Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

At Midnight Beneath the Witches' Tree
Who Dares Keep Halloween with me?

Of course I haven't forgotten that it's Halloween. There's only a few minutes left before the witching hour and Halloween will be over for another year. I intended to post more pictures earlier on but I had no idea how long Halloween would go on for and how much work I would put into it. I'm actually kind of glad it's almost over... yet I'm still staying up and hanging out in my fully decorated sewing room.

Because I have something like 100 images to sort through, edit and improve, I won't be posting today's photos until tomorrow. I don't mind doing this because I always kind of consider November 1st as being a part of Halloween. I sort of do that with my birthday as well (I was born in the afternoon, I don't consider it a full birthday until the afternoon of the next day lol). Tomorrow I have a short work shift and then it will mostly be a period of rest. On Sunday I iwll probably start to pack away my decor, little by little. My folk art will remain out for probably another week before I pack it up. Mid November I will bust out the Christmas decor... it might snow tonight, I'm really dreading that. 0.0

So Halloween was a blast. It was my first year fully handing out candy. I use to do to it at my parent's house but only for short periods of time before I left to do my own thing for the night. It went all the way up until 9:30 which was impressive to say the least. With cold temperatures and a constant light drizzle I was sure most kids would not want to stay out. I had a lot of great kids, and some douchey teenagers, including one asshat who came to my door, mumbled trick or treat while he was texting somebody... and he and his friend didn't even have costumes on. Like give me a break, if it's that much of a inconvenience for you to go trick or treating don't go...Yarrrgh.

The highlight of my evening: a very cute toddler in a swat member costume - complete with face guard and baton, a polite and cute little girl who loved my costume - she was dressed as Draculuara, how rad?! And two little kids who just had to step inside to see my pirate decor at the front entryway. Tons of really polite kids. One large group of kids who didn't even bother with costumes *sigh* some don't even say trick or treat any more, like wtf??? It truly might be the end of Halloween as I know it. I'm sure some day people won't even care, but I'm glad I've experienced Halloween the way I did when I was little. I'm also happy that I could brighten the night for roughly 100 kids this year. When we started handing out candy I heard one little boy exclaim, "it is a Happy Halloween."
Hell fucking yes it is.


  1. We only get about 6 kids around here. It was probably less this year because we got a blizzard the night of October 30th as well! I had one tiny little guy obviously instructed by his parents who opened with "THANK YOU!!!" instead of "Trick or Treat". So cute and funny!

    1. Lol we had a lot of that too, lots of toddlers just saying "hi!!!" and one kid ran back to our door to say thank you.

  2. Wow, you had a great night ;o) I wouldn't have gave candy to the kids who didn't dress up! But, I guess you had to!
    Take Care ;o)


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