Thursday, 19 June 2014

This is not the 90's

You know what grinds me?

When people say something that just isn't true. Lately, I've been hearing a lot of untruthful things. I've heard a lot of bull shit and it's safe to say the "90's fad" is the worst of them. Yes, I've loathed this fashion "movement" for some time now. I don't know who started it, but I wish I did... I can't stand these failed attempts to portray 90's fashion; these garments, these "styles" are not the 90's.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, the hats, the glasses, the boho-chic knock off of grunge. It's stomach churning, not for the designs but for the fact people are erroneously claiming they're "90's". Here's the thing, I grew up in the 80's and the 90's and I don't recall anything looking quite like this shit. I don't really remember anything looking good, mind you. Is that why we aren't seeing real 90's fashion? 

I guess you can sell anything as long as you package and market it the right way. These kids really think they are wearing 90's fashion. Would a little research kill them? For example, someone claiming platform running shoes is that hurts. Those shoes are synonymous with the Spice Girls, and were they grunge? Not to my recollection. Did we all go to school every day with our midriffs showing? Maybe in the movies. Did we all wear Doc Martens? No, in fact I recall my friends and I absolutely hating them. Of course back then we weren't wearing them the way they're worn today. 

It seems that the 90's as a whole has been reduced to tartan skirts, ripped jeans, band tees and swear words. 

Real 90's Girls

I remember a lot from the 90's or at least what the 90's was like around here. Sure, teens were apathetic and television and music was way better pre '95. The clothing was mostly ugly. We wore chunky black shoes or white runners, straight leg acid wash jeans that cut at the waist (hell I remember jeans with elastic waists!), oversized sweaters/t-shirts/dress coats, hideous hats with wide upturned brims, and jumpers and overalls that fit loosely. There really wasn't a lot of figure flattering clothing, so that's the first indication that today's interpretation of the 90's is just plain wrong. Plus, we didn't dye our hair ombre. No, we had perms or we wore our hair in side ponytails with scrunchies and super teased bangs. Sound familiar anyone?

I'm sure memories just came flooding back for some of you. Some of those memories we'd rather forget. Again, I'm not slamming today's fashion, it works, just don't call it 90's because it isn't! Don't go around saying you're dressed 90's or grunge, tell the truth: you're wearing Forever21.

I know some of you lived through the real 90's! What are your thoughts on the "90's fad"? 

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  1. I just wanted to say that I am very impressed by the dress you made and posted about on your other blog - but I don't have disqus or + so I couldn't comment on there.

  2. Thank you Ms Misantropia! I'd like to remove Disqus from my other blog as I've found it's attracted a lot of spam. Hopefully my comments will be more accessible in the future.

  3. lol I love this post. Exactly what I was thinking. I wore velvet spandex stirrup leggings, a giant t-shirt with that weird circle thing that I don't know what it's called to this day. Though...I am starting to wear exactly that...minus the circle thing.

    1. Omg velvet leggings with stirrups!! Old school lol. I don't remember a circle thing, like a peplum?? My whole childhood was oversized sweaters and stirrup leggings, it was pretty fugly lol.


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