Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sourpuss in Review

Sourpuss in Review

I own a number of Sourpuss brand items. When I was first introduced to them a few years ago I went ape shit for their stuff. I was completely enamoured with their funky bold prints. In the last two years I have seen a number of shops open up in the surrounding area that carry Sourpuss products. After watching the gothic scene in my city die out, it was interesting to see a new generation flock to the few alternative shops for these garments. Girls swooned over the rockabilly frocks with little nautical appliqués or the cute goth cardigans and clutch purses. When introduced to Sourpuss, these women went wild! I can't blame them. Their clothes are cute and there isn't much else out there to choose from, especially when you don't like to buy online. But I caution the new Sourpuss fan to consider whether it is money well spent. There are a handful of other brands to buy from, like Iron Fist, Kreepsville 666 or Hell Bunny. All have their pros and cons. Today, I'm going to discuss my feelings on my Sourpuss brand dresses (their most popular product) and provide some recommendations when browsing their collections.

Thursday, 17 April 2014



Welcome to Bien-Aimée! This blog is all about my love for fashion! Here I will share my sewing projects with you, as well as discuss the styles I admire most. I will also offer product reviews and helpful advice.

A word about my interests...

I have never been one to follow mainstream styles, instead I have always pined for vintage fashions or alternative designs. I never allow myself to be defined by one specific style because life is too short to be dressing a certain way. This is why I am so fascinated by people who dare to be different. I enjoy fashion from various subcultures including Gothic, Lolita, Dieselpunk, Psychobilly and Rockabilly. I am fascinated by historical and vintage fashions from nearly all decades and have a love for costume design.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

Kind regards,

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