Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to School Style

Just another excuse to shop

It's the first year that I'm not returning to school and I'm really relieved about that. But, I have to admit that I do miss back to school shopping. Every September I would get excited, not for school of course, but because I could show off all the neat shit I bought over the summer! It's a drag that I've been dirt poor and unable to buy new wardrobe items but I've been having fun sewing my own clothing (...except all the problems I've been experiencing with this last pattern, you'll hear more on that soon). I can't help but get the itch to shop again. I've been browsing online catalogs and web shops and amassed a few outfits I would love to have. Perhaps these mood boards might inspire you! : )

Witchy Woman

(Photo at top of post) I love this look, it has a traditional goth feel to it with a contemporary edge. It also kind of reminds me of Gothic Lolita. It makes me think of the movie The Craft, which you should watch if you never have.

Dress - Jawbreaker Persephone Dress
Purse - Restyle Magic Spells Handbag
Ring - Alchemy Gothic Roseus Pentagram Ring
Bracelet - Alchemy Gothic Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet
Earrings - Kill Star Pentagram Hoop Earrings in Silver

Blood Lust

I love blood red, not that fake blood red that looks like tomato soup, I mean deep and sultry blood red. This outfit is sex and I need it. I have a new found infatuation with velvet even though I use to despise it. Perhaps it's the cool weather, but I need me some velvet shoes and matte burgundy lipstick.

Top - Restyle Bitchcraft T-shirt
Bottoms - Banned Gothic Cross Cameo Trousers
Shoes - T.U.K. Burgundy Velvet Wedge Creeper
Bracelet - Kreepsville Skull Bracelet in Black
Earrings - Sourpuss Coffin Drop Earrings
Necklace - Rock Rebel Caged Heart Necklace

Leader of the Occult

When I was a child I would dress up in my girl scout uniform and pretend I was Dana Scully. I also had a massive crush on Fox Mulder. Kinda messed up when you consider I was only seven lol. I've never let go of my fascination with the supernatural, even though I'm much more skeptical now. This outfit speaks to my more curious side. I love these symbol leggings because right now I'm crazy about black and white prints. I also like a hint of colour in my wardrobe, which is what attracted me to these shoes and accessories. I like how they have an outer space vibe.

Top - Lip Service Draped and Dreary Tunic
Bottoms - Banned Gothic Pentagram Leggings 
Shoes - Aldo Baellan Sneakers
Earrings - Body Vibe Ombre Faux Tapers
Necklace - Extreme Largeness Space Illuminati Necklace

We got this in the bag

I own a lot of purses and backpacks, so it's not like I need more of them. But if I did, these would be hot contenders. I already have a holographic purse from the 90's and I'm still smitten with the look. I miss the raver days. As I mentioned before, I'm really into black and white prints and Ouija prints appear to be a hot number at the moment. I also have a soft spot for sugar skulls.

1. Banned Apparel Candy Skull Backpack
2. Stuff of the Dead Ouija Board Backpack
3. Sprayground Happy Daze Delux Hologram Backpack

Are you hyped for back to school? What's your style?

Kind regards,


  1. Back in high school I used to wear elaborate, traditinal goth and gothic lolita outfits, like your first set. At university I was transitioning towards a simpler and more comfortable style, much like your second set and lately I've been wearing leggings with comfy, lose loose and flowy tops with flat shoes like your third set...:)

    1. It's funny how we transition through styles, isn't it? I was similar. I used to get decked out when I was young, then it settled down to pants and tees, and then leggings and tunics in University. I'm kind of cycling through now, I feel like going back to dressing up again. I plan on making many frilly dresses for the fall. :)

  2. Everything you picked is so gorgeoussss!!! I love that bag from the first set so much! I'm in my final year at university and try my best to always put effort into my clothes. When I was in high school I wore heels everyday and a skirt or dress. In first year of uni I got into a horrible sweatpants and leggings habit! I'm glad I'm getting back to wearing things that make me feel beautiful

    1. I'm glad you like them! I know what you mean about starting uni, it must be the stress, everyone I knew was wearing lounge clothing. Most girls ended up forgetting to put on makeup after awhile, because when you have three assignments due and an exam you just stop caring lol. It's nice to make the effort again and get dressed up. It makes me feel better to wear nice things. :)

  3. You changed your blog look, I like it! I also like your outfit sets, those red velvet shoes are sumptuous.

    1. I just launched the new look a few hours ago! I'm glad you like it. ^-^ I love those red velvet shoes soooo much, if I ever get some extra cash I'm buying myself a pair.


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