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How to look Fae for Fall

Autumn Favorites for Fae

Granted Fae fashion isn't exactly plentiful or affordable, I can't help but daydream about the fashions I would wear for autumn. I found a few beautiful pieces I would like to share with you. Perhaps you might find some inspiration that will help build your autumn wardrobe!

I Dream of Green

I love green. My favorite colour is chartreuse but I love emerald green, too. You may not think of green when you think of autumn but I sure do. I have always noticed the leaves on the trees getting darker before they begin to change colour. It's the first indication that fall is approaching. I usually see it in the middle of August. Long before the arrival of autumn red or pumpkin orange, there's dark green! I picked this cute tattered frock because it evokes a sense of whimsy, it screams Fae to me. I especially love it in emerald green, but it's also available in violet or red if you're interested. I felt it would look gorgeous paired with this embroidered velvet jacket, which would be perfect for those cool nights. I also love these boots, although I could never afford them!

Boots - Gipsy Dharma's Dark Forest Green Knee-high boots 
Dress - Dark Star Raphaelle Dress
Jacket - Nomads Green Velvet Jacket
Ring - Celtic Jewelry's Trinity Cup Ring
Bracelet - Celtic Jewelry's Celtic Cuff Bracelet
Necklace - Celtic Jewelry's Tree of Life Pendant

Harvest Queen

One of the things that attracted me to Fae fashion is its use of natural colours and organic motifs. This mood board began with the gown on the right. I fell in love with its unusual colour, it epitomizes autumn! It's a deep, warm copper organza. It glitters like fresh dew on fall foliage! Although the dress is a bit snazzy, I would definitely wear it for a day out. It's just too beautiful not to! I adore this tattered two way zip jacket, which I think could go really well with the dress. It looks warm and cozy. If I were to accessorize this outfit I would use amber because it picks up on the copper in the gown and sparkles beautifully when the light catches it. I also adore this purse and would love to buy it some day!

Dress - Sinister Autumnal Dress
Jacket - Punk Rave Misanthrope Tattered Jacket
Bracelet - Pewter Celtic Bracelet from KinkyAngel.co.uk
Necklace - Ian and Valeri Co. Honey Amber & Sterling Silver Necklace
Earrings - Amber and Silver Earrings from AmberZone.co.uk
Purse - Elder Fairytale Satchel from Fairysteps.co.uk

Fairy Feet

I found a lot of great items when writing this post. Some of which I had no idea ever existed! For example, these High Leaf Boots (photographed above) are from Pendragon Shoes. I thought for sure they were photoshopped but apparently they're real! They cost a considerable amount of money but they're sure to make heads turn. I'd love to have these boots!! Pendragon's sandals are equally cool but not quite as expensive. Not fall friendly, but I'd love a pair of the maple leaf sandals for spring. Here are my favorites.

I also adore the boots available from Fairy Steps! They sell both stock and custom made footwear. I would love to save up my pennies to buy a pair of these. :) I also featured one of their handbags above. You should check out their site for other great products.

What do you think of these Fae fashion finds?

Kind regards,

Illustration by Amy Brown, all product photographs are stock images.


  1. Oh wow! That is very pretty. I would love to own some of that :)

  2. I love these looks, and I ADORE Fairy Steps. I wrote a blog post about them a couple of years ago.

    1. I love them too!! I just found them recently, but I hope I can get one of their bags someday. It looks like good quality stuff. :)

  3. Just DROOLING over this post. How do you find all of these amazing companies!

    1. I'm glad you like this post! I spend a lot of my free time browsing e-catalogs for sewing inspiration. Most of which comes from UK sites, they seem to have the best stuff. :)


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