling satisfied. So instead of griping about last year's downfalls, I'm going to review more positive and fun aspects of the previous year!

Working on the Blog

I started Bien-Aimée back in April of 2014. It was shortly after I created my vintage fashion blog, Feeling Sew Good, which launched in March. I began this blog with the intention of providing pattern reviews on alternative fashions and product reviews. Although I haven't delivered on my goal of sewing more clothing and reviewing more products, this blog has served as a great creative outlet and I've found myself expanding and refining my tastes in alternative fashion.

I've been hard at work attempting to keep my blog current and interesting. I realize that posting an OOTD has become a common practice in the alternative blogging scene. It seems to be expected that most fashion blogs will feature OOTDs because people really enjoy them, but I just can't do it. :( If I did you'd be so bored because I have such limited combinations. I'd literally wear through my entire wardrobe in three months if I posted one outfit every single day, and some of them would be pretty mediocre. ***Although, I do have amazing clubwear which, if it interests you, I'll posts photos of.

To compensate for my lack of OOTDs I opted to create what I call "fantasy mood boards". I source products and their images from all over the internet and composited them to create fantastic outfits! Just because I don't own it, doesn't mean I can't style it. ;) I really enjoy making these boards and I think it puts my readers in closer contact with the brands that are keeping goth and alternative fashions alive. On the less fashion related side of things, my blog has also come to feature a few helpful tips posts which I hope will prove to be a good resource in the future. Bien-Aimée's primary goals are growing and becoming more focused every day! 

What are my top three posts? 

It's interesting to see which posts garner the most attention. Unfortunately there's no real way to determine how many people, from what countries, have viewed a single post. There's also no way to filter out which visits are spam. I know for a fact that number 1 and 2 on this list are pretty genuine given their traffic sources over the previous months, but I've had a lot of spammy hits from China and Russia for my 3rd highest ranking post. 

What are my thoughts on my most popular post?

I think the reason Natural Goth sky rocketed to number one, immediately after being posted, is because within the alternative fashion scene we desire change. I can remember a long and boring time where there were very few goth clothing labels producing new fashions. In fact, I remember when goth was just romantic goth and everybody looked the freaking same. You get tired of crushed velvet, faux corsets and bell sleeves, you also get tired of wearing the same colour or shade for half of your life. Natural Goth suggests that Goth can be achieved with almost any colour so long as it's styled properly, and we've seen that successfully accomplished with Pastel Goth, some Nu Goth and Psychobilly fashions. I think it's very important to experiment with fashion and not be limited by what somebody else has defined as "goth", "punk" or whatever. Styles change and evolve and we're finally seeing progress being made in the goth scene.

What was my favorite post of the year?

I love my Fae posts, they are my favorites. The one I'd put at the top right now is How to Look Fae for Fall just because I love the mood boards in it. I'm intrigued by this fashion, likely because it's so unusual. It's not quite like anything else out there. Sadly, it's also not as popular as other styles. I'd like to explore Fae fashion a little more in the new year and develop my own renditions of it to incorporate into my wardrobe. I think Fae has enormous potential and could be combined with a variety of other fashions.

Blog Improvements

I am beginning to develop a list of goals and plans for the future of Bien-Aimée, and I would appreciate your feedback if you have any. Here are my plans:
  • Continue to develop and refine my branding. The overall look and feel of the blog may be overhauled in an attempt to create a greater visual impact. I need to convey to visitors that my blog discusses not only goth fashion but alt fashions as well. Talk about a challenge!
  • Create more mood boards. My main goal is to bring attention to the more minor fashion styles and substyles. I also want to spotlight new and developing indie brands just because it's nice to get the word out for them.
  • Sew, sew, sew! Obviously sewing is supposed to be an enormous part of this blog. My goal is to provide thorough reviews of patterns and potentially a few tutorials. I want to encourage fashionistas in our community to try DIY if they haven't. DIY is the foundation that the alternative fashion scene was built on and I think to abandon that would be such a tremendous loss to the alternative community.
  • I'm planning on putting more focus into Fae and Lolita (maybe even Mori) fashion just because there are fewer posts for them and I want to balance that out.
  • Take more photos. I wish I had a fashion buddy because no one will take pictures with me and the only person who will (my man) doesn't understand photography. >.< My parents bought a new DSLR so maybe my mom will help me out lol.
  • A few more product reviews. I do not represent anyone, I'm not a brand ambassador, although I would consider doing it for the right people and for the right reasons. So everything you will read on here will be legit, and you'll know that because I always give the good and the bad in my reviews lol.

What would you like to see more of in the future of Bien-Aimée? Is there anything you found particularly successful or interesting that you would like me to expand upon?


I hope that you've had a great 2014 and that many joys await you in the new year! I've been super happy to cultivate a following, even if it isn't huge. All I've ever wanted is to share fashion and sewing with people from all over the world; this has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you for your comments, your support and your friendship! You guys are awesome. :)



  1. Sounds promising! Have fun with your blog. I wouldnt mind seeing your simple outfits. Dont be shy!

    1. Thanks, perhaps I'll give an outfit post a try. :)

  2. I've been enjoying your blog. The posts are thoughtful and your mood boards are creative

  3. So far I really love the tone you've set on this blog, and your posts about sewing set my heart aflutter. That said, I would definitely love to see more of your alternative fashion sewing, as a sewist in that department as well. It's good to see represented.

    It's funny what you say about your photographic predicament. I also have the exact problem-- my fella doesn't know anything about photography, but he's the only one who I can bother about taking a few shots for blogging.

    Cheers to you =)

    1. Thank you! : ) I'm really anxious to kick off the new year with a handful of sewing projects. I'm planning on making separate pieces this year, like skirts and tops, because I tend to gravitate to just dresses (and sometimes they can take forever to make).

      That is funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one lol. It's great to have a guy that's supporitve though, I really appreciate the help and how patient my fiance has been with me. :)

  4. You have a great blog! I'm looking forward to reading it in 2015. :) happy new year!!

  5. I am enjoying reading your blog. I would love to see more of your sewing projects also. I've been guilty of not posting daily outfits either. It just takes too much time and I've had some great outfits this past year. Oh well, that's what 2015 is for. :)

    1. I'm glad you've been enjoying my blog! I agree, OOTDs definitely take some effort. I couldn't do it daily, it would be a bi-weekly or monthly thing, especially because I rarely go out lol.

  6. I adore your blog and think that these are some excellent reflections on your blog for 2014. I especially love your fae posts as well, it is my favourite style and you choose the most beautiful things!

    1. Thank you!! You always say such nice things. ^-^ It would make me very happy to see some new Fae designers this year as there aren't many out there. I really enjoy making Fae mood boards and articles, it's just so much fun to write about.

  7. Happy New Year ;o) I really enjoy your blog ;o) I say, keep doing what you are doing ;o)

  8. I absolutely love reading people's goals and hopes for a new year! Even if everyone has different goals, the spirit of it all is very inspiring! Your blog is already fab and I'm looking forward to seeing all your future plans for it come to fruition! Happy New Year!! ♥

    1. Thank you! I've been enjoying that too, reading other people's goals is inspiring. I find myself re-evaluating my own plans for the new year because of it. Hopefully I do everything I want this year!


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