Monday, 9 June 2014

Thoughts of Cats and Art

Hello friends! I have some good news about my life that I would like to share with you today. : )

My fiancé and I have decided to become foster parents for cats! After the loss of our cat Milo, we began contemplating what we could do to honor him and make a difference in the world. I'm passionate about helping animals and fostering has been in the forefront of my mind for a few months now. I realized it's the right time. We have arranged to take on another cat who will be coming home with us soon. I'm keeping a blog diary for each cat that comes into our foster care. If you're a fellow cat lover and are interested in my foster adventures you can follow the blog here.

Another piece of good news is that I've become inspired! One morning, I awoke with the urgency to get back into making art. I haven't felt compelled to do this in ages. I recently graduated with a bachelors in visual arts but I haven't been able to find work within my city (not even basic retail work), there's been a terrible job shortage here. I decided I would take action and make work for myself. I'm going to open an Etsy shop and sell my artwork! : ) I will also be selling in consignment shops but most of my work will be sold through Etsy. I realize that this is going to be difficult but I am hopeful and driven. I plan on specializing in folk art which is a passion of mine. I'm working right now on developing my brand and writing up a plan. I'm very excited about this and I hope to share my art with everyone very soon.

I want to assure you that I will still post about fashion relevant material here!! I am working on a Gothic pattern review and as usual I will have some upcoming posts about alternative fashion. I also have a Demonia review in the works. The function of this blog will not change.

I'm not sure if I'll share my artwork on here or develop a new blog for it (I kind of dread the idea of making another blog, three is a lot already). As my reader, do you think I should share my art here or start a new blog???

Also, my apologies if this is an inconvenience, but I jacked my comment moderation up to "always" after receiving a spam bot comment (on both my blogs, which I Googled and found on something like a hundred other blogs). I felt things were getting schemey when I had bizarre hits showing up in my site statistics. So again, there will be minor delays when your comments await moderation but I hope this does not deter you from commenting here! I try to encourage conversation between me and you because I want to hear from you. I love getting to know you!! So please don't be shy.

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by.

Kind regards,

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  1. I'm debating about the same thing; I started out as a personal style blogger, but later I started posting photoshoot pix and all kinds of geeky stuff and movie I share DIY posts too. My blog is such a mess, but I, for one like diversity and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to maintain two or three different blogs...:)

  2. I don't mind diversity either. : ) In a perfect world I'd love to blog about everything in one spot but only for the sake of convenience. I like to keep things orderly so readers have an easier time navigating my blogs. I'm just weary about adding my art because I don't want people to become bored or think I'm just self-promoting my work. I'll have a link to my Etsy shop when it's ready but I don't think I'll post much of my art.


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