Monday, 30 June 2014

Home Again

I wanted to let my readers know that I am back from my vacation! I had a lot of fun while I was out, I went fishing and shopping and all that good stuff. Unfortunately the weather up in the Bayfield area fluctuates like crazy and it went from something like 29°C to 16°C! One day it felt like summer and the next it felt like fall. We're having a colder summer than usual and sadly that means the water hasn't had a chance to really warm up, so on the days when it's exhaustingly humid the water is still too cold to go swimming in. Perhaps it will improve by August but who knows! The photograph above is stock, I didn't get a good picture while I was out because it was mostly overcast and raining, but if you look to the end of that pier you'll see where I was fishing. I had a lot of bites but I didn't catch a thing! I had more luck fishing offsite at a pond near my parent's trailer.

I like to go fishing, I haven't done it since I was a teenager. It's weird though. I'm something of a vegetarian with the exception that I eat seafood and eggs (I need protein otherwise I get sick). This isn't to say I don't feel bad for the fish. It was awful having to put a worm on a hook and see it writhe in pain and then to pull the fish out of water and know it was dying. It's really really hard. The problem is that I know I want to eat fish, I love the taste and it keeps me healthy. If I buy it at the local stores I have no clue how it's caught or treated, at least when I catch it myself I know I kill it humanely and that it's eco-friendly and sustainable. That's the only solace I have with fishing. I'm a girl who feels guilty if I kill a bug! So it's definitely a challenge.

Aside from that I got to relax a lot which was much needed as I was sick on my vacation. I was often very weak. My mother took me for walks and the fresh air knocked me out completely. Once I nearly slept all day! My mother had to wake me up. We visited a couple of the thrift stores and I picked up an invisible zipper, the cutest owl notebook and a brand new bikini. I also visited the gift shops in Bayfield which are chock full of stuff. A lot of it was cool but way out of my budget. My mom bought a pair of earrings for me, which I'll discuss in a future post. ; )

Although it was fun going on vacation I was very happy to come home to my fiance and my cats. I also missed the hot weather. I had two posts planned for each blog but they're dependent on things I'm receiving in the mail and I haven't received these items yet!! So just to let you know I'm still working on my next posts.

I'm getting ready to work on my Halloween art for my Etsy shop. I bought almost $100 in supplies on the weekend. That sounds like a lot but that's 40% off the entire purchase and the materials go a long way. I really got inspired by the art I saw while I was away in Bayfield. I'm constantly studying art and trying to refine my style. Hopefully I'll be able to share my art with you soon. I'm definitely in the mood for Halloween! I've just planted pumpkins and squash in our back garden, I'm so excited I wish they'd start growing right now. : ) Hopefully they'll grow in time for Halloween, I had to plant them late because of the cold weather we've been having. Fingers crossed!!!

I hope all of you are enjoying the weather (whether it's summer for where you live or not). What fantastic things do you plan on doing this season? Gardening? Vacationing? Planting pumpkins?

Kind regards,

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  1. Wow, that's a beautiful scenery and I guess, it was at least as atmospheric in rainy weather as lovely and peaceful it looks in sunlight. ^^ Fresh air has the same effect on me too, I always sleep much more and much better at my mom's too. ^^ We haven't made any plans, probably we're just going to take a random weekend to go to the beach or to have bbq with my family.

    1. It was beautiful when it was raining for sure, I love the rain but my parents weren't thrilled with it lol. The water there is gorgeous, it's a nice deep blue and they keep it really clean. I plan on going back in a few weeks and hopefully by then it's ready for swimming in! I love going to the beach, it's so relaxing. : ) A bbq sounds great, ever since the weather warmed up I've been smelling bbq all over my neighborhood!


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