Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween... Again!

Photos from my Halloween Night

Obviously this is going to be picture heavy so I'll try to keep my descriptions short. I had a lot of fun last night and I was totally exhausted. The Halloween festivities continue on in my heart, my fiancé and I just watched an 80's vampire movie and I ate candy lol. I'm probably going to hang out in my sewing room a little more and continue to enjoy my decorations. I can't believe the glow sticks in my pumpkins are still going!! It's the like the spirit of Halloween is alive and well in my room. :)

My Halloween Decor

Perhaps the coolest and most important part of Halloween is decorating. I didn't get to do anything too over the top this year, but I had a lot of fun decorating the front entryway with pirate themed decor (including a pirate flag and skeleton hand lights that are barely shown in my photographs). I also enjoyed decking out our living area and our kitchen but sadly most of those photos didn't turn out. Night photography is damn near impossible with an old digital camera. >.<  
I hope you enjoy my pictures!

These photos are of my living room decor. I sort of wanted to give it an Edgar Allan Poe vibe, which is why I used skulls, ravens and decor items that feature book pages. I really like it. I also strung purple, green and orange pumpkin lights up around the windows. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish you could see it. There are two blood red glass candlesticks on the bookshelf, they cut off at the edges of the first photograph. They're so hot. I picked them up for only five dollars a piece at an antique market, talk about a good deal!

These next photos are from my sewing room (please ignore my beat up furniture, I never got around to painting them in the summer lol).

The first few photographs feature my folk art collection. I really love the hand crafted and vintage look of these items. I was disappointed that there weren't as many Halloween folk art pieces in stores this year, it was mostly kitsch and glitter. Some of my favorite pieces in my collection are the porcelain jack o'lantern, the papier maché pumpkin witch, the cemetery snow globe and the mercury glass owl. But really, I love them all! 

The rest of my room is decorated with cutesy Halloween stuff. Even my plushies have been dressed for the occasion! *I know, I'm a nerd.* I knitted my Close-Up Chococat a stripey sweater and I made a little hat for the Choco beside him. I also made the plush felt jack o'lantern that sits between them. There's a pirate Chococat downstairs in the living room, alongside two other Halloween plushies I have. I have pumpkin lights and holographic portraits hanging on the walls in my sewing room but they were too difficult to photograph! I love my bat chandelier, I wish they made real bat crystals so I could have it that way all year round.

These are images of our entryway! I carved the pumpkins myself (two are pictured at the top of this post). I have to admit I don't like using a linoleum cutter, it's too tricky and I probably won't do it again. I wanted a really nice looking pirate ship pumpkin, I think it turned out alright. The kids really loved my pirate skull and my Lemax Spookytown pirate ship (see video here). You can see a bit of the pirate flag in the upper corner of these pictures. You can also see my two blow molds which I adore. I love getting them out, they have such a beautiful glow to them. :)

Tomorrow I will write my costume pattern review and you'll finally get to see my costume!! I hope you've had a happy Halloween. I've really enjoyed reading all your Halloween related posts and for those of my readers who aren't bloggers, I hope that you've enjoyed reading my Frightful Fridays series! It's sad that it's over but I'm glad I can get back to more sewing related subject matter.

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  1. i love your Hello Kitties! That is an impressive display you got there

    1. Thank you! I love Hello Kitty and Chococat!! I'm obsessed with cute things lol.

  2. Just adore your decor! Especially that little witchy sitting on the moon! Making me miss all my decor I packed up and put away yesterday.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I don't have it in me to remove my decor just yet. I wish Halloween was longer...

  3. Holy golly! You truly made it this year! I am very impressed about all the decoration, specially the living room area with al the Poe-friendly vibe. I think I would even keep some of the adornments the whole year, as I find them really beautiful ♥

    1. I love the Poe decor a lot and it is hard to put it away. My mother bought me two large wrought iron ravens and I have a beautiful black candelabra with chandelier beads that I'm keeping out. I can't resist having them as a part of my decor. I have to keep a touch of Halloween in my home lol.

  4. I love all of your Halloween decor, so many wonderful things! Happy Halloween!

  5. Wow!!! Excellent decorations! Love everything ;o)


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